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Brave Enough to go Volcano Boarding in Leon?

Volcano Boarding Leon Nicaragua Cerro Negro

You’ve arrived in Nicaragua and let’s face it, there is one thing that you want to do – volcano boarding in León! Here is the lowdown and tips to help make the most of your rapid, heart racing, ride.

Fancy hiking up an active volcano?

Cerro Negro Nicaragua Volcano Boarding in Leon

What about boarding down one?

Volcano Boarding in Leon I Cerro Negro Nicaragua

Well you can, welcome to volcano boarding in León,
Nicaragua style!

Volcano Boarding Companies in Leon

First thing first, you need to choose a reputable company. There are over seven volcano boarding companies in León, choose wisely.

  • Ensure that the company offers quality gear such as a jumpsuit, goggles, gloves, and a board. Be sure to take a bandana to cover your mouth and nose, volcanic dust is effectively small shards of glass! The board itself is like a sledge used for well, sledging in the snow, but this board is going to help you reach speeds of 55mph (if you want it to). I’d expect the chosen company to provide a bag for all of this gear which you can slip your board into the back of, you don’t want to hike carrying it by hand
  • The company should offer transport to and from the volcano, Cerro Negro. We always try to select a native company and an English speaking local guide. Many of the eight companies don’t actually offer an actual guide (instead, sending whoever is volunteering at the hostel), but it’s down to personal choice

Volcano Board, Leon, Equipment Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

  • Small groups would be wise, safety first! The larger the group, the less chance the leader is watching out for your safety. Screw getting burns from that volcano ash!
  • Photographs, do they take photos while you board? They should do!
  • Avoid snowboarding, it is impossible. We watched a guy attempt this and after ten minutes and double-figure falls, we were bored and walked away. We heard the same story from countless other groups. Don’t try and be cool, just enjoy the rush of the volcano boarding!

Volcano Boarding in Leon Cerro Negro Nicaragua

Volcano Boarding Equipment

  • A jumpsuit
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Nifty bag to carry above in
  • A volcano board (which you place through bag while hiking)

Leon to Cerro Negro

After a short ride (one hour) out of the city of León through the farms which produce potatoes, te de jamaica, peanuts, and sugar canes, you will arrive at Cerro Negro. The roads are pretty bumpy, you can make your own way there and hire boards at the entrance apparently but I wouldn’t put a hire car (or your bank balance!) through that punishment.

»»» There’s a special place near León! Don’t miss Nicaragua’s answer to paradise

Hiking Cerro Negro

Next ,you will sign up at the registry office, you can use the toilets and buy some snacks, water, and juice too.

Naturally to board down the volcano you need to get up there so it’s hike time. Make sure you have plenty of water for the easy to medium one hour hike ahead. The views are spectacular, especially the contrasting green vegetation and black ash rocks.

Don’t worry, you are not expected to wear the gear whilst hiking Central America’s youngest volcano!

Cerro Negro, Leon Nicaragua, Volcano Boarding, Hike
During the hike, you’ll get to see the effects of the last eruption in 1999 (1995 before that, 1992 before that, etc). It’s also cool to think that you are in the Ring of Fire!

 Ring of Fire, Cerro Negro, Volcano Boarding in Leon I Nicaragua

Volcano Boarding in León

Then it’s butterflies in the your belly time! Get kitted up and ready for the ride. Your company should inform you of the following to ensure volcano boarding safety

  • Sit at the back of the board with your weight evenly distributed
  • Hold on to the rope with both hands (GoProers, don’t let go = fall!)
  • Need for speed? Lie back, feel your core muscles work to prevent horizontal lying
  • Want to slow down? Sit up straight and dig your heels into the ash rock
  • Going to fall? Fall backwards, away from the board
  • Do expect ash rock, everywhere (in my teeth!)

Volcano Boarding, Leon Nicaragua Cerro Negro
I was going faster than Craig at the beginning…claims he waited behind to get a shot of me on the action cam. Judge for yourself on the video.

Nicaragua Volcano Boarding, Leon Cerro Negro

Then he took over, naturally! Estimated speed 55mph, some companies will test your speed and put you up against each other if that’s your bag!

On the Big Screen!

