Top 5 Saving Tips

Top 5 Saving Tips

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At some point in life, everyone needs to stop and take a look at their finances. A massive 18 month travel trip is what made me pause for the pound. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby, new house, or that trip to Alaska my top 5 saving tips will serve you well.

The first step is to admit how much you spend. Write down your weekly / monthly outgoings then every single thing you spend money one for one week. Categorise under needs and wants, you’ll be terrified by the end of week one. Do this for one month.

Top 5 Saving Tips #1

Cancel Sky and replace with Now TV
I’ve cancelled Sky TV and replaced it with the £4.99 Now TV entertainment package. It has Sky Atlantic which satisfies our telly needs. Netflix is still being paid for but is close to walking the plank.

Top 5 Saving Tips #2

Claim money back
I used Shelter’s advice on how to claim back ‘reference check’ fees from a previous letting agency (£75 back with ease). For more information on how to claim back what is rightfully yours and access to the application form, click here.

Top 5 Saving Tips #3

Claim tax back
I also applied to the HMRC to get the tax back on my trade union fees and teaching council fees, not an easy task but helped by a trade union representative. I have received a letter to say my tax code has been altered for this rebate, I do not fully understand the system but hopeful!

Top 5 Saving Tips #2

Stop the Sweets
I am now on a two week sweet, cake and crisp ban which should save a pound a day (in weight also!) Take a good look at how much you spend on crap – magazines, junk food, nail varnish, lottery tickets, betting on the weekend game. I know it seems small at the time of purchase but this all adds up to a large amount.

Top 5 Saving Tips #1

Sober September
Week five ‘aff it’ – I’ve not consumed alcohol since August, feeling the financial benefits of this action. Boozy jam has just arrived in the post from a family friend in Portland so that may change! It comes with a warning to let it steep until October so I’ll be in the all clear by then!

Super Saving Tips

Saving money? I can help you. I’m a super saver, yes the stereotypical tight Scot! Browse the following articles for more tips.

Gemma and Craig full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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    I have a list of wonderfully ‘legal’ alternatives for your TV fix but it would watch on laptop territory. Unless you have a USB slot in the telly???

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