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7 Best Travel Pants for Men Review [Updated]

Best Travel Pants for Men Review

Dilemma: you are taking a travel trip with a purpose. There is that business meeting in NYC, a wedding in Santorini or a date trip with the other half and you need to trade your boardies for the best travel pants.

I (Craig) don’t believe we are one type of travel fan. At different times in our lives (or even a year), our reasons for travel differ and sometimes we need to look business even if we feel backpacker, so here is a guide to the best travel pants for men online has to offer with tips on what to look for before purchasing too.

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Best Mens Travel Pants Overview

Choosing Your Travel Trousers

When deciding which pants are the best fit (boom boom) you may want to consider the following specifications.


Can the mens travel trousers fold or roll away neatly into small cabin bags or busy backpacks for days on end without resembling the skin of a Shar-Pei?

Materials such as wools, nylon and polyester tend to come out on top for crushability ratings.


Gemma’s uncle has to change his suit twice a day on business trips to Saudi Arabia.

He needs this travel trousers review. We need our ‘trews to let our hairy bods breathe in warmer climates yet keep off the chill in colder.


The storage category is two-fold. Can the backpacking pants be packed (see crushability) and does it have pockets?

There is an increasing trend for designers to add internal and hidden pockets for essentials such as passports and currency to help ward off opportunists.

My friend is just back from Paris; there’s this scam where entertainers ask tourists to guess which cup the item is under while thieves rifle through bystanders’ pockets and bags – don’t be a fool!

Finally, now that our phones resemble iPads, we need these pockets to be big, Mary Poppins style.


This category covers the feel of the travel trousers on your body and the ability to carry them and keep to luggage restrictions; it’s not only the budget airlines that are cracking down now. If they are lightweight, it’s an excuse to pack two different colours.

Waterproof yet quick dry

Ever tried to dry your everyday threads on a bed and breakfast radiator after a Scottish downpour?

Since many of our trips involve one-night stops, the pants need to keep the rain off but dry quickly with minimum support.

No one wants to bag wet clothes (hello damp smell) or wear clammy outdoor trousers, so quick-dry pants are worth the investment.

Hey good lookin’

Finally, and most importantly, our new travel pants must make us look and feel good.

Especially when your other half is Instagram obsessed.

Versatile colours that can match nicely with the limited clothes you can pack in a bag are a big win.

So now we know how hard it is to find the best travel pants.

Let’s put the top seven through the wringer.

Travel Pants Review 2021

Convertible Travel Pants

The following travel pants have a split personality – turning from full length to shorts in less than two minutes flat.

Avid travellers and adventure lovers will appreciate how versatile these converter travel pants are.

Convertible pants don’t have to be ugly just because they are practical!

Columbia Silver Ridge

These stylish straight-legged Columbia Silver Ridge US / UK are 100% nylon travel trousers and have much to offer.


  • Side cargo pocket
  • Quick-dry (Omni-wick material)
  • UPF factor 50 material (Omni-shade)
  • Zip-off above the knee (stylish, not frumpy)
  • Right/left identified for ease while attaching
  • Functional pants


  • Reviews say to order one size bigger

White Sierra Point

White Sierra UK has been making travel pants since the 1970s and is a trusted family-run brand.

The Sierra Point zip-off action will keep you cool in warmer climates. 100% nylon material.


  • Quick-dry woven nylon
  • Teflon fabric protection
  • 10″ inseam shorts measurement
  • UPF factor 30 sun protection
  • Pockets galore – 2 front, 2 cargo, 1 ‘rip + stick’ back pocket


  • Beige colour not to every man’s tastes (other colours available)
  • Not as attractive as the Columbia Silver Ridge above
  • UK only

Best Chinos Pants

A step up from the safari look, these pants are suave and more suitable for dinner dates and business meetings.


When it comes to best men’s dress pants these are my personal choice because they are stylish yet practical, combining the best of the above-mentioned pants.

Bluffworks comes in a variety of six colours (charcoal, harvest gold, steel blue, navy blue, khaki and stone) which you can mix and match with the suit jacket.

There’s also a choice of two fits ‘regular $98’ and ‘chino $125’ (I’m sporting steel blue chinos below). These Bluffworks really are comfortable pants for travel.

Bluffworks men’s pant’s zipper pockets are perfect for keeping personal items close and protected.

Discreet zips can be found on one bottom pocket and one side pocket.

The opposite open side pocket has an internal zip which is flush with the body.

Bluffworks are expanding its travel range; they now have a quilted travel vest which is stylish yet practical for storing your belongings.

Don’t believe me?

Read our review here

For me, Bluffworks does the best travel clothes for men on the market at present. 


  • Quick-dry nylon
  • Water-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight 5.31 oz.
  • Extremely good looking
  • Cleverly hidden pockets
  • Pockets big enough for a phone
  • Delivers worldwide


  • I like my suits super skinny, so tailored to create an even slimmer fit look (I am very slim, not by choice!)
  • Not on Amazon – buy direct (I’m a cheerleader)

Bluffworks travel suit | Travel chinos

Comfortable travel trousers Bluffworks


Rainer Travel Chino

UNIONBAY men’s Rainer chino pants USA / UK are lightweight and look great.

Popular, so often difficult to find, the Rainer pants are dual-purpose chinos – they look nice so work for smart travel gear but also work as active pants.

They are water-resistant and quick drying, so ideal for those hiking and moving on between trips quickly. Made from 94% nylon and 6 % spandex.


  • Stretch
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • UPF 50


  • Big fit
  • Sell out quickly

Men’s Hiking Pants

From Tarzan to trekking, the following robust action pants are tough, so suitable for many terrains.

Craghoppers Kiwi

Smart yet sturdy, Craghoppers is a well-known brand trusted by many internationally regarding hiking pants for men.

The Classic Kiwi US / UK has nine pockets, five of which have zips and one big enough for a map for those who are looking for quality men’s hiking pants.

The Kiwi comes with a belt and is made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton.


  • Best-selling Craghoppers range
  • Quick-drying
  • Water repellent
  • SolarShield fabric (UPF50)
  • 9 pockets


  • Not waterproof

Free Soldier

Free Soldier trousers US / UK are sturdy but also stylish.