Volcano Boarding – What to Wear

  • Shorts
  • T-shirt
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking boots / trainers (ones with good soles!)
  • Bandana to cover face
  • Lots of suntan lotion

Volcano Boarding – What to Pack

  • Water, one litre per person
  • A snack
  • Camera

Three weeks later Cerro Negro was closed to volcano boarding in Leon due to the adjacent volcano waking from its 100 year sleep. It apparently ejected rocks and ash 7000ft into the sky! Pretty exciting eh?…but kind of glad we missed it!

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6 Cool Things To Do in Leon While Chasing the Shade

Colonial Leon Nicaragua

Leon in Nicaragua is hot! The second largest city in this Central American country can expect temperatures of 35 degrees in dry season (December – April). We spent much of our time crossing the road to the darker side of the street but with cool Things To Do in Leon and such variety of food to choose from it’s not difficult to lose a few days in hiding in colonial Leon.

6 Things To Do in Leon

1. León Cathedral

Don’t miss a visit to the top of the Cathedral of Leon aka Real Renowned Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For $3 USD, and the removal of your shoes, you can walk on the rooftop of God’s House which displays the best views of the city and its surrounding volcanoes.

We did this as part of Hokano Adventures Revolution Tour. This Cathedral was first built in 1747 and took over a century to complete. You can see today that a recent paint job on the go. Not the most exciting thing to do in León but does offer beautiful views.

Leon Cathedral I Things To Do in Leon Nicaragua

2. Hokano Adventures – Revolution Tour

After four trips to Leon (we were living thirty minutes away, by chicken bus timing, in the beach town of Las Peñitas), we were none the wiser about Leon’s past. Or who the handsome man on the monument was (Carlos Fonseca, teacher and founder of Sandinista Nation Liberation Front, FSLN). We had no facts about the street art story, which describes the passage of time, concluding in a utopian view of the city.

Personally, I think one of the most important things do in new cities is to stop wandering the streets not knowing what it stands for, so we attended the Revolution Tour, which lasted a little under four hours.

Time passed quickly as we took a rapid verbal and visual tour of Leon’s past and then, whilst walking the streets of Leon, discussed the county’s present and potential future.

Revolution Tour I Things To Do in Leon Nicaragua

It is not just Leon’s buildings that have taken a battering, the city and country has been crumbling at the hands of dictators controlled by both The United States and The Soviet Union (now Russia) beginning in the 1920s when Cesar Augusto-Sandino and his outnumbered army of farmers and workers overthrew American marines.

You will see Sandino’s black shadow outline all over Nicaragua, in particular in the north (Esteli). The national hero and was soon murdered at the hands of a friend and head of the National Guard, Anastacio Somoza García. You won’t be surprised to hear that Somoza García became the President in 1937, a strong alliance for the States.

The García Somoza legacy continued to reign Nicaragua until Carlos Fonseca brought the individual guerrilla armies together to form the Sandinista Nation Liberation Front (FSLN), which included resistors from farmers to students, including a man named Daniel Ortega.

The FSLN would then fight against this Somoza family, as a result of an arms ban by the USA, with the support of weapons bought from the Soviet. Sandinistas then walked into a post-revolution dictatorship, now with America’s enemy at the time – Russia.

From 1979 to 1990 change was made, illiteracy rates were reduced from 50.3% to 12.9%. In 1984, the FSLN leader, Daniel Ortega, took the presidency and although not a straight reign, and a quick fix of the constitution to permit power for two consecutive terms, continues to do so today. Supporters state that he has improved the economy, given grants to farmers, and injected money into health care. Opponents argue that he is too interested in making a small percentage of rich people wealthier. Sounds familiar…

Revolution Tour I Things To Do in Leon

Carlos, our tour guide, told us that Nicaraguans are tired. Tired of living with war. They want progress but not through the use of propaganda and a government run by one family.

Cultural Center I Things To Do in Leon Nicaragua

Carlos and his artwork at the Cultural Center, Granada

Website: Hokano Adventures
Address:  1ra calle NE 50 Mts Norte de la Segunda Avenida SE, León
Contact: 8839 4713
Cost: $25 / £18 per person

For Spanish speaking travellers and a less intimate tour, The Revolution Museum can be found next to the Cathedral.

