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Roberts Creek: Things to Do, See + Eat

Roberts Creek Mandala, blue skies, ocean

Roberts Creek is a special place.

There’s something in the air, a Scotsman living in the Creek told us, and I don’t mean the medicinal marijuana that is grown up here, he added. According to the Lonely Planet, this small coastal town is where conscription dodgers fled to during the sixties to avoid going to war. So it makes sense to see an older gent with long hair and flowing clothes in Roberts Creek! The town has a real quirk to it. Not only this, the locals are environmentally conscious and healthy. Here’s our guide on things to do in Roberts Creek, on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. 

We (Gemma and Craig) lived in the Creek by the way. Our story even made it into the Coast Reporter.

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Things to do in Roberts Creek 

1. Robert Creeks Beach

The town has a great and well-used beach. The walk down from the small town centre (at Flume Road and Beach Avenue) takes you past the famous mandala (see below) and to the rocks.

To the left of the pier, there is a stretch of stones with sandy patches. Families play and sunbathe here during summer. 

There are picnic tables and also (random) logs for seating. 

Sunsets are cracking and the sea passes the clean tests with over 90% frequently throughout the year.

You can launch kayaks and paddleboards here with ease. 

Man standing on large stone, ocean in background with pink sunset at Robert Creek Beach Pier_

2. Mandala, Community Painting

One of the cool things about Roberts Creek is the variety of community events that take place throughout the year.

Every July, a team of locals paint over the Roberts Creek mandala and redo the outline.

Visitors then grab some paint and do damage to the shapes!

Craig and I did start off a team project but it ended up with me passing the brushes.

Check out for the Scottish flag and Two Scots having a smooch under a palm tree.

Don’t grow too attached to your work, it will be going the next year. An excuse to return for summer?

Man painting mandala

3. Roberts Creek Provincial Park 

Just outside of the residential area of the town is Roberts Creek, Provincial Park

In the park, you can find large cedars, Douglas fir and Hemlock trees and a campsite with picnic area. 

The trails in the park lead to the ocean (less than 2K). 

Roberts Creek Provincial Park trees with striking sunset of orange and pink

4. Cliff Giliker Park

One turn off the Sunshine Coast Highway 101 takes you to a variety of hiking trails at Cliff Giliker Park. 

The trails are well kept and easy to walk (less than 2K). There is a waterfall which we didn’t get to enjoy because the summer we lived in Roberts Creek there was a heatwave, forest fires were common at that time. 

Dogs must be kept on leads and no bikes are allowed on the trails. 

» For more hike ideas, check out our things to do on the Sunshine Coast, BC

Tall trees at Roberts Creek Provincial Park 

5. Roberts Creek Legion 

The Legion is one of the live music venues in Roberts Creek. We never had the pleasure of spending the winter in the Creek but have been told that there are social events on every weekend. 

We did catch a singer and drinks a couple of times at the Legion during summer.  

The kitchen is open Tuesdays and Fridays, it closes when meals sell out! Check the website for more details.

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6. Roberts Creek Community Hall 

Roberts Creek Hall is another venue at the other side of the Creek. 

It puts on various events from family movies nights to swap shops. 

We danced our socks off to a live band one Saturday with the locals. 

7. Yoga by the Sea 

There is a very peaceful yet welcoming yoga studio in Roberts Creek. 

Classes run every day, most are drop-in so anyone can attend. 

It has an array of nice yoga props. It’s the nicest yoga studio I’ve ever done yoga at. 

8. Roberts Creek Farmers Market 

Farm Gate Market is open every Wednesday, all year round, at the Roberts Creek Masonic Hall.

You can pick up locally grown and made products such as fruit/veg, baking goods and oils. 

Hot meals are also served. Support local! 

Farm Gate Market stalls and people in Roberts Creek_

Robert Creek Restaurants 

9. The Gumboot 

Wholesome food doesn’t stop at the farmers market, the local restaurant, The Gumboot, uses fresh ingredients from local suppliers and more impressively, what’s in their back garden!

