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Wolfing Around with West Trek Tours

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Day three of West Trek Tours, The Rockies Summer Explorer could be my favourite of the four, although it’s hard to choose, all of them were fun!

Never Too Lake

Regardless of the rain we stopped of at Moraine Lake, Papa Wolf aka Lee the tour guide, orchestrated an umbrella dance. To be honest, we didn’t notice the rain; it wasn’t until we looked back at photos we realised that we had been in a downpour.

West Trek Tours Moraine Lake, Alberta Canada

Lake Louise didn’t get the “aaaAHHHahh” I thought it would. I did enjoy the hot chocolate at The Fairmont Chateaux though. Will go back there as a guest when I win the lottery.

Two Jack Lake has the colours just right. That yellow pops out against the blue of the lake and the grey / white mountain.Like it?

It was Emerald Lake that won my affection. Unfortunately the canoe shop had a ‘back in ten minutes’ sign on the door but we found a stationary yellow (my favourite colour) number to take the mandatory Instagram photos on.

As Craig and I were playing about with the camera and canoe we heard an echo batter around the lake… “OH YA BEASTIE!

We were being watched by the rest of the wolfpack, from across the water.

Banff National Park
Banff National Park West Trek Tours

Pay the additional charge of $42 / £22 for the Banff Gondolas ($96 for both the Gondolas and Columbia Icefield Ice Explorer). It’s worth is for the views and the opportunities to simulate a scene from The Matrix.

Heading to the Rockies independently? Check out this article on hostels and hotels in Canada which includes Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise.

Bieber Fever with West Trek Tours

Back to on the party bus, Lee belted out some party tunes and to the annoyance of everyone on the bus, Canada’s finest, Justin Bieber! Boo, hiss, off, off, off! But then something magical happened. The Japanese Justin, (who had otherwise been silent) arose from his seat and gave us a hip-thrusting rendition – Baby, Baby, Oh!

Rustic Raving

Our last night was spent at a fortress in the forest! We managed to get some shuteye in the rustic cabins and man those beds were comfy, too comfy! The manager had to knock to get us moving on the Monday morning. Obviously the party the night before is partly to blame.

West Trek Accommodation

West Trek Tours Accommodation June's Kitchen

After some local wine tasting we retired to the campfire to roast marshmallows and listen to Papa Wolf’s tales of bear wrestling in the wild. What do you do when you meet a black bear? Serenade him.

Full of sugar and on our second wind, it was time for the international dance party. We can-canned, did some kind of sexy Latino couple dance (not with Craig, he was too busy dancing with the Japanese Justin Bieber) and of course, I used my bossy disposition to get the group ceilidh dancing from atop the kitchen island! I was proud of their attempt, they even managed to switch partners. A better performance than many Scottish weddings we’ve been too! The international dance party led on to a disco where we all fought over music, pleasing twelve nationalities is a hard feat. If you’d like to find out more about camping at Canada’s national parks, check out this guide.

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Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre

The last day was the toughest, purely because we are 30+ and can’t handle a three night party. Our emotions were tender; this was not helped by a visit to the Rockies answer to Bear Grills – Leo Downey and his buffalos as well as an educational stop at the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre.

Leo and Buffalos Canadian Rockies, West Trek Tours

There was not a dry eye in the house after Sheila passionately advised us about the wrong doings of the Canadian government and how they are mistreating the country’s wolves. You may have heard about this already, as Miley Cyrus has recently been vocal about the killing of wolves in Canada. We broke down when Sheila’s wolves howled, a perfect end for us – the tight knit Wolfpack now listening to the real deal, closing the perfect circle to one of the best weekends of our lives.

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, Moab, West Trek Tours

Top – Moab, bottom left -Scrappy Dave, bottom right – Maya (photo credit: Jenny Brnt)

The bus ride home was broken up with a stop at the supermarket, another for a dip in Lake Okanagen situated in the wine region, Kelowna and a final photo of the September 18th West Trek Wolfpack – wolves for the weekend, friends for life.

Canadian Rockies West Trek Tours Summer Explorer Tour

Where was the best weekend of your life spent?

Canadian Rockies West Trek Tours CanadaWannabe wolves! Pin this to your Canada inspiration board

West Trek ToursThanks to West Trek Tours for making this trip possible. Our honest views as always. We LOVED it!

Website: West Trek Tours
our: The Rocky Mountains (Summer Explorer)
Contact: (604) 408-WEST (9378)
Cost: $448 / £226 (adult) / $399 / £171 (student) + room upgrade options and additional activities






Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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  1. Maybe you visited Lake Louise on a cloudy day? I think it’s more striking on a bright sunny day. I agree that Moraine Lake is truly beautiful.

    Fun about the wolves. We enjoyed a visit to the Int’l Wolf Center in Minnesota, and I must say that is one of the best wkends I have encountered.

    1. Post

      I knew nothing of wolves Doreen, I was very happy to be enlightened! It was pretty grim around the time of Lake Louise, the sun improves every experience ten fold! Moraine was just out of this world! Many of the lakes were, such a magic experience.

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  2. Seems like you guys could be a fun travel buddies! I love the photos and the article itself. Very informative!

    1. Post

      Thanks Mary Charie! We have been told we are an ‘easy couple to be around’ by one of the members of the Cuba travelling family – Two Scots, Two Brauds and a Dad!

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  3. Gemma!! Stop teasing me with your beautiful photos of Canada 😀 Makes me want to fly over and see all these beautiful places myself. Your video is hilarious, it absolutely shows you guys had so much fun! 😀

    1. Post

      The group were mad! You do need to go. I’ve just encouraged a girl we met in Vietnam to take her Easter break here!

  4. Sounds like fun! For our best weekend, it would be hard to choose. We had a great long weekend (4 days) at a dude ranch in Wyoming! Just stunning. The whole experience was great. It was a shortened week for grown-ups only. 4 days on a horse was long enough! But the food, guests, scenery, accommodation and the whole “vibe” were just great.

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