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North Coast 500 Itinerary: Comprehensive, Honest & Free

North Coast 500 Itinerary Guide Scotland Achmelvich Beach

Explore the 516 miles of Scottish Highlands for turquoise beaches, fresh fish from line to lips, and friendly locals looking to share a sing-song with you. Our extensive North Coast 500 itinerary reveals everything you need to know from routes, attractions, accommodation and tips. Scotland’s Route 66 is a ring road, meaning you can start […]

9 North Coast 500 Campsites Not To Be Missed This Year

Scotland North Coast 500 Campsites

White sand beaches and blue turquoise water in – Scotland? That can’t be right! You bet your bottom it is. These are the kinds of sights that you can see along Scotland’s North Coast 500 road a.k.a. “the Scottish Route 66” and the following North Coast 500 campsites are not to be missed. This guide […]

The North Coast 500 Packing List: 23 Essential Items + 1 Not

North Coast 500 Packing List

So you’ve picked your route and it’s time to pack but what does one take on Scotland’s answer to Route 66, the North Coast 500? Granted you will be aware that the Scottish Highlands can face four seasons in one day and the summer months are blighted with those wee terrors, the midges, but never […]