Made with 100% breathable nylon and comes in 4 colours (green, black, grey, mud)


  • Rip-stock fabric
  • Stretch waist adds 2 inches
  • 6 pockets (hand, zipper, and back)
  • Waterproof Teflon-coated material
  • Lightweight travel cargo pants


  • Colour can vary from that advertised
  • Limited reviews

prAna Stretch Zion

prAna Stretch Zion US / UK is a popular hiking pants.

Prone to getting hot around the boys?

PrAna offers a ventilated inseam gusset. You read that right. Made from 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex so, scratch durable yet flexible.


  • Ventilation around the privates
  • Roll-up leg snaps
  • Cargo pocket
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Variety of colours


  • Not quite streamline if that’s your look

Best Comfortable Pants

Long haul flights or overnight bus journeys are not comfortable in the majority of travel pants so that’s where casual pants are recommended.

prAna Sutra

Not quite jogging pants because jogging pants would be too heavy for travel, the prAna Sutra US / UK is a lightweight alternative that does not skimp on comfort. Ideal flight pants for international travel.

The Sutra pant is made from a mix of hemp, recycled polyester and spandex. The waist is held up by a drawstring, and the pants come in various colours.


  • Comfy
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-dry
  • UPF 50+
  • Variety of colours


  • Drawstring belts are not for everyone

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best men’s pants to wear on a long flight
    PrAna’s pants are the most comfortable pants suitable for long-haul flights as well as overnight bus journeys and long road trips.

  • What are the best travel pants for hot weather?
    It is advisable to go for a convertible pant if you are visiting warm climates. That way you can have the best of both worlds – long trousers for night and shorts for day wear/hiking.

  • Which are the best travel pants for Europe?
    Personally, I think Bluffworks travel pants are the top choice for a trip to Europe. They are classy enough for an evening at the opera in Vienna yet casual too; you wouldn’t look out of place at a sports game.
  • What are the best pants for RTW travel?
    Convertibles! Columbia Silver Ridges as an example.

Final Words

At present, there is a huge variety of pants to suit every budget, which this review has detailed, from men’s walking trousers to the best backpacking pants.

Whether you are bird watching on safari or at Dublin’s Temple Bar, there is a type of travel pants for every male traveller.

You may also like our guide to men’s plaid shirts.

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Over to you.
Which are your favourites?

Best Travel Gear | 40 Items for your Travel Bag (+ the bag!)

Colca Canyon Peru Hike Day Bag

Looking for the best travel gear to invest in for your next big adventure? Whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime further afield or a staycation close to home, a hiking holiday or a city break, our prefered travel equipment guide has got you covered

We’ve personally tried and tested the following travel items so you can confidently purchase knowing that your money is being well spent.

Remember, some travel gear is worth the investment. The saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ does apply to some of the following.

However, since we are all about affordable travel, we have indicated where you can save and where you should invest.

Gemma back to camera with arms in air with Stac Pollaidh mountain backdrop Scotland

Best Travel Luggage

Preferred Travel Rucksacks

Craig and I (Gemma) have been travelling around Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe since 2013.

Our weapon of choice for travel backpack was the Vango Freedom 80-litre which comes with a handy detachable 20-litre daypack.

Would I buy it again? No. Since the zips were an issue.

What would I choose instead?

The Apple of backpacks, Osprey US / UK.

The reason? You just can’t beat the quality of the Osprey backpack.

I compare the ‘king of bags’ to other popular models on the market here.

Alternatively, if you prefer a bag with wheels, read this review.

Now that we’re older and much of travel is road trip based, our choice of travel luggage is a rolling suitcase.

We have invested in Samsonite cases, pricy but haven’t failed us yet.

Vango Rucksack at airport

Waterproof Bag Cover

This sacred item features in our packing lists and gift guides!

It is lightweight, attaches to your bag and saves your electronics from being ruined and your day pack from going soggy.

My heart stopped in Vietnam after a downpour in Sapa.

My camera had stopped working.

Cue the need for this Osprey waterproof bag US / UK.

Easy to use, you just pull it around the bag, clip it in the middle underneath the straps and drawstring the top.

Osprey Bag Cover

Weekend Bags

Love, love, love the Eagle Creek carry-on US / UK

It’s light, nice looking and very durable.

I use the retractable handle to wheel it along and the pull to carry it like a bag.

We also have Samsonite carry-on cases for weekend trips that require a flight.

Eagle Creek Expanse

Craig uses the 40l CabinZero backpack which is simple in design so don’t expect any back support.

The zip opens all the way around the bag like a clam revealing a huge space with one internal zipped section inside.

There are two pull handles, one at the top and the other to the side.

Cabin Zero Bag

Day Pack

I really adore the style, size and handles on my Kanken.

My fave thing about the bag is that it has straps to use a backpack and handles at the top for lifting like a handbag.

There’s a nifty section that sits flat against your back and fits a laptop.

The downside is that water bottles don’t fit in the side pocket.

I now have the Osprey Daylite US / UK which is slick but supportive.

Outlander Falkland Two Scots Abroad

Craig uses the Osprey Talon 22L US / UK hiking backpack which has a breathable back and clips for back support.

There is a large back opening, a small zipped area at the top and a compartment at the waist for small items.

Craig on Victoria Street with Osprey Bag

Additional Baggage

I do have three more travel luggage tips for you and they are all inexpensive.

Firstly, buy a tote canvas bag.

Many European countries now adopt the 5p plastic bag policy, it’s also better for the environment and we all owe the world a high five for the flights, 14-hour bus trips and taxi rides.

I’ve now upped the tote game and have a Decathlon tote that converts into a backpack so I can use the tote when going into restaurants and the backpack for sightseeing.

The second tip is to pack a light drawstring bag, you often get these free at festivals and conferences.

These bags are great for carrying wet swimwear or packed lunches as you can attach the strings to the clips on your day bag.

Finally, the mighty bumbag or fanny pack as you North Americans like to call it, causing us Brits mass hysteria, look it up.

I like to think of myself as a stylish traveller, many would say the bumbag lets me down but it’s really useful for festivals, skiing and hikes.

Big enough for your phone, small purse and lip salve. I can fit my new camera in mine!

