Where to stay in La Paz Bolivia

Hostels in La Paz, Bolivia

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Crap food, cold showers, don’t go out after 8pm! Who are the travellers who say this and how do they select their hostels? Yes, Bolivia’s third most populous city, is a city so be sensible but there is plenty of choice in hostels in La Paz, Bolivia.

Hostels in La Paz for all Travelling Types

Wild Rover La Paz

Fancy a fiesta? This is where it’s at. Wild Rover, La Paz is one of three hostels across Peru and Bolivia (stayed in all three? Free t-shirt!)

The hostel itself is in a touristy area of La Paz. The staff are friendly and our matrimony (private) room was clean; comfy and away from the bar which meant we had a good night’s sleep (although that may have been the vodka too!)

Hostels in La PazBolovia Hop customer? Enjoy the free chilli shot!

Wild Rover has a variety of rooms at different prices. Breakfast (typical bread rolls with jam and coffee/tea, come on hostels spruce it up!) is included.

The bar also serves food so if you are fed up with stale bread you can branch out and order a tasty looking fruit salad and yoghurt for 22 bs. The hostel also has a TV room for hungover days and computers to touch base back home. The WiFi dropped in and out at different parts of the hostel.

Hostels in La Paz

Girls, there is a beauty room with hairdryers and straighteners, a first! The showers downstairs appeared to be hotter than upstairs, according to a fellow traveller.

I was impressed to see soap in the bathrooms (not a permanent feature in Peruvian hostels!) There is a nice garden area. I saw a chica do some yoga there.

Hostels in La Paz

The main attraction of Wild Rover is the nightlife. The bar is bouncing, the DJ plays chart dance music and lots of travellers come together for a snog, probably regretting it the next day. Local beer is 22 bs and vodka with Sprite 18 bs The party ends at 1am but fear not, the next stage is already lined up.

We stayed on King’s Day (the place was decorated in orange, nice touch), girls from Sol y Luna were flyering for their party night and at 1am when the over 30s (us Two Scots) were wishing they had snacks, the rest of the hostel was spilling into taxis to see the night through. A great stay for those who are in La Paz to paint the town red (or orange).

Pros: Friendly, party ready, vodka (praise be!)
Cons: Not for the faint hearted! This is a party hostel / breakfast is typical

Price: Varies from 47 bs  / £4. 43 (Value Dorm) to 198 bs / 18.67 (private room with bathroom)
Website: Wild Rover, La Paz
Address: Calle Comercio 1476
Contact: (591)2 2116903 / 2116903
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Wild Rover, La Paz

Cruz de Los Andes

We took a 15 bs / £1.41 taxi ride through town (10-20 minute walk with rucksacks, no thanks) to Cruz de Los Andes which is tucked up Calle Aroma near lots of restaurants and the bustling Witches Market.

This hostel features in Quirky Accom and rightly so.

Hostels in La Paz

The bedrooms have interesting and unusual murals painted on the walls and an image of tigers on the covers. I like it! The room and bathroom were very clean. The cherry on top of our stay was the cute balcony, which overlooks the quiet street.

Hostels in La Paz

The WiFi is strong in the hall (just outside of the bedroom) but did not work on the laptop in the room, unfortunately. The phones appeared to pick up enough WiFi to check emails and send messages. The shower was hot for one (lucky me!) but was hot again within ten minutes again.

The staff at the reception are very friendly and there is a holding room for luggage if you are trekking or checking out. The breakfast of fruit, yoghurt, bread and EGGS was a welcomed change.

Cruz de Los Andes would be ideal for those looking for a quiet hostel (it’s almost a hotel I would say) to chill out and get a good sleep. Another traveller says ‘this is the nicest place we’ve stayed in South America’.

Pros: Friendly, clean, breakfast, location
Cons: Not one of those looking to socialise, WiFi in rooms would be beneficial

Price: Varies from 173. 73 / £16.38 (single room) –  283.82 bs / £26.76 (private with bathroom)
Address: 216 Calle Aroma
Contact: 2 2451401
Email: [email protected]

Estrella Andina

Estralla Andina is just around the corner from Cruz de Los Andes, again near The Witches Market and restaurants.

The views from this hostel are incredible, we watched fireworks from our room, which were spectacular, and you can’t beat seeing the sun go down over the red clay buildings of La Paz with the mountains in the background. The hostel also has a rooftop patio on floor five.

Hostels in La Paz

The room itself, like the rest of the hostel, is very clean. The shower was scorching (we booked in after a fourteen-hour bus journey from Sucre, The Dream). It also has a small TV, which was perfect for us as we arrived just in time to tune into the UK’s General Election results.

Hostels in La Paz
The breakfast was a delight (I know I am obsessed with quality breakfasts, too many stale bread rolls). Again, fruit, yoghurt, bread, eggs AND pancakes. We just can’t get enough of that dulche de leche (Nutella but toffee flavoured, very big in South America).

Hostels in La Paz

WiFi was a dream, not just in the hall but in the bedroom too. I read another blog today warning travellers just to accept that WiFi is terrible in La Paz, well Estrella Andina is your answer.

The staff are friendly and helpful and again there is a storage room for those looking to dump their stuff. There is also a nice common area with cool llama chairs.

No complaints from our experience at Estrella Andina, if you are looking for a comfortable stay with nice views in the heart if La Paz then this is your hostel.

PS I went for a massage, pedi, mani and facial on Illampu St (near Estrella Andina and Cruz de Los Andes), 19 bs, that’s £19!

Pros: Wifi, views, friendly, clean, breakfast, location
Cons: None, bar if you are looking for girls on a bar then look elsewhere

Price: Varies from 286.37 bs / £27 (single room) to 424.25 / £40 (triple room)
Address: 716 Illampu St
Contact: +591 2 2456421
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Estrella Andina


It came two months into our travels and we were getting tired of moving every two nights so we thought we’d look into an Airbnb apartment. Have you used Airbnb yet? It’s a search website with accredited renters of apartments, treehouses, rooms on boats, etc.

There is something for everyone but surprisingly not in Sucre where we first looked. There are lots of apartments to choose from in La Paz, we went for this cute number, the garden outhouse sold it for us. We’ve previously used Airbnb in London (apartment above a gallery, swanky), New Orleans (room in a double shotgun in Marigny) and Austin (a freekin’ airstream!)

Hostels in La Paz

This apartment was £18 per night (we booked for four) with a cleaning fee of £10 (this fee is normal with bookings) and a £12 Airbnb fee brought the total to £93 / 986.38 bs . However we had a £34 discount to play with because two of our lovely readers set up an Airbnb account through our affiliate link which you can find here.

You get money off your first Airbnb stay and we get credit too. Win win?! Then you can start giving friends money off their first stay and gain credit also!

A wee way to say thanks to us for this informative article!

Pros: Independence 
Cons: You have to do your own dishes 

Where did you stay in La Paz?

Thanks to the generosity of the hostels we worked with in La Paz. Still our own opinions, mouthy Scots!

Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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  1. Hey two Scots abroad, It’s Alexis again… the Peruvian who now calls Australian home. Thank you for making this great post! I was having a very difficult time when looking for a hostel/hotel/Air B&B in La Paz after reading so many bad comments of so many places! I will definitely be staying in one of your mentioned places, although I am more inclined to the quirkiness of Cruz de los Andes

    Do you two know if these places are ok with homosexual men to stay in a matrimonial room? by any chance? (I will be in Peru and Bolivia with my boyfriend). Cheers!

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