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Crowdsourced Hotel? Meet Amberlair!

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Tree-houses in Colombia, airstreams in Austin, time capsules in Portland, you know I adore me some boutique accommodation! One night I was trawling through Twitter and found this incredibly bizarre and new concept: Amberlair – the crowdsourced hotel!

Crowdsourced Hotel

Crowdsource Definition Amberlair Boutique Hotels
Amerblair is not just any crowdsourced hotel, it is the very first crowdsourced hotel, in the world! Interested parties – you, me, businesses, entrepreneurs, can have a say in the making of this boutique hotel! This form of ownership really sparked an interest, so I contacted the brains behind the boutique, Marcus and Kristin, to ask them some questions and guess what? Not only are they ridiculously good looking, they are also well up for nosey people wanting to know more.

Amberlair Crowdsourced Hotel Boutique

Marcus and Kristin – Amberlair, The First Crowdsourced Boutique Hotel 

Power to the Holiday People

If this kind of accommodation interests you too, you can click on the Amerblair website and help choose a place for the first crowdsourced hotel! The Amber- Where stage of the game has now passed. The country, Italy, has already been decided by the #boholovers, which includes us at Two Scots Abroad, but if you think you know the perfect spot in Italy, join in! Here is more from the pros.

1. Describe Amberlair in four words

First crowdsourced boutique hotel

2. Why Crowdsourcing?

We want to gather together like-minded travellers who are passionate about luxury accommodation so that we can create a global community around the idea of the perfect boutique hotel. Then we’re going to build that hotel with their input. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding enable us to do this; they give this travel community the chance to have a say throughout the entire process of developing the perfect boutique hotel – not just financially but creatively as well, which is central to the concept of Amberlair.

3. Who was the first contribution from?

That announcement is yet to be made as we’re launching our crowdfunding campaign in the second quarter of 2016! We would love to see members of our #boholover community be our first contributors.

4. Where is the most unique place you’ve stayed?

This is so hard to answer, there are so many! If you twisted our arms we would say, the natural landscapes in Iceland are pretty unique and having a bath in the Dead Sea is also truly out there – both were experiences form a different world!

5. Five years from now, Amberlair will…

Amberlair will have a strong boutique hotel lover community who has been supporting us in opening boutique hotels all over the world.

Five ways you can connect with Amberlair:

  • Join their social media channels and the #boholover campaign
  • Share the love
  • Submit your idea for the best location in Italy
  • Vote
  • Go the full mile and contribute to the crowdsource in future

We have no affiliation with Amerblair at time of writing, I just went full geek when I stumbled across the idea on Twitter. I hope it has interested you too!

What do you think? Will it work? Would you contribute? Would you select Amerblair as accommodation?

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