Overheard Whilst Travelling The Check - In Dance

The Check-In Dance: Overheard Whilst Travelling

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Welcome to edition number six of the Overheard Whilst Travelling series, where fellow travellers share their funny tales sourced by ear wigging. This month we are heading to London with Amy from Globetrotter Guru who experienced yet another misunderstanding with the English language in an Australia accent (remember Jub the Tiki Touring Kiwi’s accent-dental mishap back in August?)

Cruising Croatia

When I was living in London, my friends and I discussed planning a girly get away, and decided to fly from London Heathrow to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I was teaching at the time and befriended Cindy, an Aussie and Sarah, a Kiwi. Straight away, I knew that we would have a laugh and make great travel buddies.

At the Airport

Being as ultra-organised as I am, I was the first to arrive at Heathrow airport, closely followed by Sarah. Cindy, however, seemed to have a few ‘time-keeping’ issues! She wasn’t even at the airport an hour before the flight, so we decided to go through security without her.

We had just passed security and were approaching the gate, when I got a phone call from Cindy.

‘It’s ok,’ she said, ‘I’m just coming through for the chicken!’ I couldn’t believe she was thinking bout eating so close to the flight – she was already late.

‘Cindy, you don’t have time for chicken, just get through to the gate!’

‘No, I mean I will be at security in a minute, because I am just coming through the CHECK-IN!’

Alas, the chicken dance was played out and Cindy made the flight!

The Check - In Dance Overheard Whilst Travelling

Amy Globe Trotter Guru

Hi, I’m Amy, a social media marketer, teacher, and traveller with a lust for life. After travelling from Moscow to Beijing on the trans-siberian and volunteering with genocide survivors in Rwanda, I decided it was time to quit my job and set up my own business to work my way around the world. Follow me as I explore temples and search for paradise, while teaching others to work remotely and do the same!

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Overheard Whilst Travelling Call Out


What misunderstandings have had you stitches?


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