Stay Fit While Working From Home in 6 Steps

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Looking for tips on how to stay fit while working from home? Working online, TV apps and games to play on Zoom – the temptation to move from designated office chair to dreamy sofa then off to bed can be strong! Most people WFH like myself need some helpful advice on things to get them moving throughout the day to help keep the weight off, mind healthy and motivation rolling.

Stay Fit While Working From Home Tips

Here are some things that have helped me, a digital content creator who works from home, create some balance when it comes to keeping fit.

If you’re looking for general working from home tips, see here.

1. Create a WFH Routine and Stick to it

Even if you don’t have to clock on for work, commit to a wake-up time and create an achievable routine to stick before you switch on your laptop or even check your phone.

Shower, get ready, switch on a tracking app or fitness watch, enjoy breakfast such as oats and fruit, overnight oats, eggs, or yoghurt and fruit then do some exercise.

This could be a morning walk and/or your designated exercise time.

Now that I work out at home, I prefer to work out after walking the dog in the morning. When I attended classes, I did this just before dinner.

Find a rhythm that works for you. The key is to create an achievable morning routine that you want to wake up to and can also stick to.

Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle to do it for the first while but do keep trying.

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2. Plan Meals and Go Grocery Shopping

Most weeks, I plan my meals and do a big grocery shop once a week.

If I leave working out what to eat until the last minute I end up eating junk food.

Candy, chocolate, white bread – I am obsessed with sugar and have to keep this under control to help maintain a healthy working from home/keeping fit and happy balance.

Drink lots of still water to keep hydrated.

Cutting out sugary drinks is a relatively easy way to kick off your new healthy outlook and balanced eating.

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3. Check Out MyFitnessPal App

When WFH pants are getting a tad uncomfortable, consider tracking what you are eating using a free app such as MyFitnessPal.

You can add meals so if you go for a similar breakfast each morning you don’t have to repeat food items every day.

If you’d prefer guidance on what you should be eating to see steady weight loss, consult a nutritionist or health professional to help guide you on how to use a weight loss app best.

Some nutritionists have online consultations which means you don’t have to carve travel time into your day to meet with them once a week or month, ideal for those WFH.

4. Find an Exercise That Gets You Moving

Everyone differs when it comes to exercise and luckily for us, there are heaps of options when it comes to finding ways to move that are fun.

You don’t have to buy into the fad exercise of the month even if everyone on social media is doing it!

When we find something we like, we are more likely to commit to it and it’s totally OK to try other things out to keep your new exercise routine fresh and exciting.

There are lots of free ways to try exercise classes on YouTube.

Consider the following kinds for WFH classes:

  • Yoga
  • Body Balance
  • Low Intensity Training (LIT) – don’t have weights? Start with tins!
  • High Intensity Training (HIT)
  • Band workouts
  • Dance
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Take a break and get outdoors with the following:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

If you are willing to invest in exercise, it is worth checking out personal trainers (PTs) in your area or online.

If you put money where your mouth is, there is a good chance of sticking to it.

PTs are a great option for beginners who need shown the ropes (literally) and are looking to build their confidence.

Advanced exerciser fans use PTs to push themselves when they begin to plateau.

Working out at home exercise items

5. Invest in Fitness Trackers and Watches

Analytics and data will become your keep fit best friend!

Watches such as the Apple Watch US / UK or Fitbit (US / UK) track your steps, exercises and can connect with other users so if your friends use the same tracker, you can keep each other company and motivated!

I have reviewed both the Fitbit and Apple Watch and personally prefer the Apple Watch.

Its technology feels more sophisticated, the connection between other Apple devices is seamless and you can also do other neat actions such as take a photo or receive calls.

With Apple Watch you may receive free access to Apple Fitness for a period of time which is a bank of exercise classes recorded in LA featuring classes such as HIT, dance, core and strength.

New classes are updated each week.

What is really cool is how your Apple device knows to connect to your Apple Watch when you start a class on Apple Fitness.

This reminds you to put on your watch and start the exercise app on it.

The Apple Fitness screen reflects the data on your wrist. Crazily sophisticated syncing!

Don’t get me wrong, the Fitbit is pretty and tracks movement but the Apple watch feels more robust and capable.

The only downside to the Apple Watch is having to charge it most nights however, you get attractive bedside charges which double up as alarm clocks or phone, watch, earphone combo chargers.

6. Use Social Media Apps During Social Times Only

If picking up the phone to check social media apps is your morning magnet, be strict on yourself and only allow social checks during social hours such as morning breaks, lunch and after you switch off for the day.

Switch on app usage and screen time stats to assess how often you are using your device and consider what else you could do in that time like moving!

Consider purchasing an alarm clock if switching your phone alarm off is too tempting. TikTok can wait! Your healthy routine is more important.

Do you have friends using fitness watches/activity trackers? Why not connect through the device and keep each other motivated!

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