How Much Does Backpacking Europe Cost

How Much Does Backpacking Europe Cost? Month #15

Welcome and thanks for reading our penultimate monthly budget - How much does Backpacking Europe Cost? We've been on the road, travelling around the Americas and Europe, for the past 15 months. Our monthly budget for June focuses on our last month - backpacking through Europe. Each day Craig tallies up what we have spent in the following categories and

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Chiang Mai Feature

Do Not Leave Chiang Mai Without Trying…

Chiang Mia is a city in north of Thailand. Tucked away in the lush mountains, this city full of temples is a gateway to unusual and fun activities. Don't leave Chiang Mai without trying these  5 unique things to do in Chiang Mai. 5 Unique Things to do in Chiang Mai #1 The Night Market Bazaar

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What to Pack West Highland Way

West Highland Way Packing List

The West Highland Way is a  96 mile hike which starts just outside of Glasgow in Milngavie, and ends in Fort William. The trek takes you along the West Coast of Scotland and this West Highland Way packing list will advise you on what best to pack in your backpack. To reduce the stress of the hike,

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10 Things to do in La Paz

Top 10 Things to do in La Paz, Bolivia Today

Bolivia's third biggest city, The Peace of Ayacucho - La Paz, is a 'love it or hate it' type of city. This city, which sits in a valley, has an unpolished, don't give two hoots about you, kind of feel to it. With a population of 877,363, Bolivia's capital city is bustling and here are the top 10

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10 Thing to do in Bucharest

10 Things To Do In Buzzing Bucharest

BAM! Bucharest blew me over. Little research had been done on things to do in Bucharest and the blogs I had read on Romania's capital hadn't whipped me into a frenzy. I'm here to tell you different. Coined the 'new Berlin' - Bucharest is buzzing; the party scene is powerful, yet the scars from the

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