Roberts Creek British Columbia Canada

Quirkin’ Out in Roberts Creek

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Roberts Creek is a special place.

There’s something in the air, a Scotsman living in the Creek told us, and I don’t mean the medicinal marijuana that is grown up here, he added. According to the Lonely Planet, this small coastal town is where conscription dodgers fled to during the sixties to avoid going to war. So it makes sense to see an older gent with long hair and flowing clothes in Roberts Creek! The town has a real quirk to it. Not only this, the locals are ethically conscious and healthy, hence the title, Quirkin’ Out in Roberts Creek.

You’ll know from Facebook, that we’ve spent two months (July and August) in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast so feel we can write this post with confidence, this was no trip and run type of holiday, we were part of the furniture! Our story even made it into the Coast Reporter, making us local press celebs in the press on both sides of the Atlantic.

Beachin’ in Roberts Creek

Summer is a perfect time to visit Roberts Creek. At the bottom of the hill is the beach. Although a pebble beach (like most beaches on the Coast) it is well used by families and tourists. You can kayak, sunbathe, and watch the sky flood with pink at dusk!

Roberts Creek BC Beach Sunset

Mandala, Community Painting

One of the cool things about Roberts Creek is the variety of community events that take place throughout the year. Every July, a team of locals paint over the mandala and redo the outline. Visitors then grab some paint and do damage to the shapes! Craig and I did start off a team project but it ended up with me passing the brushes and him painting. Look out for the Scottish flag and Two Scots having a smooch under a palm tree.

Mandala Project Roberts Creek BC

Roberts Creek Mandala

Ice Cream in the Creek

Lumpy is not a name you would normally associate with gelato or ice cream but once you’ve met the owner, John, you’ll think nothing of the strange name! John is an actor and a fun one at that. An ice cream cone comes with a joke and fun interactions. They even have vegan ice cream, soooo Roberts Creek!

Lumpy's Ice Cream Shak Roberts Creek

Yoga by the Sea and Cliff Gilker Park

Roberts Creeks’ residents are fit. It’s not difficult to adjust to this positive lifestyle with Cliff Gilker Park on your doorstep and a gorgeous yoga studio in the heart of the Creek.

Cliff Gilker Roberts Creek

Farmer’s Market

Where else do you get not one but two farmer’s markets in a town with a population of 3K? Veggies, cakes, natural oils, lots of options to spend your dollars at the farmer’s market on a Wednesday (Community Hall) or Sunday (heart of the Creek.)

The Gumboot Restaurant

Wholesome food doesn’t stop at the farmer’s market, the local restaurant, The Gumboot, uses fresh ingredients from local suppliers and more impressively, what’s in their back garden!

Roberts Creek The Gumboot Restaurant

The Gumboot’s atmosphere is relaxed and this is mainly down to the music, on a Tuesday and Wednesday night there is live music to enhance the dining experience. Quite frankly, The Gumboot is a really nice place to be.

The Gumboot Roberts Creek Music

We ate there when my parents visited and we also reviewed the restaurant. Craig chose the burger ($17 /£8.36) and I had the halibut with risotto ($26 / £12.79). We couldn’t resist a dessert of cheesecake and blueberry crumble after observing another table’s order. And since the produce is brought in from local suppliers we had to support the community be ordering a BC red ($4 /£1.96) and Craig’s fave, Golden Goddess ($7.25 /£3.57). Like beer? Don’t miss the craft breweries in the next town of Gibsons.

The Gumboot Burger Roberts Creek

WebsiteThe Gumboot Restaurant 
Address: 1041 Roberts Creek Road, Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W0
Contact(604) 885-4216
Cost: $54.25 (two mains and two drinks)

Up The Creek, Roberts Creek 

There really is only one hostel to stay at (literally and metaphorically), Up the Creek Backpacker’s B&B. This wooden BnB is often referred to as a home away from home and this is conclusive when you look at the number of returning guests.

Up the Creek Backpackers B&B Roberts Creek

Martin’s hostel has a seven-bed dorm, three private rooms and tents (for foot passengers), we should know – we cleaned the rooms daily for two months!

Up the Creek Cherry Cabin Roberts Creek

There is lots of living room space with a fire and guitar, multiple maps for all over BC and since Martin has lived in the area for sixteen years, he is full of helpful tips and advice. The hostel has a guest kitchen, free tea and local coffee, as well as use of not one but two BBQs.

Many cyclists visit Up the Creek as the hostel has space for bikers to clean up their wheels and hang up their clothes. There are many bike routes around Roberts Creek, it’s popular with the bike gang. Don’t have a bike? No problem, there are plenty of loaner bikes.

My favourite spot in the hostel are the hammocks. You just can’t beat swinging on them and reading a book or sending selfies back home! Jealous?

Website: Up the Creek Backpacker’s B&B
Address: 1261 Roberts Creek Rd, Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W2
Contact: 604-837-5943 / Call toll-free 1-877-885-8100
Cost:Up the Creek Roberts Creek Pricing

Winter is Coming

Roberts Creek does not wither away with the flower petals in fall (autumn), it becomes an entertainment hub! I’m told that the Hall and Legion often have events on so not only is there a party at the weekend, there is choice! We partied at the annual Creek Daze and it was rockin’!

Where is your favourite small town?


Thank you to the small businesses of Roberts Creek for their hospitality and making our summer one of the best yet! Our own opinions expressed above.

Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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  1. Wow. This place looks more than average! And the painting activity looks exciting! Great post here! Lastly, you mention something at the beginning that made me hang around your page 😀

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  2. I really love the communal painting and the wacky ice cream shop! Looks like a really vibrant place, I’d love to see it for myself one day. Cheers for putting together all of this info on costs 🙂

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  3. Love the look of this place and you really make it sound like somewhere really worth visiting. I had never heard of Roberts Creek but I think I’ll have to add it to our itinerary next time we’re in BC (I have completely fallen in love with Canada!). That bedroom at Up the Creek looks immaculate – looks like you did your jobs extremely well!! 🙂

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  4. Hey Guys!!
    Again another great post! Love the way you two enjoy your travels and get in touch with the community. Not sure about the painting skills, lolololol, maybe you should just write lolololol
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  5. I’m into coloring mandalas right now as they give me so much zen. I love the idea of community painting!

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      Totally new concept to me Anne! I had to Google what a mandala was when I first arrived. I can see how it helps you chill out.

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