Happy Glamping at Big Berry, Slovenia

Big Berry, Slovenia

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Describe paradise and Big Berry, Slovenia may be it. Since it sits on the border of both Slovenia and Croatia, Big Berry is a sweet choice for travellers and holiday-makers visiting either of these beautiful countries. Big Berry glamping is located in Primostek, is modern, stylish and I can reassure you – there is not a tent pole in sight! Many travellers who visit Slovenia will prioritise visiting the capital city, Ljubljana and the fairytale town of, Bled, however, camping in Slovenia has never been so appealing now that Big Berry, Primostek is on the scene.

Location: Big Berry, Slovenia

Big Berry is a new glampsite which sits in the south of Slovenia at the Kolpa River in the Bela Krajina region. The capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana is a 1 hour 30 mins car ride away (Slovenia is not very big!) The Bela Krajina area has supermarkets, bakers, bars, and restaurants.

This is ideal because each of Big Berry’s houses have a well-equipped kitchen for those who like to cook but a variety of culinary options (local and international) only a short car ride away, all meals are included in the overall price – hence the tagline ‘Luxury of Freedom’.

River I Big Berry, Slovenia

Croatia is but a river away!

Why choose Big Berry? Luxury of Freedom

As soon as you step inside the Big Berry house, you know that a lot of thought has been put into these stylish holiday homes. Our house was decorated with the colours yellow (my fave) and baby blue, very fresh and cute.

The bedroom was comfortable, a nice sized wardrobe which lights up, comfy double bed and – hallelujah, a full-length mirror (why is this vital amenity often missing from vacation accommodation?!) There was lots of storage space too, it was refreshing to unpack our backpacks and have space to put the 80l monstrosities away out of sight, and relax! My only gripe is that the Wi-Fi did not reach the house (#5), hopefully, this teething problem will be resolved for the future.

The kitchen/living space had a fridge, microwave, hob, kettle, juicer, crockery, and nice glasses for all the delicious Slovenian wine! There was a welcome pack with said wine, food, and bath products – all from local companies.

Hot Tub I Big Berry, Slovenia

Comfortable yet cool

Local Produce – Bela Krajina Farms to Fork

I really admire Big Berry’s ethos of keeping it in the Bela Krajina family! In the morning we dined on a hamper of bread, apple juice, meat, fruit, yoghurt, and milk – all products from local farmers, it’s nice to know where your food is coming from.

Oh ghee whiz, how could I forget? Big Berry also gave us lots of different types of ghee, who knew that it was used out with curry? News to us, tasty! It was very relaxing brunching on the decking, watching the river flow by, hypnotic! The out of bounds hot tub was a tease though, I’d like to go back when it is fully functioning! A glass of vino, bubbles, and that view – yes please.

Breakfast at Brown Berry I Big Berry, Slovenia

Put some south in your mouth

Lovely Liquids

The river is not the only liquid that you can delve into, Big Berry also took us on trips in the local area to meet the producers of what we were putting into our bodies.

We spent an afternoon within Pivovarna Vizir learning about the beer making process and tasting their craft beer. Over the past six years, there has been a craft beer revolution in Slovenia and this award-winning brewery have been there from the start. We sampled six beers from pale ale to stout, as Maja, the director of this family run business, shared the story behind each beer.

My favourite was Gringo (a mix of Slovenian and Americans hops) while Craig enjoyed… all of them! Beer lovers! Ljubljana hosts a beer festival, this year it is in June. Wine lovers! Pivovarna Vizir also produces wine, if you’ve made your own, Maja can test it for you in her laboratory! Like beer? Slovenia’s Žalec has a beer fountain, read about it in this guide of the best beer cities to visit.

Vizir Craft Beer I Big Berry, Slovenia

Hey good looking, what’s cooking? Barley and hops!

We played a sensory wine tasting game at the Big Berry restaurant, with local wine, the red was my weapon of choice. This place was one of the dining options. We tried an unusual local eggy bread style pudding with meat which was lovely. The soups were delicious too.

