Monthly Budget for Vancouver 8 2015

Monthly Budget for Vancouver #8

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Months on the road: Eight
Months in Canada: Five
Monthly Travel Round Up: #8
Books read: Gemma – Skagboys (Prequel to Trainspotting) // Craig: The God Complex (a fictional Rothschild family story)
Best film / TV: Dragged Craig through The Affair with Sl*tty McNulty from The Wire
Music: Gemma – Holly – Victoria+Jean // Craig – Petite Noir – Chess


This is our last month in the Kitsilano apartment. As of December we’ll be part of the Mount Pleasant Massive, living it up with the hipster kids of Main. I will miss the beach and extremely scenic walks but looking forward to becoming immersed in the more multi-cultural side of the city. This budget also includes a hostel hangover from Toronto.

Monthly Budget for Vancouver 8

Total: $1484 / £742


We’ve mostly been using our feet to get around the city, with the occasional bus to get further afield. I raved about the bus system and prices in Vancouver in last month’s budget. I also took a boat from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island for a Meet Up hike. Basically, I met a bunch of strangers and hiked for a couple of hours. It was good fun and lovely to speak to expats as well as Canadians! We’ve booked a flight for future ventures (Costa Rica to Austin in March) but will include that in the March round up.

Total: $150 / £75

Monthly Budget for Vancouver Transport 8


Another month of mainly dining in with a couple of meals out and a few more take aways! Toronto food was gooooood! It was so varied in the cuisine it had to offer. I also had an amazing Thai meal, I can still taste the party in my mouth! I must admit I’ve had cakes from Granville Market at the weekends!

Total: $1141 / £571

Monthly Budget for Vancouver Food 8


As you know, I flew to Toronto to meet my best pal, Helen, at the start of October. We worked with Tourism Toronto which covered most of our gallivanting in the city. We used our ambassador link with Tinggly Experiences and reviewed a trip to Niagara Falls, a must do experience if heading east! Not long after I flew back, Jen G, came to Vancouver to visit. We did a lot of mooching about the city, cycling the Sea Wall (favourite) and a bit of shopping! I also saw my first sighting of a bear in the wild at Whistler! Craig and I were kindly lent two tickets to see BC Lions. In all honesty we didn’t have a clue what was going on but the experience was fun. North American sports are so much slower than British ones, the football is anyway, Oh yeah, and we had that trip to H.R MacMillan Space Centre, the one where I went in cohabiting and came out engaged!

Total: Nil


Massive celebrations followed the engagement on Hallowe’en and then more celebration when we bought a ring the following Saturday! Helen and I did a pub crawl in Kensington Market and met two fun Scottish girls, Emily and Megan (who I later met up with in Van). When the party girl, Jen G, was over, we went to see the DJ, Bob Moses at The Imperial and had cocktails on Main Street. Naturally we did as Canadians do, and consumed some turkey washed down with wine for Thanksgiving. I am very thankful to have friends and family who fly 2085+ miles to see us.

Monthly Budget for Vancouver Socialising 8

Total: $485 / £243

Miscellaneous / Luxury

Craig bought a lot of tinfoil for his Hallowe’en costume! I couldn’t resist some bling from the antique market near St Lawrence’s Market in Toronto. I also bought a very bright yellow shell coat, I can never bypass yellow. Did you know it’s the colour of confidence?

Total: $168 / £84

Monthly Budget for Vancouver Misc Luxuries 8


Toronto Tourism
Tinggly Experiences 
G is for Gelato 
Live Organic Food Bar 
Bob Likes Thai Food
Reckless Bikes

Overall: $3428 / £1714
Weekly: $770 / £355
Daily Average: $110 / £55  (South Am Budget – £45)

What saving tips do you have as we approach Christmas?

Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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  1. When I went to Canada, I could only visit the East coast, and absolutely loved it.

    I’ve been meaning to go to the West ever since. Vancouver looks amazing, not to mention all the national parks in that part of the country.

    Sadly, Canada is not exactly a cheap destination, and this post confirms it. So I keep postponing that trip. Some day, I’m sure…

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  2. Nice and thorough round-up!

    Toronto is a great city for eating, did you get to Mother’s Dumplings?

    If not, you truly MUST next time 😉

    I still can’t embrace the Tinggly thing yet.

    Love the concept, but can’t get over how average value for monet most of the gifts seem to be…

    1. Post

      I never, we did go the Thai / Hungarian fusion place though, so many food options, I’ll be back! We love Tinggly! I was so chuffed that they didn’t scrimp by using a cheaper company when we did the Death Road Cycle in Bolivia with them, the experience was with one of the best (out of two of the best) companies. Can’t pass on safety!

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  3. Great post guys. Really handy for when we head to Vancouver which we cannot wait for 🙂
    For 2 people thats pretty good going. Vancouver looks such an amazing city! Any must visit planks you can recommend?

    1. Post

      Stanley Park – hands down! Cycle the Seawall, such a great way to see it – article coming up on Wednesday with more deets! Kitsilano for beaches and yoga, Commercial Drive / Mount Pleasant for drinks. Wish were here for you coming! We head to the States in Jan 🙁

  4. I’m looking forward to visit Canada too.. That budget is too expensive. Well, I believe living in Canada is really expensive. That money will do too much here in Asia. Hahaha 🙂

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  5. Oh great budgeting guys! I think thats a fair amount to spend for a month with few side trips and fun happenings. Also, girl, you gotta put aside some money for cakes. That is a MUST 😀

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  6. What a packed month!!! Great to think about too as we consider spending some time on that coast next year!

    Also, yellow the colour of confidence? Good to know! I’ll be keeping my eye out for more yellow from now on!

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  7. You guys do really well living in a western expensive city and still keeping it sensible. $30 per day on food is definitively not a lot so kudos for resisting more cakes! I definitively spend way more than that. Yellow the color of confidence? i am afraid it does not suit me too well, the yellow that is 😉 And congrats again on the engagement!

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