Bumbag Fanny Pack Ski Gear

Anti-Theft Travel Bags

During our career break where we travelled around the Americas and Europe for 17 months, we avoided any nasty security situations with a travel safe bag called Pacsafe backpack and bag protector US / UK.

It does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a net that keeps your belongings safe.

For it to work effectively, place your passport, money, electronics into a zipped day bag, put the bag into the net and pull it closed.

Next wrap the cable around a non-moving object (bed frame, pipe, or similar) and clip shut.

Finally secure a padlock through the clip, throwing a towel or unassuming jacket over the bag.

This is especially important for travellers who stay in multi-dorm hostels.

Sure, if someone wants to steal your possessions they could cut the wire but opportunists don’t tend to be so well equipped when they live out of a rucksack.

Initially, I purchased the Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L (a large black bag with the net embedded inside) but returned it as it was heavy.

PacSafe Net Travel Safety

Essential Travel Electronics

Best Lightweight Cameras For Travel

This year I wanted to up my visuals game and after much research splurged on the Sony A600 but soon changed to the Canon M50 US / UK.

I switched because Canon feels sturdier and I am prone to breaking things.

Another appeal was that the Canon has a swivel screen which is ideal for filming.

I always carry an additional battery, fully charged and additional SD cards.

I don’t override cards, storing them in case I lose versions on the computer/hard drive. 

I have invested in camera bags in the past but they tend to be bulky so now go for a make-up bag to store it in, professionals will be rolling their eyes.


If you buy anything before you travel make it an external hard drive like my Transcend Storejet 2TB US / UK.

I am the clumsiest person you don’t know and it’s still knocking about.

This is where I store all of my images, videos and files and I have a lot.

Since Craig is working with video we went for the speedy Sandisk SSD US / UK.

Pricier but uploads fast and is very durable.

If doing a longer trip, load it up with films for watching when you hit your accommodation.

You will want some downtime.

I used a second cheaper hard drive for this as I didn’t want potentially dodgy files killing my images.

I also recommend uploading your images to another server.

I use Google Drive and purchased the extra storage option.

I edit my images with Adobe Lightroom and have recently purchased the Adobe package which includes Photoshop and Premiere Pro (video).

We now use a Manfrotto tripod US / UK teamed up with the Canon app for couple shots.

Palau Nacional Barcelona Craig Gemma_


Ok, the fun part!

We have a new addition to the electronic family, the GoPro Hero for adventure trips.

We used to travel with a Toshiba action camera because it was cheaper but the difference in physical quality and visual quality is night and day.

The Hero is easy to use, has three frames (linear, wide and very wide), can take images, film and comes with an app (Quik).

Personally, I prefer to edit with iMovie or Premiere Pro.

We used the wide lens option to capture our silhouettes at Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland.

Couple at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Iceland sunset

Mobile Phones

After years of avoiding Apple, I am now a fully fledged Apple user.

I use the iPhone for photography when I can’t be bothered carrying my camera, Lightroom for quick edits, the Notes app for jotting down ideas and lists and Spotify for music.

However, I do prefer Google Maps for maps.

When on the road, I work on a MacBook Air because it’s lightweight.

I use the SanDisk Extreme Portage SSD UK / US a hard drive to backup files since the storage is limited.

Here’s one of the first pictures of me, Gemma, blogging back in 2015 in Peru!

Blogging is Making Me Ill Travel

Best Travel Accessories List

Here are the generic must-have travel accessories we pack.

Skross universal plug US / UK with two USB sockets so you can charge your phone and other devices or be nice and share with others.

Anker mobile phone banks US / UK. Charge them up and pop them in your day bag.

Remember the cables for your phones/devices so when the battery is low you can stay connected.

Don’t forget your bank card reader.

Eye masks for obvious reasons and flags for not.

Flags or large ponchos/throws make great fort building material in hostel dorms so you can feel like you have private space in a room full of 14.

Hydration tablets US / UK were a tip-off by a British doctor we met in Cuba.

That rum tastes good but does not feel good the next day.

Hydration tablets are dropped into a pint of water, they fizz up and once consumed, lift that hazy head.

For mosquito repellent we use DEET-free Avon So Soft US / UK.


Because DEET is aggressive and burns plastic.

If using, keep it away from your sunglasses!

We lugged around the Lifesystems mosquito net for a year and never used it once.

Most of your accommodation will have nets if needed in South and Central America.

First aid kits are essential, get the next level up which includes needles just in case you need blood taken in a foreign country.

You cannot assume they have the same standards as home.

Stay stomach safe with a filtering bottle while doing your bit for the environment check out Water To Go (quote TSA15 at checkout for 15% off).

For trips where you can drink the tap water, we love the Super Sparrow – Craig prefers the screw top, where as I go for the straw US / UK.

Avoid items that spill/explode like nail varnish, opt for solid shampoos, conditioners and soaps.

Exploded nail varnish in a tub

They also take up less room. I love Lush’s ranges. You can read my full packing list for ladies here.

Do not travel without insurance and make sure you check that the policy covers high altitude hikes if going to Machu Picchu and winter sports if skiing or boarding.

We use True Traveller because it ticked those boxes, the customer service was great and it was not as expensive as its competitors.

I claimed in Vancouver when I was diagnosed with ear crystals (dizziness) and attended physiotherapy twice.

True Traveller covered the GP visit as well as the physio (minus the excess).

World Nomads is a very popular multi-destination travel insurance too. They serve worldwide customers while True Traveller is only for Europeans.

Travel Gear For Men

Craig has been known to hike in skinny jeans – he really is the epitome of ‘no gear but some idea’.

He tends to panic when we get to the location as he’s packed various versions of the wrong thing so don’t be Craig!

There are a few things he does get right though and a travel vest is one.

If you told Craig a few years ago he’d be rocking a vest he would have said ‘no chance’.

Now he works the Bluffworks Oslo vest which has so many discreet pockets it doubles up as a day bag.

A pickpocket was unsuccessful in Barcelona thanks to these secret pockets!

Here’s our travel vest comparison guide.

Craig wearing Bluffworks vest

For hikes and road trips, Craig’s outside gear of choice is the Mountain Equipment waterproof coat US / UK.

