Sunshine Coast, BC: Things to Do and See

Smugglers Cove | Sunshine Coast BC

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Lakes, skiing, hikes, and bike rides! It really is a wonder how the Sunshine Coast, BC is unknown to many Canadians! We (Gemma and Craig) had the privilege of living here – exploring the waters, watching the sunsets, eating the local food and mingling with the friendly locals. Here’s our guide on things to do, see and eat on Canada’s Sunshine Coast,  not to be confused with Australia. 

Where is the Sunshine Coast, BC?

The Sunshine Coast, BC (British Columbia) is situated on the West Coast of Canada.

It is a mere forty-minute ferry ride from the city of Vancouver, the ferry ride alone is worth the trip.

All of the Sunshine Coast’s natural wonders are found off the Sunshine Coast Highway 101.

How to get to the Sunshine Coast

Take a bus from Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. For times see the TransLink planner.

The ferry journey is beautiful, be sure to sit on the top deck if you get the weather.

The ride takes forty minutes and accepts foot passengers and cars. See BC Ferries schedule for times.

Now that you are on the Sunshine Coast you will want to explore what it has to offer. Foot passengers can take a bus to many of the small towns on the coast for $2.25 per person although a road trip would be ideal.


Gibsons BC is a big town in comparison to others.

It has a gorgeous waterfront and many dining and drinking opportunities.

The town is famous for hosting the set of the ’70s TV programme, Beachcombers.

There is also a nice hike up Soames Hill which offers beautiful views. Next to Soames is a brewery called Persephone so you congratulate yourself on tackling those stairs!

This Sunshine Coast BC town is home to many music and art events throughout the year.

Gibsons | Sunshine Coast BC

Roberts Creek

Home for the summer for us Two Scots. Roberts Creek, like many towns on the coast, has an accessible stony beach.

The town also has an impressive mandala art piece which is painted by the community every July.

Cliff Gilker Park in the Creek has four different treks catering for every ability.

Roberts Creek has one large restaurant (Gumboot), one cafe (Gumboot), a fish and chip shop (Sharkey’s), a Soul Kitchen in Creek (Korean food) and a general store.

It takes 30 minutes to cycle to Gibsons or fifteen minutes to drive by bus and car.

Roberts Creek | Sunshine Coast BC

Davis Bay

Blink and you’ll miss Davis Bay BC. This small town has a vast sea to get lost in.

The pier is well used by fishermen and local kids. If the sea air is making you hungry be sure to grab some food from the waterfront shops. Watch out for whales making a splash.

Davis Bay | Sunshine Coast BC


The big town of the Sunshine Coast!

Sechelt BC has a variety of bars, cafes, restaurants and spas.

It even has a cinema called the Raven’s Cry Theatre, The Golden Arches and other well-known haunts but don’t waste your money on the American Embassies, go local!

There are lots of lovely houses on the beachfront and a pier. 

Watersports such as kayaking and paddleboarding are accessible at Sechelt Inlet.

Don’t miss Porpoise Bay to see the seaplanes take off.

Sechelt Inlet | Sunshine Coast BC

Halfmoon Bay

Another stony beach, with a tree swing, just north of Sechelt.

The area offers lots of hiking opportunities and there is a local shop to purchase picnic essentials. Close by Sargeant Bay which has a sandy beach.

Halfmoon Bay | Sunshine Coast BC

Garden Bay

This is where you will find my favourite lake, the sandy Katherine Lake.

Family-friendly with some rocks to jump off! Plenty of food opportunity around Garden Bay.

Katherine Lake | Sunshine Coast BC

Secret Cove and Smugglers Cove

Secret Cove is home to Buccaneer Marina for those with boats and Smugglers Cove is a delight for those with feet! This spot always comes highly recommended by locals for the easy hike with stunning views.

Smugglers Cove | Sunshine Coast BC

Madeira Park/Pender Harbour

Pender Harbour has lots of little islands, bays and nature. Best discovered by boat.

Slocat Harbour Tours Pender Harbour

Ruby Lake

The name, Ruby Lake, comes from the lake’s ability to turn pink with the reflection of the sunset. Beautiful!

Smaller than Katherine Lake and also family-friendly.

Ruby Lake | Sunshine Coast BC

Skookumchuck Narrows

Excuse me? I know, a hard word to get your mouth around, the area is also known as Sechelt Rapids.

After an easy fifty minute walk through a shaded forest, you reach the rapids. Check out the tide times here before you set off to see the rapids at their best (two/three times per day.)

Skookumchuck Narrows | Sunshine Coast BC

Enjoy our terribly amateur video 

Fancy a trip to the Sunshine Coast B.C?
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Sunshine Coast B.C, Canada

Where would you like to visit on the Sunshine Coast?

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28 thoughts on “Sunshine Coast, BC: Things to Do and See

  1. Tami says:

    I haven’t been to the Sunshine Coast, but I have been to Vancouver and to Vancouver Island (which is also incredibly beautiful and amazing). The world-famous Butchart Gardens are also on Vancouver Island. It is a gorgous area. I miss the days when I lived in Seattle and could easily drive up to visit! You’ve shown us some more worthy sights to see as well!

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, when I think Sunshine Coast, Canada has never sprung to mind!

    Some beautiful places.

    That ferry system, do you know if it’s integrated with the Alaskan water highway as well?

    • TwoScotsAbroad says:

      I didn’t but I have met quite a few tourists who are spending a night in Van to then get back on the cruise to Alaska the next day. I’m back to Horseshoe Bay tomorrow to get the ferry to Bowen Island tomorrow – a first! Photos on Facebook as usual.

  3. James | The Globe Wanderers says:

    Another awesome Canada post guys. We’ve been desperate to do a Canadian road trip for ages and these posts aren’t helping it in the slightest ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Loved the video. This place looks so fun with so much to see and do.
    Where’s been your favourite place in Canada so far?

    • TwoScotsAbroad says:

      I think Vancouver is the best city in the world! The Rockies trip was ridiculously fun and the views are just incredible – Emerald Lake or Two Jacks Lake were my favourite spots. On the Coast it has to be Katherine Lake – rocks to jump off (seen in video) and it has grass so I don’t have to lie in damn sand (pet hate!)

  4. Mar Pages says:

    Hey this is some serious guide you guys put together. I didn’t know much about the sunshine coast but now I feel like i know everything i need. I will bookmark this for when I head to that part of Canada

  5. Jennifer McMillen says:

    We’ve been super spoiled this summer too! Scotland, USA (not by choice ๐Ÿ™ ) & Croatia. We also to 8 other countries & we are going to London next month! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Evan Kristine says:

    Sunshine coast looks so much fun! Especially in summer time where you can enjoy most of the nature without freezing your ass off. I can see laods of similarities with the nature between Canada and Finland. Very beautiful and inviting!

  7. Alex says:

    Lived here in British Columbia for 30 years and may have missed it but found all the gems you have listed- thank you!

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