Quiz Round Ideas

Quiz Round Ideas: 53 Quick, Fun & Easy Examples

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Looking to try a few new pub quiz round ideas and keep your pals on their toes? This guide outlines fun quiz rounds for general knowledge, picture rounds, music and the unusual so you can plan your trivia night quickly and successfully. So whether you are planning a pub quiz online or in person, let’s get this party started.

Ps. I’m an ex-teacher, hence this ridiculous list of starter and plenary tasks jazzed up as pub quiz ideas!

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Pub Quiz Round Ideas

General Rounds

1. Who Am I?

One of my fave games from teaching – summarise a person, place or object and the teams guess who or what.

2. Order! Order!

Place landmarks, countries, political leaders etc into a correct timeline.

Eiffel Tower Gemma sitting clouds

3. Things By Height

Rank mountains, skyscrapers, bridges, or people in height order. One of the easiest quiz categories.

DUMBO Manhattan Bridge New York_

4. Skyline

Guess the skylines from images, videos, audio or hand drawn efforts.

Portland Skyline

5. Missing

Remove lyrics from songs, words from quotes, text from stories and players decide what is missing.

6. Strapline

Guess the movies, books or ads by their famous straplines.

Examples include:

  • Who you gonna call (Ghostbusters)
  • Escape or die frying (Chicken Run)
  • You’ll never go in the water again (Jaws)

7. Mythical Beasts

Describe the mythical beast and let the teams guess where it can be found.

For example, Nessie Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.

Nessie Tea Strainer

8. How Many Legs?

How many legs does a *name of animal* have?

Ben More with Bowie_

9. On This Date

Name the event, players guess the date. Or vice versa.

Barcelona Montjuic Castle

Food Related Quiz Rounds

10. Drinks and Cocktail Quizzes

Name the cocktail and players create the recipe or vice versa.

Match the famous cocktail to the country.

Identify which cocktail an actor or actress drinks in famous movie scenes.

Name the craft beer or wine, guess where it’s made.

Fierce Beer Aberdeen
11. Baked

Name the meal and players create the recipe or vice versa.

Match the famous meal to the country.

Identify which meal/snack an actor or actress eats in famous movie scenes.

Match the food product with the celeb endorsement. This could be done via images as well, by blanking out the celeb’s face.

Haggis Tier Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian Edinburgh Food Hotel

Pub Quiz Picture Round Ideas

12. Guess Who – Kids

Collect baby pictures of all team players and present for guessing.

Alternatively, source celebrity baby pics if you can’t get images from players.

13. Picture Timeline

Players have to sort the images from oldest to newest.

We did this for my brother’s birthday quiz using images of Scotty Oh through the ages. Cute.

Family Photos for Quiz

14. Guess The TV/Movie Set

From the sofa scene in Friends to Winterfell, challenge your teams to name the correct show’s set.

The BBC have collated rounds of images for you here.

BBC Empty Sets Images

15. Game Show Picture Round

My friend Gordon used this picture round idea. Freaking tough I tell you.

Be mindful of who is taking part as some quiz shows will look different around the world.

16. Guess The…

Celeb pets, book covers, record sleeves, movie posters, sports stadiums, epic dance scenes, waterfalls, historic castles, cereal boxes, the list is endless.

Sport Game BC Place Vancouver_

17. Up Close and Personal

Zoom into an image really close and let the players suss out whose skin they see.

Can also be used on landmarks, products, cars, logos etc.

18. Look Into My Eyes

Pics of famous peepers, zoomed in or made blurry.

Famous eyes to consider: Bowie, Elton John, Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany flicks), Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

19. Armchair Travel

Use Instagram Stories green screen feature (free) to photoshop you in different locations and have your teams guess where you went on vacation.

To do this, have your holiday images ready in an easy to find place on your device.

Log into Instagram, choose the Stories circle at the top, scroll until you find the green screen filter.

Next, add an image by selecting the ‘add media’ button.

Make sure your camera is in selfie mode and take a selfie of the attraction behind you. See below image as an example of me in Edinburgh. Terrible picture of me but you get the idea!

Green screen Instagram Edinburgh

20. Headlines and News Stories

Players guess the story from the ridiculous headline or newspaper front page.

See the Daily Mail UK for examples.

21. Ye’ Dancing?

Draw or say the instructions to famous dances, players guess the dance and song. Could be combined with Un-rap That (below).


  • Macarena,
  • 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Saturday Night
  • Cha Cha Slide
  • Gangnam Style

22. Emoji Round Ideas

Use the emojis on your phone to create emoji challenges and then save to Google Docs.

You can then either download to PDF and send out or screenshot and add to Google Slides.

Alternatively, here’s a website which lets you copy and paste emojis.

Here’s a list of enjoy round ideas

  • Destinations
  • Businesses
  • Careers
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Nature
  • Bands
  • Food
  • Drink

Everything Edinburgh has created a puzzle pack which you can download here.

Emoji Round Quiz

***** NEW**** The Puzzle

If it’s your turn to create a quiz and you really can’t face it consider buying this 45-minute game, The Puzzle, or even getting them to host it for you.

100 Points Challenge has created this team building challenge to play remotely among friends and colleagues.

It involves ten rounds of puzzles and ends with a ‘master puzzle’ related to the previous rounds, one of the most challenging quiz rounds with a twist.

If you want to cool the pressure, you can remove the 40-minute time limit.

We took around 45 minutes to finish and the master puzzle threw everyone.

Facilitator Handbook_ The Puzzle

It’s up to you how you play it.

You can either choose to self-facilitate (DIY).

