One Month in British Columbia Budget #9

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Months on the road: Nine
Months in Canada: Six
Monthly Travel Round Up: #9
Podcasts: Gemma – This American Life // Craig: Russell Brand
Best film / TV: The Fall (girl crush on Gillian Anderson)
Music: Gem – Tame Impala, The Less I know The Better // Craig – Sleepers’ Reign, Four Dots


That’s us settled in our yellow painted sublet in hipster Mount Pleasant. We’re mixed in amongst the vintage shops, privately owned bars, and chain coffee shops. My friend, Madeleine, couldn’t believe how ‘Toronto‘ the area was, referring to the multi-cultural shops. She lives in our old haunt, Kitsilano which is painfully white middle class!

British Columbia Budget Mount Pleasant

Total: $1484 / £742


Again, we’ve mostly been relying on the solid bus system, $2.75 / £1.32 for the use of any bus within 90 minutes (this includes the sea bus service and sky train). We took that glorious boat ride from Horseshoe Bay to Langsdale, Gibsons, to show off where we stayed over the summer to Kyle, Craig’s brother. The Sunshine Coast is just as pretty in winter as it is in summer. Check out the sunset! Not sure you’d catch me in the lakes or kayaking though! Like the sound of B.C? Check out this Canada travel overview of other beautiful spots.

British Columbia Budget Gibsons

Total: $150 / £75


I’m really craving a British ‘chippy’ – a half pizza supper from my local would be ideal. We ate out a lot with Kyle, most notable a really decent korma from Akbar’s Own Indian Restaurant, they don’t do tikka masalas well here in Vancouver. Craig had a XX hot curry. That boy has a death wish! Craig and Kyle tried the Canadian cuisine, poutine (at Colony Main Street, great bar) for the first time. They were underwhelmed!

British Columbia Budget Food

Total: $1141 / £571


Highlight of this month has been snowshoeing at Joffre Lakes. Share Shed took us on a hike, in the snow, around the frozen lakes (thanks for hosting us Blake and Daniel)! We witnessed locals playing (ice) hockey on a man-made rink and we sledged using our bottoms down the icy hills. Such a hoot! The birds are really easy in British Columbia…

British Columbia Budget Joffre Lakes Gray Jay Whiskey Jack

Gray Jays (aka Whiskey Jacks) are notoriously friendly / hungry! Image via @whitesideoflife

Total: $0


Kyle and Craig painted the town red, I participated in a couple of days but my body just doesn’t like pubs that frequently! I’ve met a new friend called Danika whilst volunteering my services in a Chritmas gift wrapping booth, all donations go to BC Blind Sports Recreation Association so if you are in the Oakridge Shopping Centre pop in! Danika is a Canadian who has lived in London for  years, she’s travelled all over Europe too, good fun! You need to just put yourself out there to make friends on the road, it means sofas to sleep in all over the world so what are you waiting for! Although my mum would tell you that I’ve never had an issue making friends. When I was little, it was common for me to knock on neighbour’s windows and ask if they had any kids I could play with. Stranger danger!

Total: $485 / £243

Miscellaneous / Luxuries

I’ve splurged on… a 30 day gym pass! My parents gave us some money as an engagement present so I used it wisely in attempt to regain this beach body I once had, and my pride! Orlando in less than a month, ahh! Craig and I are sticking to the £20 Christmas Gift Challenge. I think he’s going to like his present from me. You’ll need to wait for another fortnight to find out what it is. We also bought an engagement ring to replace the plastic straw cover. It’s a Quartz stone on a silver band with gold wrapped around it. Pretty unique and made by a local designer called She’s So… Just what I was looking for. By the time I get back to Scotland I’ll be the only girl that’s had three engagement rings from one guy. There are plenty of girls with handfuls of bling from different guys though! Ring collectors, we like to call them.

British Columbia Budget Luxuries

Total: $168 / £84

The next time we check in via the monthly round up we’ll be on the road again after six months in BC. Six months ago we were 100% ready to stop and slow down, six months later and we’re ready to explore!

Total: $3453 / £1726
Weekly: $863.25 / £415.16
Daily Average: $66 / £33 or $111 / £53.38 including rent
(South America Budget was £45 as a comparison)

What are your travel plans for 2016?

Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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      I barely made it out of the bedroom! That was a dark day. Have only managed to lose and find the ring once so far! Thank you 🙂

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      WOW – I am happy to share that membership with you! Merry Christmas Katie! Loved your post on Robert’s Creek, will be sharing on FB.

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  1. very good post with budget. Accommodation and food there Quite expensive. After reading this post this, we can set our budget and see where we have spent and how much we will be.

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