An expert told us that the Mountain Equipment is so waterproof it’s splashproof so I bought two.

Yes, we have his and hers waterproof coats. Gross.

Planning on hitting the road? Here’s our road trip packing list.

Craig and Gemma Mount Asahidake Japan_

Mens Travel Shoes

For travel shoes, Craig likes to balance looking good with being practical.

He lives in his leather Scarpa hiking boots which he says feel like slippers. Read our full review here.

Scarpa leather hiking boot._

Depending on the weather, he usually packs a pair of plimsoll trainers/sneakers and flip-flops too.

Obviously, sunglasses are a travel must for Craig, got to complete that look.

Craig Salt Flats Bolivia_

Travel Gear For Women

I, on the other hand, am all gear and no idea.

During big trips, I never travel without my Marmot Precip waterproof coat US / UK.

It’s thin, looks trendy enough and folds away into its own pocket.

If I know that the weather is going to be awful, like our trip to Iceland, I’ll pack my Equipment Rupal US / UK.

It’s one of the top five travel items I’ve invested in. Nothing is getting through this bad boy.

Craig decided to get one too after the experience in the image below!

Rain Iceland hike. Mountain Equipment jacket, hat. Gemma and Craig._

For colder trips, I also carry a Rab down jacket USA / UK which just replaced an old North Face version which I had for over a decade and it was second hand.

Well worth investing in.

Louvre Gemma_

I hike in either hiking trousers or gym pants with these waterproofs over the top USA / UK.

A new addition to my packing list is the tartan cape.

I’m a cold person (externally) so I like a cape as it can be used as a cover as well as a coat. Makes for great pictures too.

Gemma Eiffel Tower tartan cape

I always pack a little black dress.

For summer, I wear it with sandals and a cardigan at night.

In colder months, I team it up with a t-shirt or polo neck.

It’s ideal for hiding a bloated travel belly and it is easy to remove a bikini underneath it while retaining your dignity!

I share lots of hacks like this in my female packing list.

Craig and Gemma Belfast Pub

I tend to leave jeans at home and back black yoga pants instead as they are comfy for travelling in and double up as disco pants.

Uyuni Salt Flats Salt Mountain Bolivia_

Ladies Travel Shoes

For travel shoes, I hike in Salomon Ellipse trek trainers US / UK to save space and weight or Salomon Quest walking boot US / UK for big hikes.

I tape up my ankles using Leukotape US / UK which was a winning tip from a Canadian hiker in Nicaragua.

Salomon Quest Ladies Boots

I like Havianas flip-flops US / UK because they last and are great for communal showers, post-hike evenings and sunny beach days.

Black trainers are recommended as they go with everything and still look smart.

Dunrobin Castle Craig Gemma Fountain gardens North Coast 500 Scotland_

Travel Gift Guides

The perfect travel gift ideas for every budget and style of travel.

Travel gifts under $20 for all styles of travel image with palm trees.
Zero waste gifts for all the family images of travel water bottle, Nessie tea strainer, bamboo cutlery, metal straw

Destination Gift Guides

If they love London or pine for Paris they’ll love the following gift guides.

Paris gift guide - perfect gifts for Paris obsessed (text) with image of champagne flutes cheersing in Paris
London gift guide - gifts for her, him and the home (text) and image of London Tower and UK flag

Scotland Gift Guides

The perfect Scotland themed gifts for her, him and the home.

Scotland gifts and Scotland inspired gifts - image of Harry Potter train, John o' Groat colorful houses, Edinburgh Castle, and a deer.
Harris Tweed Gifts - image of tweed chair, suit, lamp and bag

7 Top Travel Vests with Pockets for Men + Women [New]

Travel Vests with Pockets Review

Gone are the days where thieves could spot the tourist in a safari-looking travel vest! In fact, today’s stylish travel vests are actually anti-theft products.

At first glance, they look like attractive windbreakers but underneath the material, you can pack away passports, tickets and cards protected by RFID technology. Ideal travel gear for minimalist travel.

Here’s an up-to-date guide to the best travel vests with pockets for both men and women. Keep reading for a comparison table, factors to consider before buying and six of the best lightweight travel vests on the market.

Best Travel Vests with Pockets Comparison Table

Choosing Your Travel Vest

Consider the following factors before buying your travel vest/gilet/windbreak. 

Also, 5/6 recommended products are available on Amazon Prime.

Amazon offers a free 30-day trial for two-day delivery free of charge.

You can cancel Prime once you’ve done your shopping, or continue to gain access to Prime Video and Music. 

Click here to read more.

UK readers can sign up here.


You need your vest to be comfortable and breathable in warmer climates. Sweat is not sexy! It also helps if the vest can be washed in sinks and dries without wrinkles.

You can expect the top brands to offer a travel vest with hidden pockets option so you can store your personal belongings close to you. Some even swap the day bag for a travel vest.

Zips tend to be prefered over velcro fastenings for extra protection and coverage although velcro allows faster removal.


Go for a lightweight material which makes packing the travel vest in your day bag or carry-on luggage easier.

Airlines are becoming stricter on how much you can actually pack in your cabin bag, a lighter material will mean you can pack more.

Even better, wear the travel vest in transit and have your personal belongings close to your heart, literally!


Keep your back and chest dry with a waterproof travel vest.

Trying to dry travel gear on small hotel radiators is no fun! A fast-drying travel vest will solve this.

RFID Protected

It’s not just pickpockets that are the issue in travel crime, today more established thieves can swipe our data from our bank cards and the like.

RFID travel products prevent these scams from happening. 

Inside Pockets

The best thing about using a vest during your travels is the ability to hide your personal items.

A pickpocket in Barcelona attempted to get into Craig’s front pocket but luckily he was wearing a vest and his wallet and phone were hidden inside.

We had been warned by our Facebook community about the high number of pickpocketing incidents in the city so we were pretty pleased to get away from that situation with a positive story to share!


You don’t want to look like you are going fishing when really we are gallery visiting in Florence!

The way the travel vest looks is very important. Take into consideration the style, the colour and most importantly, the fit.

Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona Craig Bluffworks Pockets

Travel Vest Review

1. SCOTTeVEST Travel Vest

  • Weight: Featherweight

There is no denying that SCOTTeVEST is the Mercedes of the travel vest market and with good reason too.

