Day Four at SXSW 2015

Day Four at SXSW 2015

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Day four at SXSW 2015 was a day of fails and finds! I had us primed and ready in the queue for Cheerleader at Cheer Up Charlies to discover that the show was actually days ago. Unsure how I missed this on DO512 (more on ‘how to do SXSW for free’ soon)! We met a nice couple from the area who told us about a bar called The Brew Exchange on West 6th Street, the theme is stocks and shares – when beers are popular the price shoots up but the market might crash and drinks become cheap! They were waiting to see John Legend that afternoon. We did get a free drink though.

Day Four SXSW

Day Four at SXSW 2015

Dream Koala at SXSW in Austin

Fail #1 over we headed to Latitude 30, the home of The British Music Embassy to see Brolin (one from our list). Turns out Brolin played the day before FAIL #2. Annoyed, we go in search of somewhere warm, with Wifi and a hot chocolate (just can’t shake the damp from yesterday’s rain). There really isn’t anywhere other than bars on 6th Street but finally track down a sandwich shop. Craig gets on the free show search and discovers that Dream Koala (whom he has been following on Soundcloud) is playing, a surprise gig. I had hoped of pop up gigs and it happened. Winning!

Only Real Stalking SXSW

We are pleasantly surprised to see Only Real on the set list at the Austin Party Weekend event (venue – The Main II). Niall (Only Real) finishes his set with the dreamy Cadillac Girl, one of the tracks from Craig’s ‘Hot in 2015’ playlist on Spotify. Another find! This is Niall’s last gig at SXSW and sounds like he’s had a ball, losing his passport partying and managing to find it again before flying home – another fail/find.

Day Four at SXSW 2015

Dream Koala is outstanding. This kid is only twenty years old, sings; plays guitar; drums and does whatever musicians do on a Macbook to create soulful yet haunting songs like Odyssey.

Day Four at SXSW 2015

We head up to West 6th Street (in the rain) to see this Brew Exchange, soon to find out this is where Brolin blimmin’ played that morning! Fail #3. A Swedish band called Urban Cone, who sound like Phoenix, kick off but we leave to join the queue to try and catch Years and Years. We queue for three hours and eventually can’t stand the smell of the drains us minions are standing in so quit (after nice chats with local Texans who give us lots of advice on places to go; food to eat and the world of K – pop!)

We dine on 6th Street – Craig orders ‘chilli corn carne’ which turns out to be melted cheese and crisps. Peru is going to be interesting on Tuesday! Fail #4.

Day Four at SXSW 2015

The night finishes with Hundred Waters at The North Door – good find Pete and Macayla!


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