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Monthly Travel Round Up #6 – Canada

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Goodbye to the Sunshine Coast, B.C and hello Vancouver! Our September edition of the Monthly Travel Round Up covers our budget for last month in Roberts Creek and three days in the Big Smoke.


August was once again spent in the 70s caravan. I will miss waking up to the breeze filtering through the window and the blue skies. I won’t miss having to walk to the hostel to use the loo! It did get me up and out early doors so silver lining and all that.

Our new abode is a one bedroom apartment in sunny Kitsilano. Well, sunny for now anyway. The beach is four blocks away so I’ve been making use of the facilities nearly every day.

Total: $80 / £39.10 – three days rent and WiFi

Accommodation Monthly Travel Round Up


Our friends, Karen and Craig, bought a Toyota 4Runner so we’ve been on a road trip to Whistler! Whilst in the Sunshine Coast we were BC Transits best customers, using that highway to get between Roberts Creek, Sechelt and Gibsons regularly. At only $2.25 who can complain? I think I’ve nailed the buses in Vancouver. It was strange, I was actually nervous about getting lost and not knowing how to get home the first time I went downtown on my own. Pathetic to look back on! app has been a great help for a maps killer like myself. We’ve saved a bit of money buying a book of ten bus tickets from 7/11 (mmm slurpy!) I did toy with buying a bike but as they say on Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming, so decided against it. Still unsure about my decision though.

Total: $203 / £99.21

Transport Monthly Travel Round Up 6


We’ve probably eaten a gelato (ice cream) most days but now that we are in living amongst the beautiful and fit in Kits, we’ve cut down! The food budget has mainly been spent on food shops and making food in the house. Craig has been pushing out the boat, making veggie alternatives for me and eating them too! I can’t say I’m missing meat. We took a walk around Granville Market, I definitely need to go again with an empty belly. Food heaven!

Total: $1187 (junk $172) / £580.11

Food Monthly Travel Round Up 6


I attempted to do sober September but lasted two weeks. The event that broke my sobriety was a camping trip to Jones Lake, just need a bit of rum to keep the spirits high! We’ve also partied at the local brewery in Gibsons which was a lot of fun. We danced amongst the hay bales and growlers ?

Total: $540 / £ 264.00

Alcohol Monthly Round Up 6


Most of our trips have been water based! We’ve kayaked in Gibsons and paddleboarded in Sechelt! Most of our trips have been self managed such as hiking around Soames Hill, Smugglers Cove and Cliff Gilker Park. It’s easy to not spend much on the Coast. Karen and Craig took us camping to Jones Lake – you can’t beat unzipping your bedroom door to nature! Unless there is a bear there obviously. Here is advice on on how deal with emergencies while camping.

Total: $0 (well, some camping food and lighter fuel)

Soames Hill and Smugglers Cove, BC – Pintastic! 

Luxury / Miscellaneous

Moving is always expensive, we had some start up costs such as buying a duvet and raiding Dollarama (everything is not a dollar!) Craig bought himself a fishing rod and some jazz to go with it. He’s not contributed to dinner yet but is enjoying catching rocks. I couldn’t walk past Sephora without buy a new lipstick. Ah city life! Craig says we’ve over spent by $300 but are still working within our £45 per day budget so he’s happy.

Total: $294 / £144

Luxuries Monthly Travel Round Up


It’s been a privilege to work with many of the Sunshine Coasts businesses, they’ve contributed to us having such a fun summer.

Molly’s Reach Restaurant, Gibsons
Persephone Brewery, Gibsons 
Salty’s Adventures – Kayaking, mobile
Shift Kitchen, Sechelt
Paddles and Pedals, Sechelt

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And… we’re  third of the way through our career break!

Is our budget ridiculous?!

Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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      We saved £20k for going (sold everything) but partnerships with the blog saves us some cash along the way too. We’ve also done a homestay which we hope to do again. Nice way to get to know a town!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having the time of your life! I went to Jamaica for two months last year self funded and it was the best thing I have ever done! Time of my life x

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      We are really good at justifying money for a night out! And can’t quite seem to shift our sugar addiction, which Craig blames me for of course. About to have a chocolate bar, cup of tea and watch The Wire!

  2. Good stuff guys!

    Nope, your budget is not ridiculous at all 😉 You saved, you are making dough through your blog so enjoy your travels. I love the feel of Vancouver; just through the internet. Kelli and I need to visit one day. As for next weeks, it’s off to Nicaragua for a few months.

    Thanks for sharing Gemma!


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