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The Small Print

As the number of stamps on our passports increases, we also expand our site so I think it’s time to share the small print with you. Here is how we are saving money on the road.

You Guys

And don’t you rock my world! A blog can’t do the following steps without having a dedicated and engaged audience. Thank you for reading our stories, commenting on our articles, liking our, and sharing your experiences over at Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest. You are our audience and we wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt that relationship. We entertain / you laugh – that’s how it works, yeah?


Since March 2015, we have had the opportunity to work with heaps of exciting tours, hostels/ hotels, restaurants and brands. We review our experience, share it with you through photos and quips on social media and articles here at Two Scots Abroad. In exchange, we get a couple of nights stay in accommodation, a meal at a restaurant, the odd trip here and there, etc. Never ask a blogger – ‘what do you get for free?!’ It’s not free, we work our socks off representing businesses, it’s like billboard advertising, but via your laptop and phone, to a much smaller audience! Blogging wannabes, you may need a media kit to reach out (pitch) to businesses. For this, you need a dedicated and engaged audience! You’ll know when I am raving about a business, you’ll see our disclaimer at the bottom of the article. We only pitch companies which we feel is right for us (as a mature couple on a budget) which in turn is ideal for the Two Scots Abroad readers.


Affiliate links are like e – high fives from readers to bloggers. By clicking on an affiliate link to a product or service, which the blogger recommends, the blogger gets credit at no extra cost to you. This is one of the many ways that digital nomads make money so they can keep sharing banging tips and tricks with their readers.

Sponsored Content

These are posts which businesses ask bloggers to write (or provide material for) which advertises a product or a service. This is often a link within an article or less often a full blown review. Just another way that bloggers pay their bills.


Expert Advice

Many tourists and travellers ask us to use our own extensive travel experiences to make their trip the best holiday ever! We are into it, just email us with the details for our prices. Even more businesses and bloggers ask us for our time too, bloggers we’re happy to send you in the right direct but we ask that you help get the Two Scots Abroad word out via sharing the love! Businesses, we can look at your case on a one to one basis. Friends, if you start private mailing me via Facebook, please take my time into consideration! Check where we’ve been first please, there are no hidden secrets, no information left out of these posts that I slave over.


Every day our newsletter list increases, in order to join we ask for your name and email. In exchange you will receive new posts in your inbox on a Tuesday or Thursday. Your details will never be shared with anyone else (no third parties) and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. No stress! Never want to miss a post? Sign up here.


Would you steal a dress from Topshop? No! So, please don’t steal my words or images. If you like what you see then work with me, share our stories via the social media buttons at the bottom of each page, or directly quote me (and let me know, I love to collaborate!) No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, unless previously discussed.

Thanks for being there!