3. Museum of Legends and Traditions

A very bizarre way to spend fifteen minutes out of the shade is attending Museo De Leyendas y Tradiciones. My favourite story was that of the young woman who forced men in the street to breastfeed using her ahem, you know how breastfeeding works. Probably the weirdest thing to do in Leon!

Museo de Leyendas y Tradiciones I Things To Do in Leon

4a Calle SO, frente Ruinas San Sebastián

4. Tattoos in León

Definitely, one of the top things to do in Leon for us was to get some ink done! Quite the unusual day out but Leon has two tattoo shops and they are so cheap! Craig and I splurged and treated ourselves to the most permanent souvenir – ink! $60 for five hours, you just can’t beat that price.

  • Where? White Devil
  • Who? By Andy, tell him Gemma from Two Scots Abroad said hiya

White Dragon Tattoo I Things To Do in Leon Nicaragua

Day Trips from León

5. Las Peñitas

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! A great way to avoid the heat, check out the natural air con of Las Peñitas.

  • Chicken bus from Mercadito / 14 cordobas / 30 minutes

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Las Penitas Near Leon I Things To Do in Leon

6. Volcano Boarding at Cerro Negro

One of the coolest things to do in Leon (or just outside it) is hike up an active volcano and sledge down it! Volcano boarding is one of the biggest pulls for Nicaragua and you can see why!

Leon Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro Nicaragua I Things To Do in Leon

Brave enough? Full low down and tips here!

Rico Restaurants in León

Rico (tasty) dining opportunities are not difficult to find in Leon. From local cuisine, street food, western fare – the city has it all. Here is some deep fat fried goodness from Tacos Marleen as a taster…

Tacos Marlene I Things To Do in Leon Nicaragua

León’s is more than a stopover for volcano boarding.

The university town is young, liberal, and full of cultural activity.

If you were considering learning Spanish in Central America, this would be a great city to do so in (as would the more European feeling Granada).

Hostels in León

We returned to the same hostel, La Gordita, each time we stayed in Leon because of its location, it was quiet and cool, and the other “bird” in Craig’s life lived there… a parrot called Chirpy.

La Gordita Chirpy I Things To Do in Leon

The large private rooms come with their own bathroom, fan, and a handy washing line. The shared also has a fan and shared ‘Jack and Jill’ bathroom, which is shared with the neighbouring room.

La Gordita offers complimentary breakfast and a kitchen, which is handy as it is situated next to the large supermarket, La Colonia. 

The owner, Monica, is super friendly and larger than life. She has lots of tips for touring Leon and even more tips on the best local restaurants. We ate well in Leon, so much so I’m dedicating a whole post to eating in Leon!

La Gordita Garden Area I Things To Do in Leon Nicaragua
Address:  1 &1/2 blocks west of the La Colonia Supermarket or La Salle School
Contact: 8857 3498
Cost: $15 – 20 / £10 – 14

Getting to León

From Managua take the microbus for 54 cordobas / £1.34. Full details on how the transport system works here.

Getting around León

Leon really is not that big and can be discovered by foot. Forget street names, locations are found via counting blocks. If you are lost, ask a local. If they don’t know they’ll holler at the next person walking by and they’ll work it out together.

Nicaraguans are very friendly. I felt safe day in this city, visiting the (air-conditioned) ATM with no hassle. The many churches make good reference points, starting with the stark white Cathedral in the central plaza.

Things I’d Still Like To Do in León

  • Old town – Leon-Viejo: Leon before the volcano eruption

Love for León

The main reason I like Leon is not because of the architecture, or the constant whiff of meat on the grill, but the fact that the city doesn’t give two hoots that you are a tourist. The taxis will give you two toots (constantly) and the boys will grow up to form a crook in their neck from the frequent gawking at you (girls) but that’s universal – it’s annoying, but happens to both natives and newbies.

Apart from that, vendors go on selling chicha in plastic bags, kids skip to school in their pristine uniforms, and the estimated seventeen Catholic church buildings of colonial Leon, continue to crack.

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Top things to do in Leon, Nicaragua including where to stay, eat, and what to do including free, cheap and backpacker friendly.

Have you been to León? Are you going?

Bus from Managua to Leon and Las Peñitas

Managua to Leon and Las Penitas Bus

Everyone gets mugged in Managua. Or so the story goes! Follow this simple step by step guide on how to take the bus from Managua to Leon and Las Peñitas and be safe in the knowledge that the next part of our adventure is a fun one!

