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Hello from Hungary – POTF #27

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I can’t believe we’ve nearly been in Hungary for one month! Straight after Austin, Texas, we flew to Budapest (via Oslo, Norway) to meet my parents for some thermal bath and pálinka action. Have you tried that stuff? It’s like drinking petrol! It is extremely common for families to brew their own petrol, I mean, pálinka. Some men kick start the day with it! After a quick road trip, some volunteering my services as an English native while Craig partied, we are now in Nagyvisnyó, yes that is the correct spelling! Please excuse my attempt at Hungarian, but I think the village is pronounced Naj-ee-veesh-ño (emphasis on the ‘n’ like in Spanish!)

We are living with a family in this tiny village. They are just lovely. Robert has just returned from the UK and is sprucing up his Mum’s house and garden and wanted a hand so we applied to help out. We’ve mostly been gardening and doing some light farming, both new skills I can add to my toolkit! Robert’s Mum feeds us so much food and I said before, the Hungarian cuisine is pretty hefty on the calories! Attempting to run 5K most days (my goal for September is to run a 10K) to counteract the cheese, sour cream, meat, bread, bread, bread! And Milka!

Here is a selection of images from our time in Hungary so far, taken on a good day (the weather has taken a turn!)

1. Balatonfured, Anti – Ageing Waters…

Budapest and Hungarian Roadtrip, Hungary

2. Meeting the Neeeeighbours, Nagyvisnyo

Nagyvisno Hungary Workaway Farm

3. Tigrincs, Posing Pussy

Cat Workaway Eger, Hungary

4. Robert, our Workaway Host / Slave Driver

Nagyvisno Hungary Workaway

5. Man v Nature in Hungary

Nagyvisno Hungary

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