The Gumboot’s atmosphere is relaxed and this is mainly down to the music, on a Tuesday and Wednesday night there is live music to enhance the dining experience. Quite frankly, The Gumboot is a really nice place to be.

We ate there when my parents visited and we also reviewed the restaurant.

Craig chose the burger and I had the halibut with risotto.

We couldn’t resist a dessert of cheesecake and blueberry crumble after observing another table’s order.

And since the produce is brought in from local suppliers we had to support the community be ordering a BC red and Craig’s fave, Golden Goddess 

Like beer? Don’t miss the craft breweries in the next town of Gibsons.

Chips and burger on table at The Gumboot Roberts Creek_

10. Food Vendors

Roberts Creek has a unique weekly ‘food to order’ event. 

Two caterers put up meals on different nights of the week. 

Soul Kitchen cooks up Korean on a Monday and Curry in the Creek has curries to order for a Thursday. 

You have to pre-order. Find out more here.

11. Roberts Creek General Store 

The heart of the Creek! 

The General Store has shelves stacked with confectionary and store cupboard food and fridges with fresh produce. 

You can buy homemade sandwiches and alcohol! The perfect picnic. 

Stop by the notice board to see what events are happening in the town. 

The Roberts Creek Library is next door. 

Roberts Creek Accommodation 

Up the Creek Backpackers B&B

There really is only one hostel to stay at (literally and metaphorically), Up the Creek Backpacker’s B&B. This wooden BnB is often referred to as a home away from home and this is conclusive when you look at the number of returning guests.

Martin’s hostel has a seven-bed dorm, three private rooms and tents (for foot passengers), we should know – we cleaned the rooms daily for two months!

There is lots of living room space with a fire and guitar, multiple maps for all over BC and since Martin has lived in the area for sixteen years, he is full of helpful tips and advice. 

The hostel has a guest kitchen, free tea and local coffee, as well as use of not one but two BBQs.

Many cyclists visit Up the Creek as the hostel has space for bikers to clean up their wheels and hang up their clothes.

There are many bike routes around Roberts Creek, it’s popular with the bike gang. Don’t have a bike? No problem, there are plenty of loaner bikes.

My favourite spot in the hostel are the hammocks. You just can’t beat swinging on them and reading a book or sending selfies back home! Jealous?

Large wooden house with trees. Up the Creek Roberts Creek

Roberts Creek Camping

You can rent a camping spot with a tent and foamies, sleeping bags, liners, pillows, pillowcases and flashlights at Up the Creek. 

Guests have full use of the property kitchen, bathrooms, lounge area and hammocks. 

A camping spot without a tent may be available for guests arriving by boat or bus only.

There is also a campground in the Roberts Creek, Provincial Park, which users say is basic. 

21 campsites with pit toilets and a sani-station are available. 

Website: Up the Creek Backpacker’s B&B
Address: 1261 Roberts Creek Rd, Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W2
Contact: 604-837-5943 / Call toll-free 1-877-885-8100

How to Get to Roberts Creek

Where is Roberts Creek?

The Creek can be found off Sunshine Coast Highway. You can get there by local bus from Gibsons and Sechelt. 

Vancouver to Roberts Creek – Enjoy the forty-minute ferry from Horseshoe Bay. Take the bus from Gibsons along the Sunshine Coast Highway. 

Thank you to the small businesses of Roberts Creek for their hospitality and making our summer one of the best yet! Our own opinions expressed above.

Gibsons: Not Just a Film Set

Gibsons | Sunshine Coast BC

Reassurance. That was my initial feeling as we drove through the British Columbian town of Gibsons from the ferry terminal, Langdale. Restaurants, bars, even a vintage shop and sunshine obviously. We are on the Sunshine Coast in Canada so you could only hope for the burning orange circle in the sky.

We signed up to two months on the Coast without much knowledge of the area and Gibsons brought us hope that we had made the right decision.

The Beachcombers

Many tourists and Canadians alike flock to Gibsons because Gibsons is famous! The town was the film set for the internationally renowned 70s TV series, The Beachcombers. The nineteen seasons strong comedy-drama followed the lives of two loggers, Nick and Jesse and their tugboat – Persephone, you’ll hear this word again soon… The show was centred around the cafe, Molly’s Reach, which was run by the motherly figure, Molly. Although the show ended in the nineties (with a failed attempt to bring it back), it is still very much celebrated in the town of Gibsons.

