Travel & Work: Workaway, Help X & Volunteers Base

Travel & Work: Workaway and HelpX

Want to travel but can’t afford to? Workaway and HelpX (and possibly Volunteers Base) may be the solution. If you want to live abroad for free, have time to offer and basic skills to swap then you, like us (Gemma and Craig – thrifty travellers), could experience travel through a local’s eyes while on a budget.

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Lisbon Restaurants Under 30 Euros

Lisbon Restaurants Under €30 (for 2)

Did you know that they eat snails in Lisbon? Portugal's capital, Lisbon has a large variety of meals on offer but being the cheapskate that I am, here's a list of Lisbon restaurants under €30 (for 2!) I've also thrown in a health warning – 'avoid at all costs' recommendation. Lisbon Restaurants under €30 Go

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Female Travel Packing List

Female Travel Packing List: Bras, Backpacks & Big No-Nos

This female travel packing list has been created after a 17-month travel trip around the Americas and Europe. This is now the fourth edition of my travel packing list, I've whittled down my original oversized travel wardrobe and I now think I've nailed it! I've backpacked around extremely hot countries, very rainy climates, freezing snow

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Beyond Belém: Best Lisbon Day Trips

The city of Lisbon is so lovely that you would have to find a good excuse to leave! The Portuguese capital is inundated with tiles, tantalising tarts, and trams which make it an exciting long weekend but there are several delectable Lisbon day trips which warrant a longer stay (like ten days for us!) in

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15 things to do in Lisbon for under €15 from traditional food, biking to Belem, and a partying in the Portuguese capital city.

15 Things to do in Lisbon for Under €15

I'll let you into a secret. Craig and I spent 10 days in Portugal’s capital Lisbon, the longest we’ve stayed in any European city! Why? Because Lisbon is bouncing! The city is awash with winding streets, graffiti, delicious food, and a vibrant music scene. The best budget news - there are 15 things to do

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