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Overheard Whilst Travelling – San Fran Disco Man

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Welcome to Overheard Whilst Travelling, our monthly series where fellow travellers share funny stories they’ve seen or heard on the road! For our ninth edition, Lucy from World This Weekend tells us about a special situation in San Francisco!

All Aboard – The Amtrak Road Trip!

Since my first ‘proper’ long term backpacking trip I’ve had my fair share of strange things happen to me. It’s expected that when you travel the world you’ll be sure to have some interesting experiences and stories to tell, and so when I backpacked across the USA for two months via Amtrak trains I was excited for what was to come. I had anticipated meeting lots of loud, over the top Americans, eating my way through every famous ‘American’ food I could think of and living it up as I had seen in all of the US sitcoms and reality TV shows, all huge stereotypes I know. Maybe I’d even make it as a cowboy, what could be more American? Little did I know one of my most memorable and strangest encounters was meeting a little old Asian man.

Meeting A Man In San Fran

To set the scene, it was early morning and I hopped on a bus in downtown San Francisco with the plan to have a nice little quiet journey to Golden Gate Bridge. It was my first time in the city and I wanted to explore and see the San Fran iconic landmarks. I sat down, looked out of the window and the bus rolled on. It was here that I was joined by the tiniest, oldest Korean man (he must have been nearing 100 years old) who went on to then serenade me for the entire duration of our 30-minute journey.

San Fran Disco Man I Overheard Whilst Travelling

I’ll Never Let Go, Jack

He belted out hit after hit and I sat in silence spending most of the time bemused! When we reached our destination we parted ways with our mutual appreciation and love for Korean hits and Celine Dion. If only he had been there to re-enact the Titanic boat scene with me on the bridge at the end in true Celine style.

Overheard Whilst Travelling I San Fran Disco Man I Lucy World This Weekend

Lucy is British travel blogger who inherited the wanderlust gene. In between jetting around the globe and seeking adventures with her best friends and boyfriend, she’s a part time mermaid, full time cheese lover. Her blog, World This Weekend, aims to show that travelling is possible for everyone on all styles, budgets and timescales… even on the weekend.

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Love Actually – In France

I have to gatecrash and share a similar story! Let’s go back, way back, to the summer of ’06. I was working in France as a club leader with three lovely ladies – Kate, Kerry and another Scot called Gemma (yes, another one!) On our first night we were invited for drinks to one of the other company’s caravans. Innocently we had a few wines, some food, and Gemma (the other one) mentioned that she adored the scene from Love Actually where Andrew Lincoln silently serenades Kiera Knightly with placards (see here). A few days later, one of the mature guys of the group meets her in our social tent with, yes you guessed it – placards and a ghetto blaster! Cue – hysterical laughter and rejection!

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Overheard Whilst Travelling Call Out

Over to you – have you found yourself in this situation?



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  1. Hahaha an old Korean woman actually sang to me at the bus stop a few weeks ago. I would have joined in but it was all in Korean, so I just sat feeling really awkward, politely nodding and not really knowing what to do with hands….

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