This is where a member of the team is in charge and records the scores/keeps time.

This costs $69 – click here to buy. Provide your email for instructions and puzzles.

The Puzzle Self Facilitated Zoom Quiz

The person running the show will need 20 minutes to read over the instructions.

To play, just use the share screen function on the Zoom to show the puzzle PDF.

Alternatively, give the players the password to sign on and see the puzzles on the secret website.

If you want to take part, get 100 Points Challenge team to facilitate for you.

This way costs $179. To do it this way, you just need to reserve a date here.

100 Points Competition The Puzzle Facilitated Game

I played The Puzzle a little differently since we only had six friends getting involved.

Instead of competing, we collaborated as one big team.

I’d to play again in teams to add the combative element!

100 Points Challenge has worked with giants such as Google, Spotify and Ikea so they are legit.

Customer service is quick to respond so if you have any issues on the run-up to the game just give them an email as I did.

Thanks to 100 Points Challenge for provided a self-hosted game for us to try and review.

Music and Audio Round Quiz Ideas

23. Classic

Guess the song title and the artist name. Easy if you know it!

24. Classic + Something in Common

Guess the song title and the artist name with a twist – add an overarching theme such as body parts or a destination.

25. Intros

Everyone’s fave music round game, play just enough for teams to guess the song and artist.

26. Music Mashup

Take a number of songs and mix them up together.

Check out Popb*tch for daily examples.

27. Guess The Theme Tune

OK I stole this from a music teacher I follow on Instagram.

His account is private so I won’t tag him.

Examples – Pinky and the Brain, Narcos and X Files.

Even better if you can play it!

28. Speed It Up

Play tunes really fast.

29. Slow It Down

Opposite of speed it up.

My friend, Jen G, combined Speed It Up and Slow It Down and sent over the audio.

It’s way harder than it sounds.

Now I have Bucks Fizz’s Eurovision song in my head. Sorry!

30. Finish Me Off

This music round provides part of a song and the players guess the rest.

31. Un-Rap That

Stolen from Jon Snow on the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, deconstruct a song and make it into a news story.

32. Rap That

Take a story or an event and make it into a rap.

33. Face For The Radio

Play a quote from a famous face and the players guess who it is and what they are talking about.

34. Quote Me On That

Play a quote from a movie, TV show, political speech etc and players write down who said and where they said it.

35. Say My Name, Say My Name

Bleep out the name in the song and leave the surrounding lyrics.


  • Jenny Don’t Be Hasty – Paolo Nutini
  • Jolene – Dolly Parton
  • Fernando – Abba

36. Cat Karaoke

Thank you to my pal, Gemma T from the Hipflask Hiking Club for recommending this music round.

Sing a song as you would during traditional karaoke but replace the words for meows.

Please tag me on social media @twoscotsabroad.

Cat Workaway Eger, Hungary

Interactive Quiz Rounds

37. Pictionary

Draw the presented topic using Zoom’s screen share.

38. Handy Household Items

Players have to be the first to grab identified household items or items beginning with the stated letter or item that represents a topic, etc.Sunken House Paris Montmartre

39. Charades You Say?

Charades are not just for Xmas!

Act out the topic and let the teams guess.

40. Scene!

You provide the scene, the teams reenact the still. You award points.

41. Scene By Me

You act out the scene, film it or take a photo and present to team players.

They guess the movie and the year it was made.

Chicago Theatre

Funny Quiz Round Ideas

42. Who Won The Race

Ask players to choose a number between 1 and X.

At the answers reveal stage play a race video from YouTube and whichever number wins, gets the point.

Example of a T-Rex race here.

43. Whose Hat Is It Anyway?

Find famous people in hats, cancel out the celeb and guess the hat.

Heads to consider: Aladdin, Sherlock Holmes, Blossom and Queen Elizabeth.

Gemma tartan hat_

44. Whose ‘Tache Is It Anyway?

Same as hats but with moustaches.

Taches to consider: Tom Selleck, Borat, Hulk Hogan and Lionel Ritchie.

45. Whose Hair Is It Anyway?

Consider: Marge Simpson, Walter White, Jennifer Aniston and Grace Jones.

Other themes include guitars, houses, workout DVDs.

46. Yoga or Schmoga

Present a series of yoga terms mixed in with made up words and see if your friends know their cat cow from their cowabunga.

Yoga | Hammocks | Costeno Beach Surf Camp Ecolodge, Colombia

Unusual Quiz Rounds

47. Place Or P*ss Take?

Similar to Yoga or Schmoga, find unusually spelled or spoken town names, mix the questions up with absolute nonsense and let the players decide if it is a place or a p*ss take.

Check out this list of Welsh towns for starters.

48. Guess The Meet Cute

Everyone loves that scene when a couple meet for the first time.

Describe the meet cute and players guess the movie and actors.

The World Begins With a Kiss Kiss of Freedom Barcelona Mural_

49. Colour Me Pretty

Players have to guess the colours for logos, sports teams, animals, lakes around the world, etc.

50. Literal Movie Names

Give movies a new name by describing what actually happens.

For example, man runs through life (Forrest Gump) or magic nanny entertains kids (Mary Poppins).

Interesting Quiz Rounds

51. Spelling Contest

It’s time to go back, way back, back to school for a spelling bee contest.

How many people can spell a lot?

52. What The Fuzz

Blur out iconic locations, famous door numbers, brand logos etc.

Painted Ladies Colorful Houses San Francisco

53. Who Said That?

Screengrab a tweet, Instagram or Facebook callout by a celeb or team players and then teams decide who said it.

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