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Brave Enough to go Volcano Boarding in Leon?

Volcano Boarding Leon Nicaragua Cerro Negro

You’ve arrived in Nicaragua, and let’s face it, there is one thing you want to do – volcano boarding in León! Here is the lowdown and tips to help make the most of your rapid, heart racing, ride. Fancy hiking up an active volcano? What about boarding down one? Well, you can welcome to volcano boarding […]

6 Cool Things To Do in León While Chasing the Shade

Motorbike driving past old building in Leon Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s second-largest city is hot! Visitors can expect temperatures of 95 °F/35 °C in the dry season (December – April). Regardless, we liked this university town and the following things to do in León, some of which are in the shade and for which you will thank us! What to Do in León 1. León […]