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Caught you looking!

Hello, we’re Gemma and Craig, Two Scots Abroad. We’re newly married Scottish travel bloggers and full time workers with a life–long travel habit. We know your audience because we are it. Craig is a tradesman, Gemma is a blogger [ex-teacher].

We work hard, save intensely and travel extensively, enjoying experiences on our ever growing bucket list.  If your company fits our niche, is ethical, and fun, we’re interested in finding out more about you.

Why Work with Two Scots Abroad?

  • 100K+ travel lovers land at Two Scots Abroad every month for travel advice, destination guides and to ogle at our travel photography. We appear on page one of Google for many of our articles, how? Gemma’s has kick ass SEO skills (she has many in her travel blogging toolkit). She co-owns the SEO for bloggers network, Make Traffic Happen.
  • 35K followers over four social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) also hop aboard for the ride but numbers aside, we are real people and that is why businesses and boards from Currys PC World to CalMac Ferries have teamed up with us since 2014. Let us represent your brand and here is how…

How Can We Work Together?

Press Trips

I think it’s obvious that we love to travel; cities, countryside, popular, off beat – we’ve covered lots but want to see more then share it with our readers. We’ve worked with over 100 companies at home (Scotland) and abroad to promote tourism.

Here are some examples:

  • Vienna city guide with  (page 1 – Google keywords ‘What to do in Vienna in 3 days’)
  • Our Scottish partners, HAGGiS Adventures – review of their Isle of Skye tour (Google page 1 – keywords ‘Haggis Adventures’)
»» Meeting Two Scots Abroad was funnier that we’d ever expected. We had the pleasure of spending the day with Gemma and Craig in one of our tours and it was so much fun. Thanks to them we’ve had other guests joining our tours because they follow their travel recommendations. They are both very professional and down to earth people that we now call friends ~ Filipa Loulé, Portuguese For a Day [Lisbon’s best day trips – page 1 of Google] «« 

Big Berry Glampsite Slovenia I How Much Does Backing Europe Cost I Month 15

Contests and Giveaways

Is there a cruise, cabin bag or cute travel purse burning a hole in your budget’s pocket? We can help you reach the right people through our North American and European audience and raise the profile of your company/client’s company through our website and/or social media channels.

Brand Ambassador Programmes

We are now at a stage of our blogging career where we would like to nurture longer term relationships with brands. Are you looking for a fun, reliable, tech savvy couple (or individual) to represent your brand and feel we are a catch? Please contact us here. It helps that we like getting our photo taken and (cringe) are photogenic. Craig does actually look that great in real life (OK, I’m biased!)

Freelance Writing Hire

Gemma is a woman of many talents, she’s adaptable which makes her an ideal candidate for freelance writing covering many topics. Her passions are travel, gender equality and the outdoors but she loves to research making no topic unattainable.

Sponsored Posts, Reviews, Content Creation

Do you have a new product, service or a hot destination which the world has to hear about? We can help you spread the word. Links, advertisement and reviews on new or older (but useful) articles are typically how we advertise at Two Scots Abroad. All reviews are honest of course, regardless of who is footing the bill. Gemma has also co-hosted Twitter chats for the weekly #JAChat and the monthly #ScotlandHour, pulling in her own and new audiences with energy and local knowledge. Like our social media channels? You can advertise there too.

Here are some examples of our reviews:

  • Hippohelp – travel and work abroad (Approx 2000 page views each month, page 1 of Google)
  • Super modern hotel, gem of a find on iDrive in Orlanda, Florida – Avanti Resort (Average 618 page views per month, at least 1.96K repins)
»» I contacted Gemma after finding her blog online and asked if she’d like to work with us on a tourism campaign for ScotRail. Gemma tested one of the travel passes and provided a blog and images documenting her experience. The content we got back was excellent and performed really well, she also went over and above by using her connections to help us find other suitable bloggers. Gemma is very professional, has excellent communication skills and takes a brilliant collaborative approach, I can’t recommend her highly enough! ~ Lynsey McCarthy [D8 for ScotRail] ««

    Avanti Resort | Orlando on a Budget


    We accept banner advertisements in our articles and on our sidebar if the product/service fits our niche and we can find a good match to place it. With 22 countries on our destination page, I’m sure we can find it a home.

    Public Speaking

    Gemma has been teaching 10-18 year olds since 2009 and although she has predominantly taught politics and current affairs to classrooms of 30 students she also has experience of delivering speeches to assembly rooms full of students and executing training courses for staff members during staff training days.

    In the past year, Gemma has combined her teaching skills and blogging knowledge to deliver presentations and workshops on SEO in Edinburgh, London, Ireland and Czech Republic.  

    Gemma has also presented at the Welcome to Fife’s tourism conference and spent the afternoon with college students at Kelvin College in Glasgow, discussing her travel experience and blogging career.

    »» Collaborating with Gemma from Two Scots Abroad was an absolute pleasure. She travelled to Glasgow to help my college students understand the world of blogging. Feedback was that she was ‘inspirational’ ‘friendly’ ‘knowledgeable’ and not to mention ‘funky’. I was impressed with her flexibility in her well-prepared presentation and how she adapted to the differing levels of student knowledge. I know any future partnerships she’s involved in will be handled professionally and with a friendly attitude. – Lis Adams Kelvin College, Glasgow ««

    Media Appearances

    Although normally behind the camera, we do not mind being in front of the lens too. If you require an interview, expert advice, or full blown show we are happy to share our knowledge of travel.

    Previous appearances include Scotland national newspaper, the Daily Record, local based paper, The Dunfermline Press, STV2 and Montreal’s radio station, CJAD.

    Show Us the Money!

    Have you met our dog Bowie?! Our furry baby is four years old and like all dogs needs fed. We also, like you, have bills to pay so please do not contact us to offer us exposure – we work hard and deserve not to be insulted.

    We have a rates card, please do not hesitate to ask for it. Let’s work together and make travel happen for the thousands of travel lovers out there, together we 
can support them from armchair to airport.

    Bowie Hiking Ben VorlichOK, I want to make travel happen, how can I contact you? Fabulous, speak soon…


    We are! Email us at
    twoscotsabroad [at] gmail [dot] com or complete our contact page


    “Working with Two Scots Abroad was not only the professional experience we hoped it would be, it was also an amazing personal one. The posts and recognition we have been part of since our Rocky Mountain trip have more than exceeded expectations. Add to this that Craig and Gemma were a massive part of the tour, often outshining myself as their guide, and it was a trip that none of the 55 passengers involved will ever forget. They adopted our company Wolfpack philosophy instantly and will be strong pack members for life.”

    Lee Henderson, Sales & Marketing Manager

    “We worked with Gemma and Craig in support of a trip they had planned to Orlando. It was a pleasure working with Two Scots Abroad and we loved reading all about their experiences and memories in Orlando. Gemma and Craig also shared relevant information with their readers, like top attractions and travel deals and packages, which would be useful for anyone planning their next vacation to Orlando, to make their own memories there. Again, Gemma and Craig were extremely easy to work with and looking forward to working with them again!”

    Kira Borys, Edelman Toronto Public Relations