The main material is treated Teflon making it breathable but rain repellent.

There are 26 pockets on the SCOTTeVEST Featherweight for both men and women vests.

You can tuck away phones (inside pocket), wallets, keys, one pocket has an extendable holder, sunglasses (front pocket), small cameras and even tablets via large inside pocket.

Ideal for moving through airport customs efficiently.

Interestingly, women’s multi-pocket vests tend to have fewer pockets, SCOTTeVest has not discriminated against the ladies!

You can listen to music or speak on your phone via earphones discreetly with SCOTTeVEST’s patented Personal Area Network (PAN).

PAN allows you to hide cables within the jacket.

This is especially handy if you need to charge a phone via a battery pack (we recommend Anker battery charger US / UK which stores two charges worth for energy).

RFID protected pockets are especially for credit cards, blocking 13.56 MHz frequencies.

SCOTTeVEST has been dominating the market since the Millennium and one of the features that fans enjoy most is the weight management system which distributes the balance of weight across the garment.

In saying that, you don’t want to overload the vest or you will be weighed down while sightseeing.

With just the necessities required for trekking, SCOTTeVests would make great hiking vests with pockets.

This is the leading brand on the market when it comes to vests so let’s now see if there are any SCOTTeVest alternatives!

  • Pros: 26 pockets, RFID technology.
  • Cons: Avoid packing too much for walking.

» » Buy MenWomen « «

Women Travel Vest with Pockets

2. ExOfficio Sol Cool FlyQ

  • Weight: 12.6oz

A celebrated cheaper alternative to the SCOTTeVEST is the ExOfficio’s FlyQ travel vest for both men US / UK  and women US / UK.

The material is 100% nylon with Teflon Shield+ technology.

This vest is aimed at warmer climate travels with its sun-repelling UPF 30 fabric and its heat-releasing/cooling Sol Cool technology. 

There are eight interior pockets on the FlyQ and two exterior pockets for all the usual travel mods and cons.

The women’s Sol Cool FlyQ looks slightly different with a waistband drawcord if you want to make the vest look more flattering.

It offers the same qualities as above. 

  • Pros: Economical, sun vacation-specific.
  • Cons: Women’s version is long.

» Buy Men US / UK  «

 » Buy Women US / UK «

3. Bluffworks Oslo Vest (Men)

Woohoo! Our beloved Bluffworks have branched out from just travel suits (read our travel pants review here).

Their newest travel product is the Horizon Oslo Vest.

This is the best looking travel vest in our review, best suited to those who like to look sharp during their travels. 

Travel vests with inside pockets don’t have to look stuffy, the navy and black Olso Bluff vests really are aesthetically pleasing. 

Craig likes to match his vest with a plaid shirt or plan t-shirt.

This vest is his go-to transit coat and it offers natural water resistance.

The main shell material is quick-drying polyester making it machine washable.

There are five hidden pockets on this lightweight travel vest, the largest pocket fits a large phone.  

Guess what? We had an attempted pickpocket situation in Barcelona.

As we entered the metro, a man stood up quickly just before the doors were about to close and brushed past Craig.

A local behind Craig nudged him to tell him that the pickpocket tried to get into his pocket.

God bless the travel vest!

Craig had his phone and wallet tucked into the INSIDE pockets so there was nothing for the pickpocket to get.

The vest closes via a zipper, keeping those internal pockets safe.

The collar stands up to give it that suave look.

Can be worn on top of shirts or under a suit jacket like the ridiculously stylish yet practical for travel, Gramercy Blazer.

This really is an all year round winner but also a stylish summer vest with pockets.

  • Pros: Stylish, quilted, lightweight.
  • Cons: Men only. 

» Click here to shop for Bluffworks Oslo Vest « 

Note: images below of the discontinued Bluffworks Horizon Vest.

Sagrada Familia Ayre Hotel Rooftop Craig Armit Wearing Bluffworks
Bluffworks Travel Vest_

4. AyeGear V26 (unisex)

One of the newest travel vests is the unisex AyeGear V26 US / UK and due to its sensitive touch pockets, it is the most up to date technology-wise.

The material is machine washable and breathable but a little on the warm side in hot climates.

There are 26 pockets in total, internally and externally. One of the internal pockets is big enough for a phone and is part sensitive touch which means you can change music, send quick messages or make calls without removing the phone. Ideal for hiking trips.

The AyeGear V26 has vertical external top pockets in comparison to the SCOTTeVEST which has horizontal (items can fall out easier when unzipped with horizontal).

There is a card organiser and coin pocket inside the vest as well as a retractable cord for keys.

To the rear of the vest, there is a pocket that can fit a 15” laptop, although this would not be comfortable during your travels.

Technically you can leave your garments in the coat during airport security but of late new rules state that all electronics tablet or larger must be placed in separate boxes.

  • Pros: It can pack a lot, touchscreen pocket.
  • Cons: Unisex fitting not always ideal.

» » Buy AyeGear V26 US / UK « «

5. North Face

North Face is a brand used for weekend gear as well as travel.

Always slick, the Thermoball Vest (man US / UK and woman US / UK) is good looking and stylish.

This down vest has the North Face trademark quilted squares which sit flat so don’t make you look big and bulky.

It comes with large pockets for storage, although these are not discreet or RFID like the SCOTTeVest.

There are over 25 shades and designs to choose from including camouflage and classic navy.

Windproof and water-resistant, the Thermoball runs a little on the large size.

  • Pros: Stylish.
  • Cons: Runs big in size.

 » » Buy man US / UK and woman US / UK) « «

6. Allegra K Quilted Gilet

The Allegra K Women’s Gilet Jacket Stand Collar Lightweight Quilted Zip Vest US / UK is a popular choice for a ladies vest. 

It is definitely marketed more as a fashion item than travel but reviews say it is well made and of great quality for the price.

It comes in a variety of shades including baby blue and pale pink.

The quilted vest has a silver zipped front and two zipped pockets.

  • Pro: Lots of shades.
  • Cons: USA true to size, UK mixed reviews for sizing.

