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Portland Itinerary: What To Do in 3 days (Oregon)

Portland Sign lit up at dusk

‘Portland – where young people go to retire!’ This quote has been doing the rounds on the old viral trail ever since the ‘marmite’ (love it or hate it) TV show, Portlandia, coined it.  Discuss a Portland itinerary with anyone from this Pacific Northwest city and the response will be something along the lines of beer, […]

12 Festive Things to Do in Portland in Winter

Portland Christmas Events

Portland, Oregon, is known for beer, food, makers, and nature, and one season shows off this Oregon city’s best of – winter. November through to the end of December are great months to visit because the city is packed with Christmas Portland events. We (Gemma and Craig) visited Portland during winter and take it from […]

The Society Hotel, Portland Review

The Society Hotel private dorm bed with curtains in a hostel

The Society Hotel, Portland may be situated in one of the oldest buildings in Oregon’s hippest city, but it is also the new kid on the block. The accommodation is unique for two reasons. Firstly, it blurs the lines between a hotel, hostel, and stay-vacation. Secondly, when opened up for construction, the team discovered an Aladdin’s cave of […]