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Lusting Over Austin – POTF #25

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Hello from Hungary! I hope the last three weeks have been as eventful as ours. Apologies for skipping a week for Photo of the Fortnight but we had the small matter of a wedding elopement to execute!

Before the Austin wedding we scouted for new bands at South By Southwest (SXSW) and ate lots of Tex-Mex. Married life is going well! We left Austin, Texas for Budapest in Hungary where we met with my parents and enjoyed the baths, food, and beer (wine for me!) My friend, Laura, then joined us for a Hungarian road trip based around the Lake Balaton, which was just lush! Lots of greenery, nature, and more baths.

Here is a round up of our time in Austin, minus the wedding shots. You can see why we’ve been lusting over Austin!

1. Har Mar Superstar, SXSW 2016

SXSW 2016 Austin Har Mar Super Star North Door Austin Photography

2. Four Scots & The Parrots at SXSW, Austin

SXSW The Parrots Austin Photography

3. Craig on Dirty 6th Street, Austin

SXSW Austin East 6th Street Austin Photography

4. Hi How Are You by Daniel Johnston, Austin

SXSW Austin Hi How Are You by Daniel Johnston

5. Sunset Near 6th

SXSW Sunset in Austin

6. Two Scots Abroad Crush: Petite Noir

SXSW Austin Petite Noir

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Up Next!

  • I teach English, one hour outside of Budapest
  • Craig’s friends visit Budapest for a mini stag (bachelor) party
  • We move to the North East on another ‘work away’ to help a guy build a B&B!

What photo hits the spot? Ever been to Austin? Want to go?

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  1. Haha my favorite has to be Gemma posing as the frog behind her. Too funny! I’m actually thinking of a birthday trip out to Austin this September. Sounds like a good way to do it, right? Hope you’re both enjoying Hungary!

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