Costeño Beach, Colombia’s Paradise

Costeno Beach Colombia

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I’ve come to the conclusion that Colombia is just paradise. Every stop we make, we step into another postcard!

This time it’s Costeño Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge on the wild Consteño Beach.

Travellers will find this heaven on the northwest a great stop for those looking to swing on a hammock by day and have a party at night.

The waves are pretty brutal for surfing, we do not recommend them for those just starting out.

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Costeno Beach, Colombia

Costeño Beach Review

Santa Marta to Coñsteno Beach Directions/Como Llegar

Costeño Beach is about seven minutes away from Tayrona National Park and should be added to your itinerary while visiting Tayrona (which is a must for every traveller).

  1. In Santa Marta, take the bus (Cootransoriente) to Tayrona from El mercado de Santa Marta:Carrera 11 Calle 12
  2. Prices at time of writing 6 COP / £1.55 per person
  3. The buses leave approx. every 20 mins and are well organised with a sign on the front
  4. Mention to the ticket man that you are going to Costeño Beach
  5. Sit next to the open window for a free one-hour session of botox
  6. Stay on the bus for a further seven minutes after Tayrona (or just organise a taxi with the hostel)
  7. Cross over the road and walk for twenty minutes until you reach Costeño Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, watch out for the…

Costeno Beach Surf Camp and Ecolodge, Colombia

The Caribbean Coast’s Surf Camp

Wow, this place is well organised.

There is a large variety of choice in housing. Feeling adventurous (and cheap)?

Go for a hammock with a mosquito net. The beach camp also offers the standard dorm rooms, private rooms, and also very cute beach huts which open up to an ocean view.

Accommodation | Costeno Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, Colombia

As did the windows in our private room with bathroom (£15 per night for private).

Costeño Beach

Each day the hostel has five options for breakfast (I miss those banana pancakes) for 6 COP / £1.55.

Lunch and dinner are both 13 COP / £3.36 and did not disappoint us. It’s very social and community like -hostel as everyone eats together.

There is nowhere near for you to dine out, not that you would want to when healthy chicken kebab is on the menu.

The hostel just assumes you are eating with them and adds this to your tab.

A couple of thrifty travellers were taking a moto-taxi (motorbike) to buy cans of tuna and skipping lunch.

If you are in this gang, just inform the staff so they don’t cook too much food.

Check availability and read more reviews here.

Party | Costeno Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, Colombia

As the hostel is an eco one, the showers and toilets run on recycled rainwater (like Casa Loma in Minca), hence the yellowish tinge.

There is a yellow vat of Gringo friendly water for a cheap daily rate.

You’ll need it with all of the 35 COP / £9.04 bottles of ron (rum) and 3 COP / 77p tins of beer you will be consuming in the evenings.

Party | Costeno Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, Colombia

Solar panels are used for electricity so there is none until 6pm in the rooms.

However, Costeño Beach understands that travellers depend on their phones so let’s you charge your electrics at the front desk AND has an IPad with WiFi so you can check in with the folks back home.

Personally, I really enjoyed my WiFi free days.

Costeno Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, Colombia

Things to do at Costeño Beach

Surfing in Colombia

I failed miserably in Australia at surfing and Craig had never had the chance to catch some waves so we thought, why not! For 50 COP / £12.91 each we spent two hours ‘with’ (mostly without) our instructor.

To begin with, we spent ten minutes warming up on the sand and a further ten being taught about the formation of waves and how to jump on the board. Then we were in!

Not quite. Craig and the instructor were, I met a wave and couldn’t get past it.

The instructor kept waving me in (like I wasn’t trying) but eventually I headed back to the sand. A couple of nice guys offered to help me but I opted for waiting on the instructor.

While Craig was left paddling the Caribbean Sea, I was saved and helped in.

The rest of the two hours were spent paddling in the water towards the instructor, getting there eventually and then he’d point to better waves so I had to paddle again.

Unfortunately, I only had the chance to try the wave four times.

At least I could get on my knees, which was fun…

Craig tried about ten waves.

Other surfers suggested it wasn’t the best of conditions to start but I’d give it another try (with a different instructor).

Those looking for a Costeño Beach surf report should check here.

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Stop! Hammock Time!

Ah, the dream!

Relaxing in the warm air (check out Costeno Beach weather forecast), swaying from side to side, you just can’t beat it.

The hostel is really social as well as relaxing, we met lots of friendly people on the hammocks.

Watch out for any falling coconuts!

Check out our beach packing list for what to take with you.

Hammocks | Costeno Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, Colombia


Yes, this hostel has it all. A half-hour or a full hour of delight.


As well as surfing (you can just take the boards out yourself), there is a skate ramp and a volleyball net.

Games, Books, and a Bar

Plenty of board games to choose from and books to swap. Did I mention the beer and rum?

Yoga by the Sea

Costeño Beach Hostel offers yoga most days in the mornings.

Unfortunately the day I decided to participate, the class was cancelled but one of the girls staying at the hostel did a wee illegal class.

It’s the first time I have had the chance to do yoga near the beach which is enhanced tenfold by the sound of the sea! Definitely up for it again.

Yoga | Hammocks | Costeno Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, Colombia

Costeño Beach Accommodation

It was evident that this area of Costeño was about to become popular, hammers knocked every day and now Costeño Beach Camp is not alone. In fact, La Brisa Tranquilla hostel has now bought over the older Costeño premises and Costeño has jumped ship to a newer and snazzier site next door.

La Brisa Tranquilla has dorms for under £10 and private room with ensuite bathrooms for under £40.

Click here for the best rates and to check availability of La Brisa Traquilla 

Final Words

I really hope I’ve done Costeño Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge justice.

If you don’t believe us, do check out the reviews on Costeno Beach Tripadvisor. I’m not ruling out going back in the reaming 18 days we have left in Colombia.

It’s a must! And try the brownies.

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Costeno Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, Colombia



So, is this your kind of paradise? Any questions about Costeño Beach or Colombia, hit me below.

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6 thoughts on “Costeño Beach, Colombia’s Paradise

  1. kyle says:

    Hey Guys,
    Great read and awesome info. Thanks.
    My Partner Jenna and I (who are also 2 scots abroad) are planning staying in Costeno to visit Tayrona.. Did you guys do that? If so, did you leave your luggage with the hostel in Costeno or take it with you? We are returning to Santa Marta after so we are unsure on what to do with it… we just don’t want to carry it all the way to Tayrona 🙂


    • Gemma I Two Scots Abroad says:

      Hello, fellow Scots! Sorry for the delay, we were on a sneaky wee sunshine trip to the Canaries.

      You’ll adore Colombia! This was our itinerary for around those parts:

      1. Santa Marta
      2. Minca
      3. Back to Santa Marta
      4. Costeno Beach
      5. Directly to Tayrona National Park

      Just remember to take enough money for Costeno AND Tayrona.

      Let me know how you get on? I chat daily on Instagram Stories if you have IG, come say hiya.

  2. stef says:

    Hey! I’m booking my trip here for June. Did people who stayed in the large dorms say it was comfortable enough? Also, what time of year did you go?


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