Marvellous Marina

Gibsons is more than just the set for a soap, it is also extremely scenic with its marina and mountainous backdrop. This is where you will find us (Gemma and Craig) Two Scots taking a stroll, kayaking or sipping a hard lemonade when our small ‘hometown’ of Roberts Creek is giving us a bit of cabin fever! Just what Molly ordered.

Marina Gibsons BC | Sunshine Coast

Soames Hill, Gibsons

Although Soames Hill is slightly awkward to get to without wheels (we cycled there), this hike is totally worth the trek. After a short walk through shaded trees, you are met with a tough climb up but these stairs really are the steps to heaven!

Soames Hill | Gibsons BC Sunshine Coast

Soames Hill | Gibsons BC Sunshine Coast

Soames Hill | Gibsons BC Sunshine Coast

Soames Hill | Gibsons BC Sunshine Coast

Watch Out! Beers Crossing at Persephone

You will have worked up a thirst after Soames Hill, this puts Persephone the brewery, in the perfect position. Nestled behind the hops next to Soames Hill, you’ll find this rustic brewery come bar which sells a selection of home-brewed beers including Craig’s favourite The Golden Goddess.

Persephone Brewery Beer Festival Gibsons_

We spent a fun afternoon there with our Scottish friends, Karen and Craig. Not the biggest of beer fan, I sampled the Taster Flight which is four beers of your choice in a cute set.

Persephone Brewery Drinks Gibsons

Our friends went home with a souvenir – a growler which is a cool looking refillable beer bottle! This word obviously created hilarity amongst us Scots (look it up)…

Persephone not only does the perfect pint but also provides parties! We were invited along to the brewery’s second anniversary party (disclosure – the $25 cover was waived. Thanks for the tickets, Giddy!) By day, teams battled it out in a Tough Mudder-style event to win the prize of 100 litres of Persephone beer then as dark drew in, we partied in the barn amongst the hay bales to a young jammin’ funk band. Check out Craig’s moves…

Persephone Brewery Beer Festival Party Gibsons

If you make it along next year, tell us if the 204s manage to hold on to the winning title!

Website: Persephone Brewing Company
Address: 1053 Stewart Road, Gibsons
Cost: Sleeve of Golden Goddess $4 / £1.97 (all beers paid for by us)

Gonna Have a Food Time

There is a great mix of culinary delights in Gibsons however only one is a must for the novelty value in our eyes – Molly’s Reach. This restaurant serves a variety of burgers, fish and chips along with local beers and a long list of cocktails. All amongst lots of Beachcombers paraphernalia.

Molly's Reach Restaurant Gibsons BC

You almost feel like you are on the set yourself, move over Nick and Jesse! I went for the Beachcombers Breeze cocktail ($7), it would have been rude not to! With the ingredients of vodka, grapefruit and cranberry it certainly cleaned the palate in time for my halibut and chips ($18). Craig managed, just, to devour The Reach burger ($16) which consisted of two burgers, bacon, two types of cheese minus the salad, egg and a side of sweet potato fries. Quite a reach to consume, some may say.

Molly's Reach Gibsons BC The Reach Burger
: Molly’s Reach
Contact: 604-886-9710
Address: 647 School Road, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0
Cost: $41.50 / £20.39 + tax / tips

Vancouver to Gibsons (+ local routes)

From Vancouver – forty minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay $16.25 / £7.98 return (and then the above bus)

Bus 1 and 90 from Langdale Ferry or Sechelt (depending on starting point) will drop you off in Gibsons for $2.25 / £1.11

Fancy Kayaking in BC?

The Sunshine Coast, BC is awash with water sports in the summer, free hikes for all levels, heaps of food and don’t be fooled when October comes as the scenery is just as darling!

Marina Gibsons BC | Sunshine Coast

Like the look of the Gibsons and want more like this? Check out our guide to the Sunshine Coast, BC, we hope to join you there in the future (on a more permanent basis!)

