What We Spent Month 13

What We Spent Month #13

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Months on the road: Thirteen
Countries / Cities visited: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Austin, New York, Oslo, Budapest!
Monthly Travel Round Up: What We Spent Month #13
Podcasts / Books: Gemma – Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese // Craig – Seven Eves by Neal Stephenson (no change) – check out this post on 50 best travel books
Best film / TV: House of Cards (stunning!)
Music: Gem – Junior Boys  // Craig – Still Har Mar Superstar, on repeat


Five countries, two hostels, one airport hotel, four Airbnb rooms, and two very uncomfortable red eye flights, last month we moved about frequently! We left America (Austin then a stopover in New York) for Europe (Hungary via a Norway airport stopover) after one year travelling around the Americas (Central, South, the States, and Canada). Did you know that it’s common for double beds to have two single bed duvets in Hungary (and Norway)?! No more fighting over the covers in these drastically reduced temperatures. I really do love Airbnb, having my own space and not having to pay for towels, but I heard that it has caused house prices to double in Budapest; I was also told something similar about San Francisco. Scary!

What We Spent Month 13 Airbnb Austin_

Total: £973 (£31 p/d)


There was some conversation about how much we spent on food in last month’s budget! I’m not going to lie, I did check back on previous months to see if the total seemed right but Craig did the sums and it works out at £7.50 each per day for food, and we have not been very lucky with kitchens in Nicaraguan accommodation! We’ve consumed a lot of Tex – Mex and BBQ (can’t get away from the stuff in Austin) during South By Southwest (SXSW), then more deep-fried food in Hungary! I rarely eat fried food in Scotland; this is a bit of a shock to the system! Naturally, we went for a deli sandwich in New York! I tried catfish in Budapest, it tasted like dampness, that’s what I get for trying to be healthy! I am craving being in one place, with a kitchen and the opportunity to buy fresh food. I skipped dinner in San Jose, Costa Rica, during our stopover, stupidly expensive!

What We Spent Month 13 New York Deli Food

Total: £684 (£22 p/d, America is expensive)


The only two modes of transport we’ve not taken this month are horseback and boat. Flights, buses (Nicaragua to Costa Rica), airport transfers, car hire (how cheap is American gas?!), Uber and Lyft (which are taxi services popping up in lots of cities, want to know more? Read our article here) make up this whopping transport total. We even took a Lyft to the wedding ceremony, classy birds that we are! We walked everywhere in Austin (once downtown) and Budapest to try and balance out all of the crap we’ve been putting into our bodies! Use my Über code (gemmao40) to sign up and we’ll both get free rides. High five!

What We Spent Month 13 New York Central Park Taxi Total: £1272
Flights: £890


Every day was a trip at SXSW! Lots of free bands, booze and snacks thanks to the commercial companies who sponsor the parties. If you like music, it is a great way to discover new music. I’m currently in love with Petite Noir and Har Mar Superstar after seeing their shows in Austin! In New York, we walked the length of Central Park; do not underestimate how big that green space is! Our food and history tour in Budapest gave us a sound and satisfying introduction to Hungary’s capital city, I must say, I do like the wine!

What We Spent Month 13 Central Park New York

Total: £47


This certainly has been a month of jam – packed socialising; SXSW, the wedding elopement, meeting my parents in Budapest, my friend, Laura, following on shortly afterwards for our Hungarian road trip and then Craig’s friends causing carnage in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter! I don’t think our livers will ever recover.

Total: £710

What We Spent Month 13 Jeremiah The Innocent, Austin Texas_ Luxuries / Miscellaneous

Not much to report in this category. A weekly gym pass in Granada (Nicaragua) for me to try and an reign in some of the travel fat in order to look fabulous for the big day. Craig intended to go to the gym but became sick, which floored him for five days. Craig’s GP visit and medication was £48! Just under the threshold for claiming back through insurance. I have claimed before in Vancouver when I had ear crystals, the dizziness was driving me mad so I went to the GP who referred me to the physio. I had to two visits and I was in the clear (and seeing straight too). We use True Traveller for our travel insurance, check out the best rates for your travel trip here.

Total: £61

The Austin Elopement

A new category for this month! A navy suit for Craig with a blue shirt, new brown shoes, a vintage yellow dress for me, a blue and white evening dress, blue shoes, wedding rings, sunglasses, gifts (hip flask, yellow handkerchief, purple Swatch watch), haircuts / hair up doo, eyelashes, grooming products (have you seen Craig’s quiff…), Junior Boys tickets, Texas wedding licence ($81), our fabulous wedding officiant ($250) and talented wedding photographer ($100).

Surely you did not miss this article!

What We Spent Month 13 Austin Elopement

Total: £1098

Monthly Total: £4845
Weekly: £1211
Day: £173

By far our most expensive month, two or three months worth of travel in one month!


Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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