1. Managua to UCA Bus Terminal

If you flew the red-eye Spirit Airlines flight to MGA it is likely that you stayed at one of the airport guesthouses such as Hostal Monte Cristi. From here, take a taxi to the UCA Bus Terminal (pronounced Ooka) (130 cordobas / £3.25). It should take approximately 25 minutes. Tell the driver you are going to Leon. There are signs on the buses and at the slots, the microbuses park up in. There’s always someone to ask on-site too if you need to know which bus to get.

2. Managua Centre to UCA Bus Terminal

Alternatively, if you braved the capital city, Managua, take a taxi to the UCA bus terminal to save sweat and time. This should cost 120 -140 cordobas / £3 – £3.50.

3. Microbus from Managua to Leon

Those brightly coloured buses are called chicken buses and to travel to Leon via chicken bus would take about four hours with four different stops! For less hassle, opt for the microbus to Leon. This is a small white van and costs 54 cordobas / £1.35 per person. It takes around an hour and a half (up to two and half if you travel late afternoon) to reach Leon. The journey is pleasant!
Managua to Leon and Las Penitas in Nicaragua Microbus

3. Picking a Seat on the Microbus

We prefer the front seats as it means you can have your luggage upfront with you. This may involve allowing people in front of you as the driver fills up the microbus but don’t worry, the buses work in a conveyor belt fashion! One leaves and another appears. Failing the front seats, go for the back or a position that you can see your luggage from.

4. Welcome to Leon

Nicaragua’s most liberal city awaits you. Don’t miss the sights of the city from the rooftop of the Cathedral or boarding down an active volcano at 55 MPH!

5. Leon to Las Peñitas

Be prepared, it’s pretty manic when you get off the microbus in Leon. Tuk and taxi drivers will shout for your custom and try to help you with your bags. Just say ‘no gracias’ and walk away from the hustle! Once composed, barter with a taxi driver until you agree on a price. We were advised $10 USD but ended up paying $15 after some confusion, mainly down to us being out of practice speaking Spanish. One driver rejected our offer and wanted $20. It’s OK to walk away, there are plenty of taxis! The journey will take approximately 20 minutes.

For the confident backpacker, take a taxi/walk to Mercadito, then the chicken bus to  Las Peñitas (14 cordobas / 34p). Although the distance is short, the journey takes 30 – 40 minutes depending on how many people (and parrots!) are on the bus. The bus will drive through Poneloya beach first of all and then Las Peñitas.

»»» Find out where to stay + what to do in Las Peñitas

Bus Managua to Leon and Las Penitas Nicaragua_

6. Las Peñitas

Welcome to paradise! Rolling waves, sandy beaches, bars that sell smoothies and litre sized bottles of the local beer, Toña for £1.50!
Bus Managua to Leon and Las Penitas in Nicaragua
Not to forget those sunsets…
Managua to Leon and Las Penitas in Nicaragua Sunset

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Things to do in Nicaragua: Beaches + Boarding

Things to do in Nicaragua - Volcano Boarding Nicaragua

Move over Costa Rica, there’s a new kid in town. Nicaragua may not be the most obvious holiday choice but this up and coming destination has plenty to offer, whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or something in-between. This Central American country situated between the Caribbean and the Pacific is a hidden gem with plenty to offer visitors including colonial towns, diverse wildlife, sun-drenched beaches and lots of opportunities for adventure. Here are the top 10 things to do in Nicaragua and where to catch them.

Things to do in Nicaragua

1. Volcano Boarding

Nicaragua is known for its volcanoes which stretch the length of the country and vary greatly in both size and ferocity. There are plenty to choose from but if you’re in the mood for adventure, head to Cerro Negro in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range.

This young and active volcano has steep black slopes where you can try your hand at the sport of ‘volcano surfing’!

Volcano Boarding in Leon Nicaragua

2. Party and Surf

For surf enthusiasts, there is really only one destination in Nicaragua – San Juan del Sur.

Situated on the Pacific coast, San Juan is home to beautiful beaches, fantastic surfing and the second-largest statue of Jesus in the world (which looks down on the action from a neighbouring hillside).

A fave of surfers and backpackers, San Juan is a party town with an array of cool hostels, great restaurants and buzzing nightlife.

