Introducing our Trivia Quiz Packs! Jam-packed quizzes with bonus rounds, outfit ideas and a banging playlist.

All for the price of a cocktail and chips n curry sauce in Edinburgh.

Which type of trivia night host are you?

  1. You enjoy hosting but don’t have the time to create the content
  2. You dread when it’s your turn to put together the rounds
  3. You’ve just got the gang together last minute and need a quiz quick

At one stage, I’ve been all three! On the whole, I love creating quizzes and have been doing so since 2008.

One of my first jobs was a bingo caller, quizzes featured heavily in my curriculum when I was a classroom teacher and I’ve hosted quizzes for charity nights!

Let me do the heavy lifting for you. Check out our trivia quiz packs below which you can buy individually or as a trio for a reduced price.

90s Quiz Friends Playing

Scotland Trivia Quiz Pack

Scotland Quiz Front Cover

Do you know your haggis from your Highland Fling? Your kilt from your ceilidh?

Test your Scottish knowledge in our ultimate Scotland six-round quiz plus two secret BONUS rounds created by a real Scot from The Kingdom of Fife!

We’ve also thrown in a FREE guide to Scotland outfit ideas for your virtual Scotland party.

PLUS a Spotify playlist with over an hour of Scotland tunes to get ready to.

Gather your clan, pour a dram and go head to head on all things Scotland. Fancy dress is optional.

See below for full details.

Cost: £10 + VAT/$14

80s Trivia Quiz Pack

80s Trivia Quiz Feature

Neon, New Wave and New Romantics, the 80s were unapologetically radical and revolutionary for music, movies and make up.

Test your knowledge of all things 80s during our six-round 80s trivia quiz plus two secret BONUS rounds.

We’ve also thrown in a FREE guide to 80s outfit ideas for your virtual 80s party.

PLUS a Spotify playlist with over an hour of 80s power tunes to get ready to.

See below for full details.

Cost: £10 + VAT/$14

90s Trivia Quiz Pack

90s Trivia Quiz Feature

Did you swing it, shake it, move it, make it, shoegaze or a break sweat to Set You Free?

Regardless of your dancing preference during this decade, brace yourself for a whole lot of nostalgia during these six rounds of 90s trivia.

As with our 80s quiz, this pack includes rounds on general knowledge, movies, TV, music and toys. I heart the 90s!

There are two BONUS rounds, one of which will definitely have your players chanting out a classic tune!

Speaking of tunes, we’ve created an ADDITIONAL Spotify playlist packed with the best pop, indie and dance songs from the 90s to get you in the zone as you get ready.

There’s also the FREE 90s lookbook for you to send to your quiz guests so they can plan their outfits.

Find out more below.

Cost: £10 + VAT/$14

00s Trivia Quiz Pack

00s Trivia Quiz Feature

Fake tan, fishnets and thongs, this lockdown body is not quite ready for the naughties jelly!

I did my best, not to make Mean Girls the focal point of this 00s quiz… All you cool moms out there, it’s time to bring back the velour sweatsuit.

Bet you think you know the BONUS but actually don’t, and you’ll be belting your hearts out to the TV bonus round.

You can expect all the angst of Avril Lavigne and sass of Shakira during six rounds dedicated to the naughties.

Yes, Avril and Shakira both feature in your 00s Spotify playlist and yes you can get Avril’s look in your FREE 00s lookbook!

See the full breakdown in the below section.

Cost: £10 + VAT/$14

Trivia Quiz Trio Pack

80s, 90s, 00s Trivia Quiz Online Games covers on iMac and iPhone

Are you the queen of quiz hosting? Why not pick up all three decades at a reduced price?

The format (below) is similar for all three quizzes so you’ll be a pro after your first go.

This is a plug and play pack which means everything you need is in the downloads.

With the trio pack, you will receive the 80s, 90s and 00s quiz, that’s 18 rounds of questions and puzzles that you don’t have to come up with yourself.