» » Buy Allegra K Women’s Gilet US / UK  ««

7. Little Donkey Andy Men’s Lightweight Softshell Vest

Readers have purchased this vest for its windproof capabilities making it a good contender for hiking, running and golfing.

This Little Donkey men’s vest US / UK is also water repellent. 

It has three layers.

The surface is treated to repel water, the middle layer is breathable and is made from a waterproof TPU membrane while the outer layer is made from polyester synthetic material.

There are three external pockets.

According to customers, the vest runs small so consider going up a size if purchasing.

It is lightweight at 10.09 ounces.

  • Pros: Waterproof
  • Cons: No inside pocket

» » Buy Little Donkey Vest for Men US / UK  ««

Final Words

Travel vests have moved on vastly from the stuffy old beige safari-looking days! Now there is not only a choice of shades but also seasons.

You can pack as little or as much as you can carry and can use the travel vest to move swiftly through security and safely through cities.

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Which travel vest do you prefer? Tell us below.

Zero Waste Gifts For All the Family

Zero waste gifts

Stressing about the amount of waste and plastic that the festive period and birthday parties bring? You’ve come to the right place. This zero-waste gift guide shares ideas for everyone in the family from the workaholic to those with wanderlust, without shoving your environmental agenda down their throat (too much). Let’s help create a band of ‘progress not perfection’ single-use plastic-free fans for 2019.

Zero Waste Gift Ideas

For The Office Worker

Assuming the worker in your life is a savvy saver and takes their own lunch to work, a vintage-looking tin packed lunch box is a really nice alternative to a plastic box.

Dump the clingfilm/Saran wrap in exchange for these reusable sandwich bags US / UK.

Cute designs and eco-friendly. The Boc n’ Roll spreads out, you wrap the food around it and close it with the velcro tab. Easy. 

Boc n Roll Reusable Sandwich Bag Boc n Roll Reusable Sandwich Bag

For The Coffee Lover

Stylish yet plastic-free, the KeepCup US / UK is one of the most popular zero-waste items on the internet.

The KeepCup was created by coffee shop owners in Austalia who wanted a more sustainable solution to disposable cups.

The cup itself is made from tempered soda lime glass with a silicone or cork band to avoid burnt fingers.

The plastic lid is BPA/BPS-free. It kind of feels like a kid’s sippy cup but in a cool way. 

For The Party Goer

Did you know that over 500 million plastic straws are used every day in the USA alone?

Although many companies like McDonalds and bars like Wetherspoons are moving towards paper straw use there is no guarantee that everyone is doing so.

An alternative is a steel straw like this collapsible one US / UK which folds away into a small box. It comes with a cleaning stick too.

Warning: people have a habit of taking your eco straws when you are not looking *heavy eye roll*. 

Glitter looks awesome as part of a party outfit and all the rage at beach parties but it is awful for marine life if the party moves to the sea.

There is a variety of ethical glitter such as Minke US / UK

Collapsable Straws
Collapsable Straws

For The Hiker

Hands down one of the best bottles on the market for hikers is the Tree Tribe water bottle. 

What’s the appeal? It not only keeps water cool for a day but also hot liquids hot for six hours.

Sure, many bottles do this but what makes it so useful for hikers is that there is a hook which you can attach to a bag.

There is no plastic on the bottle, the lid is made from bamboo. The packaging is also paper-based.

If travelling abroad to countries with dodgy tap water, consider a filtering and purification bottle like Water To Go (claim 15% off, quote TSA15 at checkout).

 » » Read next: our travel water bottle review « «

Tree Tribe Bottle Gift

For The Travel Lover

The travel fans will appreciate any of the items listed which are light to carry and save cash. 

A space saver option is a solid shampoo and a tin.

I’ve used a variety of these while on the road and at home.

The extra bonus is that solid toiletries are spill-free so no chance of liquids exploding in your bag.

Solid toiletries do need some time to dry so leave the lid off overnight when you can to prevent them from going gloopy.

Getting personal, the female traveller in your life might be interested in a sanitary cup like the Diva Cup US or similar. 

The cup is entered after folding it into a C shape then allowing it to unfold once up there.

Not going to lie, it is tricky to insert but you get used to it.

The best practice is to do it in the shower in a squatting position.

After 10-12 hours, pinch the bottom, breaking the seal suction and then pour the contents down the loo, give it a clean and insert again. Saves a lot of money, space, and is zero waste.

Alternatively, try period pants. I wear Cheeky Wipes, here’s 15% off orders of £40 for UK readers

 » » You may also like: 10 unique travel gifts under $20 « «

Menstrual Cup

For The Festival Goer

At some point throughout the event, gig-goers have to eat and unfortunately, at festivals the food is fast and the cutlery is plastic.

A workaround is to carry this light bamboo kit US / UK which includes a fork, knife, spoon, straw and cleaner. It comes wrapped in a cloth with a button. My only gripe is the inability to clean it unless you carry washing up liquid too (doubtful).

The committed might also consider a collapsible cup, although some bars might not let you refill though. One out of six bar staff refused me at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in comparison to the Vegan Beer Festival who gave attendees cups to refill.

Bamboo Cutlery Straw

For The Shopper

This is not revolutionary in any way but you can’t go wrong with a zero-waste bag!

Choose from a novelty design like NASA tote.

Yup, this is what I got Craig for his birthday.

Or make a statement with a tote with a message or slogan.

Plastic bags cost at least 5p in many Europeans countries to encourage shoppers to bring their own. Maybe they’ll use their tote bag when they do their zero waste shopping!

Tote Bag Gift

For The Beauty Queen

Where do I even start? So many options in the zero waste beauty range.

Ditch the wet wipes for face wash. Terrible for your skin and even the ‘flushable‘ ones end up blocking sewers.

I love Lush’s Ultrabland cleanser which you can team up with a washable muslin cloth or washable pads.

Lush lead the way when it comes to zero waste skincare because you can return five of your empty ‘not virgin’ tubs and claim your free face mask at Lush stores.

There is now a wide range of zero waste makeup companies such as Clean Faced Cosmetics [USA] and BandSApothecary [UK]. I’m bought the mascara in the tin as a gift. 