Wine Tasting I Big Berry, Slovenia

Semiska Penina also introduced us to their Penina wine (Slovenia’s champagne) on the Big Berry glampsite, a sparkling end to our four days at Big Berry, Slovenia.

Semiska Penina I Big Berry, Slovenia

Pecaric Oil showed us to his large collection of oils. Also an award winner, we tasted each oil and both agreed that the pumpkin oil was our favourite. Did you know that certain oils have specific healing properties? For example, sesame oil for arthritis. I need to get me some thistle oil to flush out my liver!

Pecaric Oil I Big Berry, Slovenia

Big Berry Camp: The Package

The price of a stay at the Big Berry, Slovenia houses includes three meals per day – an organic and locally sourced breakfast basket, freedom to choose from partner restaurants (currently three, with the hope to increase the Big Berry family in the future) for lunch and dinner.

Meals typically include a choice from two soups (with bread) and two mains, hot and cold beverages including beer and wine. The cost also covers the use of a communal car (where available) and trips to local companies as mentioned above.

There is also the possibility of tours further afield such as Ljubljana Postojna Caves but unfortunately, we didn’t experience in this in our short time there. Do check out our Slovenia day trips guide by clicking here.

Check out this post on Slovenia accommodation for other stops too!

Big Berry, Slovenia

Final Words

  • This new Slovenian glampsite is now open to the public, we had a ‘berry good’ time during our four-night stay and would love to return in the future to see Big Berry, Slovenia in season!

  • Check availability and the best rates clicking here.
  • Address: Primostek, 50, 8332 Gradac, Slovenia.
  • Contact: [email protected].
  • Price: €200 / £174 / $226 per night.

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Many thanks to the Big Berry family for hosting us, an honest review as always!

33 thoughts on “Happy Glamping at Big Berry, Slovenia

  1. Janet says:

    Love glamping, this place looks amazing – would love to visit some time! There is a new glamping spot opening in Ireland soon too, and it is ‘travel themed’. the owner actually bought a jumbo jet, an English train and some london black taxi to convert into bedrooms!

  2. Kemkem says:

    Wait a minute? This is glamping? Count me in. Not a fan of camping, but this l can definitely get into. It looks wonderful, and yes..Slovenia is on my list. I discovered the beauty at their stand at the WTM in London last year. Thanks for this.. I will definitely save it.. Yeah..l like the thought of being a Glamper 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Dammit, you pre-empted my ‘berry good’ pun!

    Would you need a car to stay here, or are all the bars and restaurants within walking distance?

    • Gemma I Two Scots Abroad says:

      I am learning… Show me the way! There’s a car onsite which you can borrow, there could be bigger bus trips but if the site was full I’d say a car (or bike) would be a good idea just in case the lease car is out already.

  4. Natalie Deduck says:

    Guys, love the photos and this place!!
    Big Berry Slovenia looks like the perfect spot to relax, have a romantic trip and enjoy nature… Gorgeous landscape, delicious food and sparkling wine… I’m sold!! Big Berry and Slovenia you are on my travel radar now!


  5. Hannah says:

    I loved Slovenia when I was there for a short visit in 2014! The landscapes and natural beauty were stunning so this looks like an amazing way to really enjoy that. Plus the nearby beer and wine? hello- sign me up 😉

  6. Ria says:

    It’s look so beautiful 🙂 The place for my taste because I love to feel like at home 😉 This place seems can give me this feeling. Will add it to my list when will go to Slovenia 🙂

  7. Rebecca says:

    My first glamping experience was in the San Jusn island off Seattle’s west coast, and I loved it!
    This glamp site in Eastern Europe much nearer) sounds wonderful! Which is the nearest airport?

  8. Sher says:

    wow i didn’t know this existed! i went to slovenia a couple years ago – guess i’ll have to go back to try this glamping experience!

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