Answers at the end of each round.

Two engaging BONUS rounds per quiz, I’m a former high school teacher, I know how to get a group going!

Over three hours of 80s, 90s and 00s tunes, taking you from your armchair to air punches. My husband, Craig, was a DJ in the 00s, music is our life so we know the need for a pumping playlist to get ready to.

Finally, 4-5 looks per decade featured in our FREE Quiz Outfits Lookbook which you can send with invites to give players plenty of time to get their outfits ready. I love fancy dress!

Cost: £25 + VAT/$40

What’s In The Quiz Packs?

There are two documents, the quiz and the outfit ideas lookbook.

Both are available as PowerPoint and PDF which can be used via screen share on Zoom and other conference call software.

PowerPoint/Slides is best as the quiz includes lots of GIFs for giggles but the PDF will also work if that’s your preference. GIFs show as image stills instead of moving images.

We aim to please all you party people so we’ve provided both options.

Quiz Rounds

  • Trivia Round – 10 general knowledge questions about the decade including politics, fashion and culture
  • Movie Round – Guess the movie from the GIFs 
  • Emojis Round– Solve the emoji puzzles to work out the popular TV shows (Scotland quiz = place)
  • Bonus – TV round
  • Music Round – Two options, speed it up or intros
  • Bonus – Music round
  • Album Cover Round – Guess the album covers from CDs and records of the decade/country
  • Toys and Tech Round – Name the items we all loved during that decade (Scotland quiz = Landmarks Round)

If you are using PDF, please note that the music clips which link to YouTube need to be opened in a new window to avoid losing the PDF.

Outfit Ideas

  • 3-5 ideas for each decade/country
  • List of potential items
  • Spotify playlist link

Spotify Playlist

  • Over an hour of indie, pop, r&b, rock and dance
  • Starts off with a simmer and ends in a party
  • Playlist link can be found in the Outfit Ideas Lookbook

What Do I Need?

  • Access to your download which is delivered by Gumroad, please check your email spam folder plenty of time before your quiz
  • Sign up for a Gumroad account so you can access the library of stored quizzes, we don’t keep a copy for you
  • A device to use conference calling software such a Zoom
  • The video call software must have a share screen option, we don’t offer tech support
  • Ability to open links to YouTube
  • A group of fun pals
  • Fancy dress (optional)


Having participated many, MANY online quizzes in the last 12 months I can say with confidence that Gemma’s 90s quiz surpassed them all.

The rounds were varied, original and most important – fun! The bonus rounds kept us all on our toes and there were plenty of blasts from the past which added to the nostalgia.

The visuals were spot on – the graphics definitely hit the 90s spot. I particularly enjoyed the music round which included an interesting twist on the usual ‘name the song’.

It was clear that the quiz was created with love and with a real eye for detail. With clear instructions along the way, there was no room for error.

I would recommend these quizzes to anyone looking to escape the tedium of lockdown. Grab your friends (figuratively speaking!) your best fancy dress, a glass of whatever you fancy and enjoy!

Helen C, Scotland

We had a great night using the 00s quiz pack instead of our usual do it yourself night.

It made it so much more relaxing knowing that someone else had done all the hard work, and the questions were much more varied and thought out than the ones we normally write ourselves.

The Emoji round was an absolute highlight, as that would have taken ages to make myself and it was so infuriating/funny to play.

Gordon, UK

Calling all of you who remember the decade of bonkers reality tv and bad fashion.

This noughties quiz will test your memory of a decade that feels a lifetime ago. Just like Nsync’s frosted tips there are many highlights. My favourite?

Trying to master the cryptic emoji ‘guess the TV show’ round.

Gemma has made the quiz fun, fresh and totally fetch.

Jen, UK

Thank you for purchasing &
have a belter of a night!

Gemma Thanks Blue Yellow Dress Gif

Gemma saying thank you