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Monthly Travel Round Up #7 – Canada

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Autumn – the year’s last, loveliest smile. 

Months on the road: seven
Months in Canada: four
Monthly Travel Round Up: #7
Books read: Gemma – Marching Powder (Bolivian prison system aka a nice hotel…) // Craig: The God Complex (a fictional Rothschild family story)
Best film / TV: The Martian *MATT DAMON*
Music: Gemma – Camel Power Club Sputnik – Fisher // Craig – Los Porcos – Sunshine


We’re rolling into our second month of city life. Kitsilano is an ideal neighbourhood to live in; there is nature everywhere and the beach is on our doorstep. Turns out the beach isn’t the only thing on our door step. Our new friend, Lee from West Trek Tours, lives one street over from our apartment so we often hang about at his pad with his dog, Reno. Some of the best views of the skyline can be seen from West 7th – insider tip for you! The leaves are starting to turn for fall, a great time of year to be living in Vancouver. I’ve been in Toronto so two nights will be added to this overall total for a private room in a hostel. Accommodation is super expensive in Canada.

Total: $1400 / £700 ( + £45 for hostel room for 2 nights) 

Monthly Travel Budget Round Up 7 Accommodation


Lots of pounding the mean streets by foot, walking and running. I’ve been following a few 5K routes in order to shift some of this travel weight gain. We’ve taken lots of buses, the beauty of the bus serves is that for $2.75 you get a ticket which is in use for 90 minutes so you can nip to the hairdressers and back for £1.38. Vancouver is changing their zone restrictions. Currently you need to pay $4 for two zones but as of October 5th you can travel between zones for the one zone charge. Which other city decreases the price of travel?! A flight to Toronto (£342) hikes up this bracket for us this month. Did you know that the flight takes just over four hours and covers 2085 miles? This country is massive. Thanks to Tourism Toronto for the transit passes to use in TDOT, this helped keep costs down for this poor blogger.

Total: $110 / £55 (+ $684 / £342 Toronto flight)

Monthly Travel Round Up 7 Transport


Lots of home cooked meals, unfortunately for Craig, I have been the head chef. I’ve been off junk for the past week, it’s amazing / terrifying how good you feel after reducing the crap for seven days. What is in that stuff? Craig will 100% be eating a take away this weekend to feed his hangover. I’ve had a couple of nice meals out, most notably G for Gelato in Toronto), so many good food options in that city!

Total: $1660 / £830

Monthly Travel Round Up Lake Jones BBQ


Naturally there have been a few trips to the boozer, the off licence for house parties at Lee’s pad and one trip to the bar for a Friday blow out (the bill was $120, waaaa!) We had a heavy three days of partying in the Rockies too. I’m dreading seeing this total…

Total: $406 / £203

Monthly Travel Round Up Banff, Alberta West Trek Rockies Tour


Bar the epic trip to the Canadian Rockies we’ve not done much as a couple. As mentioned, I went to Toronto to meet my best friend, Helen, leaving Craigers to fend for himself. Helen and I visited the world famous Niagara Falls, courtesy of Tinggly Experiences. I’ve also been on a few walking tours around Van with my new friend, Madeleine. I love walking tours, such a great way to get your bearings and tap into local knowledge. Oh, we took a trip to Granville Island Bridge go watch the Super Blood Moon, a first for me! Space geek Craig said it was awesome!

Total: $236 / £118


Craig told me not to worry about spending in Toronto, LOL! He had been out for lunch time pints. Apart from replenishing make up, I’ve not spent much. I bought $45 worth of thrift shop threads but that updated my wardrobe with twelve new items! Craig hasn’t had to do any shopping because he brought his whole wardrobe with him, and I am not exaggerating. Craig bought a speaker and we both had much needed haircuts.

Total: $448 / £224

Travel Monthly Budget Round Up 7 Luxuries


West Trek Tours (and now are really good friends)
Tourism Vancouver (rollerskating around Stanley Park for our third anniversary)
Tourism Toronto

More on Toronto next month! 

Overall: $3818 / £1909
Weekly: $890 / £445 per week
Daily Average: $127 / £64  (South American budget was £45)

Where have you blown your budget?

Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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  1. I think you guys did a good job, Canada is not cheap and after all, you want to make sure you see and do what matters so I wouldn’t consider it blowing your budget, $45 for south america vs. $127 in canada makes sense

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  2. Great round up! The cost breakdown is really helpful for planning! Our biggest budget blowout during our travels was a weekend in Finland, where we stayed in the glass igloos at Kakslauttanen (worth every cent though!)

    1. Post

      I’ve seen photos of these igloos and think they look well worth the pennies too. You can also use it for the two truths, one lie game. I’ve stayed in an igloo…

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  3. Regardless of costs, you seem to be having a memorable experience in Canada. Canada is a lot more expensive than South America that is for sure.Look forward to reading about Toronto.

    1. Post

      Can’t buy memories, or something like that! We are not at panic stations. Yet! TDOT posts are coming along at the start of November.

  4. Yikes, my budget as a cyclist in South East Asia is about CAD $600 per month, all in. This doesn’t make me want to go back to Canada, however fun and beautiful it looks!

    1. Post

      Different world to our trip in SE Asia! Noodles for under 50p is a thing of the past. I think everyone should go to Canada! It’s one of our top faves of the last seven months.

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  5. Sounds like a great month! I love Toronto and the Canadian Rockies, and I really want to check out Vancouver next! Thats awesome they are changing the transportation zones to make it even cheaper!!

    1. Post

      You are in for such a treat if you love TDOT and have yet to discover Van. Such beauty, it doesn’t really feel like a city where as I feel Toronto does (a fun one too!)

  6. I always blow my budget when in Canada, it’s super expensive. But well worth the money most of the time. Can’t wait to go back another day…

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  7. Hey, those are pretty good prices for Canada and especially for Vancouver and Toronto!!!

    Here in Ottawa, it’s definitely the food and drinks that will get you. It’s getting harder and harder to find a pub that will serve a decent pint of decent beer for under $10.

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  8. I love that you do a round up! I would stop traveling if we did this after every trip we took because we definitely don’t budget! We’re in Madrid right now and I think we’ve already spent our daily amount at one place. I like following your journey!

    1. Post

      Haha! Thanks Mia. It’s only because we are on the road without a full time income that we have to do this. It’s actually Craig that does it and I just say ‘can I buy this..’ Madrid must be lovely. Somewhere I would like to see next year when we do the European leg of the trip. Thanks for reading, appreciate it!

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