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Gibsons BC Sunshine Coast

Have you been to the Sunshine Coast?


Thank you to Molly’s Reach and Persephone for their hospitality. An honest review, as per usual.

Sechelt, BC: Things to Do + Where to Eat

Sechelt Inlet | Sunshine Coast BC

Sechelt, BC is one of the larger towns in Canada’s glorious Sunshine Coast. With size comes responsibility and Sechelt certainly put out a healthy serving of restaurants, accommodation and things to do. So let’s head along the Highway 101 to see what Sechelt has to offer visitors and locals alike with our (Gemma and Craig) things to do in Sechelt guide. 

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Things to do in Sechelt

Sechelt Waterfront

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Sechelt waterfront and enjoy the calm of the Sunshine Coast.

Sechelt waterfront with yellow flowers_

Sechelt Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market

From April to September, over 60 vendors meet in all weather conditions to sell their local stock and crafts.

This is the biggest outdoor market on the Sunshine Coast and has been running for a quarter of a century ever Saturday morning.

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shíshálh Nation tems swiya Museum

Discover artefacts and materials belonging to the shíshálh Nation and learn about the native culture.

Paddleboarding and Kayaking on the Sunshine Coast 

Tucked out the way of the main drag, Paddles and Pedals puts on a variety of outdoor experiences from boat cruises to board rentals.

We enjoyed a two-hour paddleboarding afternoon at Sechelt Inlet, a difficult spot to find without a car.

We had a very heated discussion and mild fallout trying to get to the Inlet from the bus stop, eventually dumping our bikes in the woods and hitching a ride to avoid being late. Apologies to the owner of the $50K Audi who was left with our sweat in the back seats.

It was worth the tiff, for these views and access to a private beach!

Hammock Sechelt Inlet

I managed to fall off the paddleboard, twice, while Craig aced it executing Instagram-worthy headstands to show off.

This was my first paddleboarding attempt, it felt different to kayaking, less strenuous and restrictive.

Paddles and Pedals offered us waterproof phone covers, which was handy for taking snaps!

Don’t want to paddleboard? You can also hire kayaks. 

Man paddleboarding Sechelt Inlet_

Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

Local forest trails and grassy park at Sechelt Inlet.

Secret Cove, Suncoaster Trail 

The Suncoaster Trail is 37K in length and includes 6K of the Secret Cove hike.   

This is a great trail to do on a hot day because there are swimming areas for cooling down. I jumped in, Craig didn’t. 

Trees on Suncoaster Trail Sunshine Coast_

See a Movie

One of the Sunshine Coast cinemas can be found just as enter Sechelt from Robert’s Creek. Raven’s Cry Theatre shows popular and niche movies throughout the year. The movie house has a shop for cinema snacks and air conditioning for comfort.

Slushy Time

Grab a slushy at the grocery store. Make it a hard one, the liquor store is just over the road.

Craig with slushy drink

Yoga in Sechelt

Join in a yoga session at Blissful Yoga Studio. Public and private classes available.

Straight Up Climbing Wall

If it’s raining outside, you could be climbing inside! Straight Up Rock Climbing is suitable for big and wee kids. Daily passes and group classes available.

Hidden Grove

Endless Trails marked on a map for you to follow. Big fan with dog walkers.

Start the Morning…

With a Daily Roast coffee, Sechelt’s first coffee shop.

Grab a Taco

Looking for a light bite? Head to the Taco Republic for tacos, burritos, nachos or salad.

Eat Some Sushi

Choose between Sima Sushi or Sushi Bar 5517. How do you roll?


Head to Shift Kitchen for brunch and frozen bellinis.

We enjoyed a date night here. Try the pankados fried avocado stuffed with spicy tuna. Nom.

Grab a Cheeky Cupcake

Cheeky cupcakes, cake pops, Oreo cheesecake bars, parfait cups, need I go on?

GF and vegan options too. 

Lighthouse Pub

One of the best ways to spend a lazy lunch is at the Lighthouse Pub while watching the seaplanes take over and enter.