For The Beach Goer

Genius alert! Reusable beach cups US / UK which have triangular bottoms so you dig them into the sand to stop them falling over reusable beach cup.

They are referred to as beach spikers. They even come in Mr & Mrs wedding gift form.

For The Cook

The kitchen is actually one of the easiest places to start going single-use plastic-free but not necessarily a great area for gifts! Thinking outside of the box (boom boom) you could create hampers without the shrink wrap. Ideas include hampers for soup fans, tea lovers or even gin connoisseur!

For example, a tea-rific hamper could include:

  • Loose tea leaves
  • Tea strainer
  • A nice mug or two
  • Fun teaspoons
  • Quality boxed biscuits, without a plastic film where possible

I’m a big fan of hampers! I like to be creative with gifts.

Alternatively, if you know that your loved one would like some of the more general plastic-free options you could consider the following.

For storage, you could purchase mason jars. Why not film them with something quirky like glass drink miniatures and make a ‘bar in a jar’?

Or zero waste beauty products for a ‘spa in a jar’? This is what we made our friends to say thanks for helping us with our wedding party (we eloped then partied at home in Scotland). The bar in a jar went down well (full of the jokes today!)

My new go-to breakfast is overnight oats. Bang oats, milk and fruit (some peanut butter if feeling wild) into a small mason jar, clip closed and fridge it.

The result?

Gorgeously gooey oats in the morning.

Anything and everything can be stored in mason jars and they come in a variety of sizes

Not into jars?

Beeswax sheets are another alternative to clingfilm/saran wrap.

You place them over the dish and heat them up with your hands to mould them. Rinse under cold water and clean with a small amount of soap. The sheets have nice designs on them too. 

Nessie Tea Strainer

For The Clean Freaks

So this is not gift-worthy but worth discussing.

For cleaning, vinegar in glass bottles makes the perfect cleaner when mixed with water.

You can avoid the chippy smell by adding a few drops of essential oils.

I know this goes against the ‘Hinching’ craze but let’s be honest – as impressive as it is to watch one woman create an engaged community on Instagram Stories, hoard buying plastic bottles is awful for the environment.

I hope to see the zero waste/plastic free charities work with Mrs Hinch’s Home in the near future.

She has a captive audience and her influencer could be used for something positive (to borrow actress Jameela Jamil from Netflix’s The Good Place thoughts on Instagram influence).

After you’ve finished your next plastic disinfectant bottle, keep it and add the zero waste remedy to it.

Ask your grandparents about the use of vinegar for cleaning, it’s not a new concept.

For cleaning cloth, hold on to old clothes and create rags or invest in reusable sponges.

Wooden brushes with coconut fibres US / UK are also available and last for an age.

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For The Kids

OK, maybe this is a little preachy but there is a beautiful book called Duffy’s Lucky Escape US / UK which details the challenge of the plastic tide for marine life in story form.

It is based on a true story. What better time to help them consider their choices than when they are wee?

These tiny zero waste toothbrushes US  / UK are also cute.

I’m also throwing in some child-friendly bath bombs. 

Zero Waste Gifts Kids

For The Parents To Be

So much waste comes with having kids – baby showers, baby wipes, outsized clothing but regardless of this one aspect of baby life trumps everything – nappies/diapers.

Newborns go through 6-12 nappies per day (so I’m told) and disposable nappies take up to 500 years to decompose! 

The solution?

Cloth nappies/diapers US / UK.

Naturally, continual machine wash of cloth nappies/diapers will have an impact on the environment through electricity, drying outside and not via tumble drier is recommended where possible.

For The Bride To Be

An appreciated wedding present is a framed poster of some kind. In the past, we’ve framed first dance lyrics and creative couple portraits like this one by Claire Barclay Draws.

Get personal on paper! Below is an example we commissioned Claire to do. It’s my brother-in-law, Kyle and his wife, Ashley. Ashley said it was the best wedding gift they received (and she had no idea it was zero waste!)

Claire Barclay Draws Portraits

For Everyone

Screw stuff altogether and create a day out for you and your loved ones. Gigs, holidays, spas or sporting events, booking a ticket and creating a themed card to go with it is often the best zero waste gift you can buy, whether you are going to cramp style or not!

Also, I am in love with these ‘scratch and reveal’ gift cards. A perfect way to share the ‘experience’ gift.

Alternatively, give to charity.

Many non-profits offer certificates for packages such as education packs or clean water. My Mum always contributes to charity on our behalf as part of our Christmas gift.

I’ve bought a refugee survival kit from Choose Love for a wee member of the family. 

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

There’s a new wave in wrapping called furoshiki. Not new to Japan, this cloth-based wrapping technique is super popular amongst young folks today. The beauty of it is you can’t go wrong because there are lots of different ways to wrap with fabric.

Alternatively, brown paper makes a really nice base then use twine, scraps of fabric or leather cord to tie it up. Paper tape can be used to close the gift, it’s ridiculously expensive though and impossible to find in local shops.

Final Words

This guide to zero waste presents for every member of the family should help you in your quest to get the team onboard the single-use plastic-free campaign without them knowing it! High five to plastic freedom and one step closer to a greener life. 

Save for later!

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Zero waste gifts | zero waste Christmas | zero waste gifts for kids | eco-friendly gifts | best christmas gifts for the family | Family christmas gifts | best christmas gifts for everyone | Holiday gift guide for the entire family | what to buy for christmas | Holiday presents for the family



What’s your favourite zero waste gift to give?

Tell us in the comments below.

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Unique Travel Gifts: 20 Under $20/£15

Gemma back to camera with arms in air with Stac Pollaidh mountain backdrop Scotland

Looking for unique travel gifts because the ones with wanderlust in your life respect the ‘buy experiences, not things’ mantra? We’re confident that you will discover a travel present that your adventure enthusiast will love in our guide to 20 travel items under $20. Forget the passport covers and luggage tags, we’re talking extremely useful and unique travel gift ideas.

20 Under $20 Unique Gifts for Travel Lovers

1. Skross Universal Adaptor

It’s universal (boom boom!), that there are never enough plug sockets in accommodation but Skross has come up with a solution to this nightmare, the universal plug that has two USB sockets attached.

