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Backpacking Peru – Routes, Attractions, Treks and Pisco

Huacachina lagoon view of town and water in Peru

Peru is one of the easiest South American countries to travel around. Whether you are flying solo, hitting the road with your partner or travelling with friends, this country is accommodating of every type of traveller and budget. Backpacking Peru could not be easier now because of its seamless transport links, the variety of cheap […]

50 Unique Things to Do in Bermuda for First Timers

White sand, blue ocean of Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Bermuda may be among the most beautiful islands to enjoy pink-sand beaches, copious amounts of rum, and brilliant cerulean waters. But there’s much more to do in Bermuda than hit the beach! This guide details unique things to do in Bermuda. Some of these Bermuda attractions are unusual for first-timers; others are hidden gems that […]