Lima, a Land for Lovers

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Lima is a land for lovers. The Peruvian city is home to nearly 10 million people; alone these statistics show you that there is a lot of love in Lima! It’s time to move over Rome, there is a new romantic city in town.

Memorable Miraflores

Many couples flock to the neighbourhood of Miraflores. Although at first, Miraflores is an insult on the senses, you can quickly find sanctuary at the Malecón, an esplanade along the waterfront. This is where you will see the best sunsets. What’s more romantic than watching the day melt away into the clouds, setting them on fire with tones of orange and red? Even the local government agrees that the Malecón is all about love! They built Amor Park in the middle of it, where two statues hold each other in a warm embrace. Most Lima hotels overlook the Malecón. It is the perfect place to sip a Pisco Sour on a romantic retreat!

Bicycle Built for Two

Lima is a busy city, but it is common to see locals and tourists pedalling along the Malecón from Miraflores to the extremely bohemian Barranco area. The cycle pathway begins on a designated path then merges on to some of the public roads in Barranco. Be sure to wear a helmet! Barranco is a treat but it’s not always about the end point – the views on the journey are stunning. Barranco’s laid back vibes are very attractive. It is an area of colorful buildings, green space, cute bars, and restaurants. There is even a craft beer brewery! If you want to make your love last forever, head over to Bridge of Sighs in Barranco. Walk the length of this wooden bridge whilst holding your breath then your love will last forever. Now you can tell your sweetheart that they really do make you breathless!

The Courageous Couple

If you are feeling adventurous, Lima has activities to satisfy your needs! Surfers can hit the waves at Miraflores beach and battle against the roaring tides. Flying is also an option. Every day visitors take to the sky, paragliding their way over the city. Not that way inclined? These activities welcome the spectator, too!

Romantic Dining

Lima has lots of dining opportunities, which serve a variety of international cuisine. However, since you are in Peru you will want to try the national dish, ceviche! Ceviche is a refreshing meal consisting of fish cooked by the acid from lemon juice, and garnished with coriander. It is then served with cold mashed sweet potato and corn!

Ceviche I Three Weeks in Peru Itinerary

Purrrfect Partnership

Lima does not discriminate! For those not in love, there is a park full of cats waiting for cuddles. Parque Kennedy in Miraflores has many of those furry purring friends. There is no need to worry about catching anything from these kitties; the local community cares for them very well. Purrrfect!

Forget gondolas in Venice or a lovers’ padlock on a bridge in Paris, Lima is the new land for lovers.

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