10 Tartan Shirts For Men You Can Buy Online

Plaid Tartan Shirts For Men

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Shopping for tartan shirts for men? This guide details trendy and traditional Scottish tartan inspired tops for guys. Team up with slacks or denims in the colder months and shorts in summer. Craig, from Two Scots Abroad can be spotted in men’s plaid shirts on social media and throughout our travel guides on this very site. We’re mad for plaid!

So whether you are looking for yourself of buying as a gift, let’s dive into the nicest plaid shirts for men. Bookmark for later using the pin at the bottom of the post.

To everyone can have access to these plaid shirts, we’ve listed shirts in the US and the UK.

Best Men’s Tartan Shirts

1. Red and Black Checkered Shirt

This red, black and blue plaid shirt comes with short sleeves and a high neck button which can be fastened or undone, depending on your style and comfort.

Shopping in the UK? Here’s a short-sleeved ASOS version.

2. Barbour Men’s Tartan Plaid Shirt

Barbour are the kings of tartan, using their signature plaid designs throughout their collections.

This green and white long sleeved plaid shirt buttons all the way up to the neck and has a neat collar which is best worn down.

This light and dark green shirt shops to the UK.

3. Short Sleeve Barbour Shirt

I adore this pink and blue palette on this short sleeve Barbour shirt.

It has a light pink base with wide light and dark blue panels.

Perfect for dressing up with slacks date night or wearing with shorts for beach dining.

Here’s the long sleeve version if you prefer to cover your arms.

This light pastel pink UK version is also lovely.

4. Wrinkle-Free LL Bean Plaid Shirt

This green, red, blue and yellow plaid shirt screams Christmas to me!

With its long sleeves and button up neck, it’s a nice number for a festive party and would suit a wool sweater on top with the neck and sleeves popping out.

The base is green but the red is striking and the yellow pops.

This UK Fred Perry number is similar.

5. J. Crew Slim Fit Plaid Shirt

This J. Crew slim fit shirt is standout for me.

Smart, long sleeved and dark with an exciting red check, this shirt goes perfectly with dark trousers for an evening look.

Here’s a short sleeved UK version by ASOS.

Plaid shirts go awesomely with padded travel vests.
Check out our guide.

6. Black Watch Tartan Shirt

Looking for something discreet? The Black Watch tartan’s dark green and black could be the right choice for you.

A smart and stylish number, this subtle number is associated with the British infantry regiment, The Black Watch.

Other names for this tartan include Grant Hunting or Government tartan.

Wear open with a clean white t-shirt underneath for another look.

Topman’s UK version of the Black Watch is also discreetly plaid and stylish.

7. MacBeth-Style Tartan Flannel

Slightly different from other tartan options, this Macbeth-inspired flannel shirt for men is softer than others.

It has long sleeves and can be worn as a more casual look.

Here’s the Only & Sons UK flannel.

8. Iconic Burberry Tartan Shirt

Not to everyone’s taste, the standout Burberry tartan shirt had to be included in this guide!

With its tan tones and loud black and red stripes, the man who wears it likes his labels and wants everyone to know it!

Shopping in then UK? Here’s the shop with UK shipping.

9. Comfy Red Flannel Shirt

For a casual yet tidy look, team up this Dickie red flannel shirt with a pair of blue denims.

The red and blue contrast makes for a relaxed look.

The UK version has a half zip at the front of the shirt.

10. Yellow Tartan Shirt

Sunshine in a shirt, brighten up dark pants and shoes with a yellow shirt (US / UK).

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Looking for plaid shirts for men? This guide details trendy tartan shirts, traditional plaid colors and relaxed flannel shirts which can be worn in fall, winter, summer or spring. Click to read about this season's hottest style of shirt.

Final Words

As with all our shopping and packing lists we encourage you to wear often and buy less. A tartan shirt is a really nice addition to any man’s wardrobe which can be worn in any season and for a number of occasions.

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