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Lake Titicaca Tours: Uro & Taquile Island Homestay Review

Lake Titicaca tours - Lake Taquile homestay

Peru’s islands, Taquile Island and Amantani Island, offer tourists the chance to live like a local by the piercing blue waters of Lake Titicaca. Titicaca is best known as the home of Uros Floating Islands but believe me, it offers so much more than the mass-produced Peruvian souvenirs found at on the islands made of totora reeds. Visitors […]

8 Best Restaurants in Cusco & What to Eat

Hot Chocolate at rooftop cafe in Cusco

Cusco, Peru’s scenic city, is a hub for travellers and holiday-makers alike. Many spend at least two days in Cusco, acclimatising for trips and treks to to Machu Picchu. We (Gemma and Craig) lived in Cusco for two weeks; bouncing between accommodation, improving on our survival Spanish at school and hiking in the Sacred Valley. […]

Cultural Immersion: Our Homestay Peru Review

Cultural Immersion Homestay Peru

During our travels around South America, Craig and I (Gemma) decided enough was enough; we had to learn survival Spanish. Cultural immersion is the best way to learn a language because you are forced to put the textbook into action and you get to experience what life is really like for citizens who speak that language. […]

Peru Hop – Honest Review of Peru’s Hop On/Off Bus Service

Peru is the ideal South American country for backpackers of all ages to travel around. The varying landscape from mountains to jungle, to sea, and sand (dunes!) ensures that there is something of interest for everyone. However, the public transport system is notoriously not excellent, and like many other backpacking countries, tourists are often the […]