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Hungary Travel Budget – Month #14

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Months on the road: Fourteen
Countries / Cities visited: Hungary – Budapest, Eger
Monthly Travel Round Up: Hungary Travel Budget – Month #14
Podcasts / Books: Gemma – Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee // Craig – Seven Eves by Neal Stephenson (no change) – check out more travel book inspiration here
Best film / TV: Master of None
Music: Gem – HBO Girls playlist  // Craig – He’s creating his own!


We’ve been living in a garden house with our own private kitchen and bathroom in a small village called Nagyvisnyo in Hungary. We’ve been offering our services as farmers, painters, nut crackers, etc in exchange for our keep. This budget total also includes six nights in two different Airbnb apartments in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest. The first was Craig’s ‘man cave hide out’ while I volunteered as an English native speaker (which I then joined him in to catch up on some blogging) and the second apartment we stayed in for a few nights before Slovenia. Both apartments had a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and most importantly, WiFi, pronounced WeeFee in Hungarian. Dorms in Budapest start from £4 to £30 and private doubles from £24 to £41 (Airbnb really is cheaper for couples).

Total: £91

Workaway I Hungary Travel Budget Month 14


We not only receive a bed in Nagyvisnyo but also three meals a day. We’ve tried lots of Hungarian home cooked food – fruit soup (hot and cold), Hungarian sausage, and my favourite, pudding with chocolate sprinkled on top. I’m not convinced the latter is massively Hungarian but definitely a household treat here in Nagyvisnyo! Lunch is the biggest meal of the day; in the evening we tended to eat leftovers or pancakes. The first nine day in Budapest cost around £100 – Craig mostly cooked in house, he did have a couple of meals out, his favourite, Indian. A curry, naan bread, and a soft drink set him back £4. As you can see it’s pretty cheap to eat in Budapest. We have a few dinners in the local town on days out.

Total: £280 <—- want more Hungarian food? Check out our Budapest food guide.

Hungary Travel Budget Month 14


Not only is Hungarian food reasonably priced but so is the booze! I wasn’t joking when I said on Facebook that one beer and one glass of red cost £1.50. Now compare this to Austrian prices, ouch! Needless to say we’ve had a few glasses, but not that many after burn out in Budapest. I’m trying to run 5K most days to burn off the Hungarian cuisine calories, drinking does not bode well with the regime. Craig has taken to running too, in his Salomon trekking boots. He says if soldiers can do it, he can too.

Total: £57

Hungary Travel Budget Month 14 I Cat


As we are living in a sleepy village there is a need to escape on days off. We’ve opted for strolls in countryside, the locals don’t really ease up on their resting b*tch faces, we smile anyway. Eger is our closest city which we’ve frequented a couple of times in the past three weeks as well as a walk to Fátyol waterfall which is a popular local tourist spot in the next village. The biggest splurge was spending £20 on bus fares (see ‘transport’) to Miskolctapolca Cave Baths; thermal waters in a cave (£6). I wouldn’t say it was worth it, although I enjoyed a 40 minute back / foot massage for £12! Read more – Budapest weekend break.

Total: £18

Hungary Travel Budget Month 14 I Szilvásvárad


The main form of transport we’ve used over the past month is public bus. We did take the train from Budapest to Eger (2 hours / £7), and… it had WiFi! I think it’s pretty clear how to make a blogger happy eh?!

Total: £60

Luxuries / Miscellaneous

That massage (worth ever penny – lumped into ‘trips’ total), Craig downloaded a book for 83p. I’ve been trying to buy face wash but it doesn’t look like Hungarian women wash their faces?! One of the problems of long-term travel! On the whole, we’ve been on the down low, after the hefty spending in Austin, and the wedding of course, in preparation for three weeks in the Balkans next month (excited!)

Total: £4

Hungary Travel Budget Month 14 Workaway

Total budget: £510 / Weekly £119 / Daily £17

Next up: Slovenia – Ljubljana, Bled, Big Berry

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  1. Great article, thanks for the tips! With the lively capital of Budapest covered in vibrant bars, traditional bathhouses, and ornate architecture, and the natural splendour of the Danube River and Lake Balaton, Hungary is a joy to visit. However, there are tourist targeted scams to be aware of here.

    Do be wary of drink spiking, extortionate bar bills, tourist menu scams, pickpocketing, fake merchandise, three shell game scam, snatch theft, rogue taxis, rosemary scam and many more!

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