This is a live music venue in Sechelt too.

Lighthouse Pub views of seaplnes and boats in Sechelt

Rogue Arts Festival

Three-day music and art festival in Sechelt. The event includes shows, workshops and installations on Clarke Farms on Tyson Road in Wilson Creek, BC.

Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts

Every summer, writers and reader gather in Sechelt to network, learn and have fun. This is Canada’s longest-running summer gathering of writers.

Halfmoon Bay

Just outside of Sechelt is a secluded stoned beach. 

Smugglers Cove Marine Provincial Park

Take an easy stroll through Smugglers Cove. Take in the views and maybe a dip?

Sechelt to Smugglers Cove is a 20-minute drive.

Davis Bay

A fan of fishing? Join the locals as they catch their dinner at Davis Bay.

We were very fortunate to see a whale put on a show here while Craig was fishing.

Roberts Creek

Catch a live music show, check out the Mandela or take an easy hike through Cliff Gilker Park.

Sechelt to Roberts Creek is a 15-minute drive or 30-minute cycle.

How to get to Sechelt

Although the Sunshine Coast is easier to navigate by car, the 101 highway bus service is pretty frequent between SecheltRoberts Creek and Gibsons.

Vancouver to Sechelt – Enjoy the forty-minute ferry from Horseshoe Bay. Take the bus from Gibsons along the 101 highway. 

Thanks to Shift Kitchen & Paddles and Pedals for their generosity, honest review as always

Whale of a Time at Pender Harbour

Pender Harbour

Craig and I are living on the Sunshine Coast in Roberts Creek for two months this summer and man we feel lucky! Beaches, lakes, and lush parks, there is a reason they call it Beautiful B.C. Not even a fortnight in and my parents have followed us over so we hired a car and headed north to see what natural delights the Sunshine Coast has to offer starting with Pender Harbour.

Pender Harbour

Sunshine Coast Road Trip

Team Orrock and our driver, Craig, hired a car from Prime Rental in Sechelt (the big town, you’ll find McDs and Starbucks here) and hit the highway 101 to the north. The Sunshine Coast is so easy to navigate which was helpful for Craig driving on the wrong side of the road. We drove for less than an hour until we reached Madeira Park where our boat tour of Pender Harbour commenced.

Pender Harbour

The SloCat Boat tour by Slocat Harbour Tours was actually a recommendation by Martin, the manager of Up The Creek (Roberts Creek). He advised us that all of the small areas around Pender Harbour were reachable by wheels (there was no paved road access until the 60s!) but via the waves is an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Pender Harbour

Slocat Harbour Tours

We met our captain, Mark, at 3pm and set sail with another group of five. The boat was comfortable with padded seats and was equipped with a hand drawn map (Mark putting his Geography degree to use) and binoculars, which we used to spot bald eagles and blue heron but unfortunately not killer whales like the week before.

Pender Harbour

Pender Harbour

The beauty of the tour was not only what we could see – the mountains, the animals, fancy boats and plush houses but Mark’s knowledge and charm!
Pender Harbour Mark’s tour is not just a geography tour of the harbour but also a historical, cultural and political tour. He told us stories about shipwrecks, pressure for the input of First Nations, the Sechelt Indian Band and the bust and boom of the housing market.

Pender Harbour

Mark is originally from Vancouver but fell in love with Pender Harbour – the small drinking town with a fishing problem, after he accidentally stumbled across the area (mainly Ruby Lake) on an impromptu cycle trip. His previous resume not only includes a Geography degree but also tours around Whistler and a radio announcer so the transition to captain of the Slocat Tour was logical. It’s easy to see why he made the transition from life in The Big Smoke to the waves of Pender Harbour.

Address: 12967 Madeira Park Road
Contact: 1-604-741-3796
Email: [email protected]
Cost: $25 (Canadian) / £12.38 per person (Kids under 3 – free / Kids under 12 $15 / over 12 $35)

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Pender Harbour

Where was the best boat tour you’ve taken?


Thanks to Mark at Slocat Harbour Tours for our ride, honest review as always.