Sun Juan has so much going on. You can take all-you-can drink party boat trip at sunset or learn to surf at one of Nicaragua’s best beaches. 

3. Eat Tacos in León

León, the second-largest city in Nicaragua (after Managua), is hugely popular with visitors – and it’s easy to see why.

This vibrant, political city has lots to offer, including beautiful colonial architecture, magnificent churches, great food, stellar art collections, and lively nightlife.

If history’s your thing, the ruins of the old capital, León Vieja, are also within easy reach of the city. One of the lesser-known Nicaragua attractions. 

4. Live on a Beach

Close to León is paradise. The beach town of Las Peñitas is a calm stretch of beach unlike the party place, San Juan Del Sur. 

Las Penitas Nicaragua | Workaway Countries | Workaway, Help X and Volunteers Base

5. People Watch in Granada

With its cobbled streets, colourful buildings and well-preserved architecture, Granada is a truly beautiful city, and you can easily spend days just wandering the streets and soaking up the atmosphere.

The city is also home to some beautiful churches, including the Cathedral of Granada and the Iglesia de la Merced whose tower offers panoramic views of the city, Lake Nicaragua and the surrounding volcanoes.

6. Hike a Volcano

No visit to Nicaragua is complete without a visit to the Isla de Ometepe.

Located on Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe is home to two active volcanoes and has lots of activities on offer, including cycling, kayaking and of course volcano hiking.

If relaxation is more your thing, you can kick back and unwind on one of the island’s beautiful white-sand beaches.

7. Swim in the Caribbean 

With its pristine white-sand beaches and coconut groves, Little Corn Island is the perfect place to go when you want to relax and unwind. A quieter, more laid back version of its neighbour ‘Big Corn’, it really is a tropical island paradise.

The area boasts crystal clear waters which are perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing. Alternatively, you can simply relax and soak up the sun.

8. Stay on a Farm

If you are a nature lover, you should definitely add Miraflor Natural Reserve to your Nicaraguan itinerary.

Located in the north of the country, this national park is home to an array of interesting animal and plant life – especially orchids, of which it has over 200 different species. The park is also home to a number of small farms, some of which offer accommodation as well as bikes and horses to hire.

9. Laze by the Lagoon

Although less well known than the famous Lake Nicaragua, Apoyo Lagoon is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Located close to Granada, this crater-lake boasts abundant wildlife, pristine waters and spectacular natural scenery.

It also has protected status and a ban on water boats, making it the perfect location for swimming.

10. Turtles and Trails 

If you plan to visit San Juan del Sur, it’s worth building in a trip to this nearby nature reserve where endangered olive ridley and leatherback turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

The best time to see turtles is at night, between July and January, with September and October seeing the biggest influx. Aside from turtles, the reserve also offers a couple of good walking trails, a pleasant beach and some resident monkeys.

11. Monkey Around

Don’t leave Nicaragua without visiting the Río San Juan. Marking the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, this impressive river makes its way through green hills, lush jungle and wetlands before reaching the Caribbean Sea.

The river runs through the Indo Maiz Biological Reserve, home to many endangered species including spider monkeys, jaguars and giant anteaters.

While it may not be as famous as its Caribbean neighbours, Nicaragua really does have plenty to offer as a holiday destination. There really is something for everyone whether you’re interested in wildlife, architecture or adventure – or simply want to sit back and relax on a beautiful beach.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your suitcase, your guide book and your worldwide travel insurance and jump on the next flight. The land of lakes and volcanoes is waiting!

Ometepe | Backpacking in Nicaragua

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Welcome to Nicaragua – Hostal Monte Cristi, Managua

Managua airport hotels

First impressions of Nicaragua? The people are so friendly! That can also be said about the Filipino couple, Calvin and Molly, who run Hostal Monte Cristi, Managua (Nicaragua’s capital)! This is our first stop in the Central American country and we quickly realised that we’ve made a great decision taking the dreaded red-eye flights from Orlando to Managua!

