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Cheaper than taxis? Über the moon.

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This weekend Über, the app which connects customers with taxis, arrived in Glasgow. The company is already working in sixty countries (and growing) yet banned in many cities. Is Über Glasgow the wheel deal for riders or is this expansion accelerating the company into more legal fights?

What Is Über?

Über is a taxi service which hopes to offer fair fares to customers by connecting them to local drivers in their area.

The Über app is available for free downloaded on smartphones. There is also an offer for new customers, if you sign up through a friend, you get your first ride for free!

How Does Über Work?

Customers create a ‘rider account’ with their personal information and credit card details.

When customers need a taxi, the app will either pick up their location using GPS and WiFi or alternatively, the customer can input an address. The slider at the bottom of the map show which Über registered cars are available and provides an estimate price.

The app shows an image of the driver, his / her name, type of car and the registration. There is also the handy function which tracks the driver so the customer knows how close their ride is.

Our examples from Austin

The final fare is taken from the card details on the account and put directly into an Über account. The customer and Über registered driver do not exchange cash.

Gordon (from Glasgow) used Über during its first weekend in Glasgow. He says he spent a while trying to find one in his area and nothing was showing on the app so he ordered a private taxi like he normally would. This taxi ended up letting him down so he cancelled and checked Über again. There was registered driver in his area so he booked it. The car arrived within five minutes and the final fare was £2 cheaper than the private hire he would normally have used. The lack of drivers in your location may improve as the Über profile increases and more people join the fleet.

Uber Glasgow Uber App Example

An example from Glasgow (thanks to Gordon)

Über Registered Drivers

Über registered drivers must meet the following specifications:

  • Be over 21 years old
  • Hold a full driving licence
  • Own a car (2000 or 2005 newer)
  • Have car insurance
  • Pay for fuel and car service
  • Pass a background check

This has given many people over the world the opportunity to become self employed or top up their wages with a side job.

Why The Car Crash News?

Über has had some bad press over the past six years. There have been customer rape allegations, accusations of tax avoidance (their business accounts are set up in the Netherlands so the taxes don’t go directly to country it’s set up in), and protests from other taxi companies / drivers worldwide.

Transport for London (TfL) has taken Über to the High Court as they argue that the pricing system Über uses is like that of a meter system, which only black cabs are authorised to use in the city. A High Court judge has ruled in favour of Über. You can see why after years of prepping for ‘The Knowledge‘ that London cabbies may feel they aren’t getting an easy ride with Über as the new competition.

Nowadays we do everything by the touch of an app – shop, check in, order food, manage our money. Is Über the next app to put the customer behind the steering wheel?

* We have no affiliation with Über. There are other taxi services out there such as Lyft who offer a similar service in some cities

Update: We used Lyft as much as Über in Austin this year. Drivers appear to sign up for both companies, two main differences are that Lyft allows tips and has a stricter sign up process, according to one driver.

Use gemmao40 to sign up for Über and get free rides (think I get some too…)

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Uber Taxi Service - New to Glasgow but Popular Worldwide

Über to you – what are your thoughts on alternative taxi services?

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  1. I had never come across Uber until March when I was daan saff, and I was like: what is this magic?! It was pretty impressive stuff, I was particularly amazing by the fact you can track the taxis arrival on your phone! (I lead a pretty shelter life, can’t you tell? My friend, in Finland, once showed me she could track her local buses on her phone, wow! Pretty sure I can’t do with Fife Stagecoach!),
    I don’t know anything about the politics of Uber, but I can see why the London cabbies are a bit pissed off.

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  2. We have Uber here in Mexico City and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing. Clean cars, polite drivers, a bottle of water and no tipping expected! It doesn’t remove the fact that the traffic is awful here, but at least I can sit in a traffic jam in a nice car 🙂

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    2. Uber is offering fares at well below cost in order to drive out taxis. Once they dominate the hire car industry, you are in for a very big surprise in the form of pricing far higher than taxis ever charged. Enjoy the savings while uber is small, for you are going to get screwed eventually.

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  3. hmm.. I’m not sure about Uber either. Well I rarely take taxi’s to begin with and although the idea behind it is really convenient, I am not so sure how well it works for some other countries because seems like for instance here in Finland taxi drivers are independent and alot own their own taxi cars so it might be a bit complicated 🙂 Otherwise I like the idea of it! Nowadays not everyone carries cash with them

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  4. I heard of Uber only because there was such a big fuss around it. And thanks to your post I understand how it works. They just came to Calgary so can check them out. Cheers!

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  5. Uber is pushing yellow cab out of business unless they’re improved and step up big time. I drive for Uber and I can tell you how the consumers (uber riders) are so excited about Uber.

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