We love working with clients and partners to showcase their products, services and destinations. This is our profession and from experience, we are aware that this form of marketing is new to some. This post will hopefully explain the work that goes into campaigns.

Working with Two Scots Abroad

Gemma is not only a full-time digital content creator but also the co-owner of the SEO support website and Facebook group, Make Traffic Happen; her skills are extensive. Two Scots Abroad is a popular travel website, established in 2014; this, we assume, is why you want to work with us.

Every day we are asked to create free destination campaigns for tourism boards, promote products for startups and well-established companies and highlight travel services. If we agreed to every request, we would have no income. We’ve asked the mortgage lender and they aren’t interested in payment through exposure or cabin bags. If you are really interested in working with us, please read on to find out what we offer.

Sidenote: our prices are competitive in comparison to traditional media such as newspaper and magazine ads. We know our worth and work with partners frequently.

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Website Content

You think you are requesting just an article [or two or three in some cases] but really are receiving

  • Ad space (potentially lifelong) on our popular travel website
  • Access to our targeted audience which we have built the trust of since 2014
  • Personal endorsement
  • Potential new audience reach because Gemma is skilled in SEO and this means she knows how to rank well on Google [organic traffic]
  • Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] for the article which includes
  1. Keyword research [30 minutes]
  2. Competitor analysis [20-30 minutes]
  3. Keyword placement – entwined with the article writing itself [see below]
  4. Strategic placement on Two Scots Abroad [internal links, page placement] [10 minutes]
  5. Catchy headlines [for SEO and social media] and meta-descriptions [15 minutes]
  • An individually crafted article, written with Gemma’s flair and personality
  1. First draft [2-3 hours]
  2. Second draft + research and accuracy checks [3-4 hours]
  3. Links and affiliates [1-2 hours]
  4. Editing process [1-2 hour, next day with fresh eyes]
  5. Sent to editing team [1 hour]
  • Images of your product, service and location to complement post [years of playing with photography style, hours of taking images, at least 2 hours of editing images]
  • Lightroom editing skills for images [4 years]
  • The potential for worldwide rights to images
  • Backlinks profile – when we hit publish it’s not over! [5 hours]
  • Editing process [1-2 hour, next day with fresh eyes] Images [see above]
  • Pinterest pins – we create a pin for every article to help drive traffic [30 minutes]
  • Add to group boards [30 minutes]
  • Join a Pinterest share thread to increase the reach of the pin [30 minutes]

Social Media Promotion – Each Channel has its own Rules

  • Facebook – engaged audience who love travel [since 2014]
  • Personality-driven callouts, carefully created with a link [20 minutes]
  • Facebook shares/pods to increase reach [10 minutes]
  • Twitter – engaged audience who love travel [since 2014]
  • Personality-driven callouts, carefully created with a link [20 minutes]
  • Hashtag research [10 minutes]
  • Twitter shares/pods to increase reach [10 minutes]
  • Instagram – engaged audience who love travel [since 2014]
  • Personality-driven callouts, edited image [30 minutes]
  • Hashtag research [30 minutes]
  • Instagram Stories pointing to grid image with location tag and hashtags research [10 minutes]
  • Instagram Stories campaigns to encourage followers to swipe up [30 minutes]

Word of Mouth

  • We are travellers as well as content creators, we share tips verbally with our audience and other content creators


  • Frequent emails before, during and post campaign

Post-Campaign Follow Up

  • Report identifying links to social media campaigns/articles and statistics

Social Media Campaigns

You think you are just getting a social media callout but really you are getting…

  • Individual campaigns for each social media channel which meets each channel’s rules, algorithms, text styles, image sizes, video/image preferences, hashtags and demographics
  • Access to audiences that have been built and maintained on each channel separately since 2014
  • It is common for content creators to join social share threads with other bloggers to help widen reach too

Comped Experiences

You think you are sending us on holiday but…

  • Naturally, we appreciate the comped experience but please don’t think we’re kicking back with a book in one hand and a mojito in the other (don’t believe everything you see on social media!)

Most of our Time will be Taken up by

  • Note taking
  • Interviews
  • Finding the best shots for photos
  • Taking the same photo/film repeatedly and with multiple devices and outfits (each social media channel requires different sizes/lengths and vibes)
  • Editing for social media channels
  • Updating social media (see above)

Resources and Equipment

  • Premium theme
  • Premium plugins
  • Host
  • Electricity
  • WiFi
  • Accountancy fees
  • Keyword research tool
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe spark [free]
  • Buffer and Hootsuite [free]
  • Planoly [free]
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • External hard drives
  • Camera + equipment
  • GoPro + equipment
  • SD cards
  • Online storage system
  • Hats
  • Tartan

And to top it all off, like you, we pay taxes too.

Thanks for taking the time to read. We appreciate that this industry is new, and hopefully evolving, for some. We are professionals who are happy to pass on our experience to businesses and boards who are interested in this form of marketing. Visit Scotland stated that influencers are 11 times more effective than banner ads – this is an exciting time to work together!

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