Molly and Calvin Hostal Monte Cristi, Managua

The Stress of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines gets a bad rap; lost bags, delayed flights, hidden costs but in reality, their website is pretty transparent (and well designed) and they are cheap – so you pay for what you get. For $282 / £194 we flew from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a timely manner then Fort Lauderdale to Managua, Nicaragua. True to form this flight was delayed by two hours but the airline got us there in one piece and the steward staff were lovely. I really didn’t agree with this though –

Spirit Airlines Hostal Monte Cristi Nicaragua Managua

It’s not even a boarding pass, how can they charge us for not bringing the bit of paper that tells us that it’s not a boarding pass?!

Proof of Leaving Nicaragua

I’d read the frantic posts about Spirit Airlines (and other airlines) requesting onward transport out of Nicaragua. This ended up not being the case for us but I am way too much of a square to have risked it.

I found the following helpful information online and followed it. Pamela Rodriguez from Tica Bus replied quickly and we had tickets within a day.

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the scanned passports of the passengers, the desired route, time and date of travel
  2. Once Pamela receives the email she will forward the information to the Credit Department. They will contact you with the Credit Card Authorization Form
  3. Complete and sign the form and send it back to them via email.
  4. The Credit Department will charge your credit card and send the tickets via email
  5. The Credit Department functions Monday – Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm….processing of credit cards will happen during that schedule.

I randomly selected March 1st and although we don’t intend to take the Tica Bus on that date, we will use it at some point as we fly out of Costa Rica to Austin on March 13th. Pamela is going to change the date for us – excellent customer service.

Hostal Monte Cristi, Managua

We arrived at Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua at 02:30, bleary-eyed and unaware of an entrance tax! The airport representative took $20 USD from me then $10 from Craig. We advised her that’s all we had, and she shrugged and accepted it. Once I’d woken up I thought ‘that was strange’ so asked a fellow traveller. She only paid $10. I marched back and demanded change – absolute chancer!

Yamir, Molly and Calvin’s uncle, collected us from the airport and drove the four-minute journey to the gated community where Hostal Monte Cristi is situated. Calvin greeted us, showed us where to get filtered water, and then to our rooms to get some sleep.

The ensuite room was clean, had two fans, towels, TV, wardrobe, and a comfy bed: just what we needed. We laughed at the welcome sign which said ‘enjoy but sleep with one eye open’ but were extra vigilant in locking up the MacBook and passports with the Pacsafe Bag Protector.

Hostal Monte Cristi Managua, Nicaragua Double Room

In the morning (OK, more like afternoon) we met Molly and Calvin in the outside social area, which has hammocks, tables, chairs, games, and a dog called Kiwi who likes to be stroked!

Managua Hostal Monte Cristi, Managua

We had cereal for breakfast whilst Calvin shared his tips on Nicaragua and answered our questions about their life. Hostal Monte Cristi has been open for one year. The couple moved from the Philippines to be closer to Calvin’s dad, who lives in Managua, which has given Calvin the chance to put his degree in marketing and Molly’s degree in international business to good use! They are the friendliest of hotel owners, fitting in well with our initial impressions of Nicaragua.

Hostal Monte Cristi, Managua Kitchen

Calvin then introduced us to the Nicaraguan chilled local beer, Toña, before we took a casual walk around the gated community, which has a shop, cafe, bakery (panadería) and randomly two hardware shops! Local kids giggled at us and the teenage boys!

Lucy's Bar Managua Hostal Monte Cristi, Managua

The afternoon was spent swinging on the hammocks before a dinner of pasta, which we prepared in the massive kitchen of Hostal Monte Cristi, no fighting over the pans in this hotel! Another bonus is that the hotel Wi-Fi is stronger than some of the places we’ve been to in North America, which meant I could catch up on some blogging.

Hostal Monte Cristi to UCA Bus Terminal

The trip into the UCA (pronounced OOCA) bus terminal took approximately 25 minutes and cost 130 córdobas /  £3.25.

Next StopLas Peñitas via Leon to spend two weeks staying/working at a beach lodge. A post on how to get the bus from Managua to Leon coming soon.

Website: Hostal Monte Cristi
Address: Caretera Norte, Managua 11057, Nicaragua
Contact: +505 8711 9069
Price: $33 USD / £22 / 926 córdobas
Notes: The complimentary airport shuttle runs from 05:00 – 23:00, there is a small charge for flights out with this time.

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Nicaragua Hostal Monte Cristi, Managua

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Thank you to Calvin and Molly for their hospitality, we were honoured to review their new hotel, an honest review as always.