Skross understand that between phones, cameras, and battery chargers we need lots of plugs but can’t hog them all in hotels dorms! This nifty device can be used in all countries too because it has every prong possible. See the range here US / UK

Skross Universal Plug USB Port

Skross Universal Plug USB

2. Anker Power Bank

I recommend the Anker Power Bank US / UK.

often because we use it, daily. As sad as this sounds, our phones do play a massive part in our lives – maps, banks, entertainment, communication lines.

We run the battery down then get annoyed when they shut down.

Never be annoyed again with the Anker power bank.

Juice this capacitor up before you leave using the provided cable and pack it in your day bag along with your phone cable.

When the low battery warning flashes, charge your phone with the Anker. If you want more than one charge you can upgrade to a bigger storage power bank.

Anker Portable Charger Phone

3. Earphone Headband

Red-eye flights, long-ass overnight bus rides and busy hostels rooms make the need for ways to drown out the lights and noise a necessity.

What about a travel item that can do both? Enter the earphone headband!

The fleece headband is worn over your eyes and acts as an eye mask. Inside the headband are two adjustable disc inserts which are the earphones.

This is one of Craig’s favourite Christmas presents from last year. He is a big fan of falling asleep to podcasts (Joe Rogan fan) so uses it at home too.

Buy it here USA / UK.

Cozyphones Speaker Headband

4. Earphone Splitter

Couples that travel together, stay together. Couples that watch Netflix together have something to talk about so why not get them a device which lets two earphone headsets use the one earphone jack?

Perfect for long bus rides and hiding away in noising hostels. See the cuteness: USA / UK.

Music Splitter Gift Ideas

5. SD Cards Case

This sounds like such an obvious gift but SD cards US / UK are sneaky wee things that go missing as soon as you eject them. An SD card case keeps them safe. Pro tip: I never delete images on an SD card. This acts as a backup in case I lose any precious holiday pics from my hard drive.

6. Bum Bag/Fanny Pack

This idea isn’t as funny as it used to be now that a 90’s revival has taken over the catwalk but I maintain that a bum bag or fanny pack, whatever you choose to call it, us Brits find the US version hilarious of course, is one of the most underrated travel gems in any backpack or suitcase!

The bum bag/fanny pack is the perfect size for a mobile phone, some money and a bit of makeup.

Since it sits on the front of the stomach it is easily accessed during hikes and if you want to go super cool, the bright colours look great at beach parties.

You don’t put it down and forget about it and it is way harder to detach so less likely to get stolen in comparison to a bag being carried on a shoulder.

Bumbag Fanny Pack Ski Gear

7. Foldaway Tote Bag

I know what you are thinking, how many bags does one person need? However, the tote is different to the bum bag or a day bag. 

Firstly, as the tote is foldaway it doesn’t take up too much room in day bags.

Another reason I love a tote is that it is useful during transit. I pack the items I want for the journey into the tote then store it in my carry on bag until the flight/bus/train journey.

Before settling, I remove the tote and store my cabin bag in the overhead.

In the majority of European countries, it costs money to buy a plastic carrier bag for goods bought in shops.

Why? Because the governments of these countries are trying to tackle the plastic tide. The tote is a great way to reduce single-use plastic.

» » I attempted to go plastic-free. Read how I got on « «

8. Bamboo Cutlery Set

While we are on the topic of plastic, you will be disgusted at the amount of plastic cutlery you come across on your travels.

Environmental care is out and convenience is in.

That’s why I pack this bamboo cutlery set US / UK in my day bag.

The kit includes a bamboo fork, knife, spoon, straw and straw cleaner.

It rolls up into a neat canvas case.

Bamboo Cutlery Straw

9. Collapsible Tupperware

Mind blown. This collapsible Tupperware US / UK flattens down to the width of the lid and pops out to create a box.

Ideal for doggy bags and packed lunches – we’re all about the affordable travel tips at Two Scots Abroad!

Collapsable Tupperware Collapsable Tupperware Tubs

10. Solid Shampoo

Budget airlines don’t let you pack anything bigger than 100ml if carrying a cabin bag. Plus bottles/tubes break in transit.

This makes solid shampoos and conditioners a great travel gift. I use solid avocado conditioner all year round. Smells like sunshine, delicious.

» » Check out our review of the best carry on cabin bags « «

11. Packing Cubes

It has taken me a long time to come round to packing cubes but they really are revolutionary.

I used to use large zip lock bags but eventually, they get tatty and break. 

I like how packing cubes come in a variety of sizes, allow easy access to your belongings and have handles so you can grab them out of your luggage quickly.

Check out these afforable cubes US / UK.  

12. Solid Cologne/Perfume

Again, another winner for the cabin bag only crew – this perfume is solid. That means it is compact, won’t spill and comes in a tin. I picked up this solid cologne (aftershave) for Craig when I was in London.

Great travel gift in my opinion.

Solid Cologne Perfume

13. Hydration Electrolytes

These are one of our best sellers, I think that says something about our alcohol consumption but…

No travel trip should be taken without packing a tube of hydration tablets US / UK.

Flying causes dehydration as does cocktail drinking! Pop one of these tablets into a pint of water before you go to bed then one again in the morning and you’ll feel like a new person, after a bacon sandwich.

We were actually recommended electrolytes by a doctor friend wh0 we met on our Cuba travels. Follow doctors orders…

14. Menstrual Cup

Getting personal here but sanitary products are expensive, especially in the likes of Canada.

Another zero waste travel gift suggestion is a menstrual cup. The most popular on the market, the menstrual cup, but there are alternatives that do the exact same job (slightly over £20 in the UK).

Menstrual cups do take a while to get used to, I am now alternating with period pants.

How to insert a menstrual cup

  • Hop in the shower.
  • Give the cup a rinse.
  • Create a c shape with the cup.
  • Put one leg on the side of the bath or up the air.
  • Insert the cup.
  • Here’s the fiddly bit, you need to get the ‘c’ to pop out so it creates a vacuum.
  • Try moving the base of the cup a little until it pops out.
  • If you fail, try again (I still fail).

How to remove a menstrual cup

  • Sitting on the toilet, carefully pinch the base of the cup.
  • The pinch should break the vacuum.
  • Carefully remove keeping the cup upright.
  • Flush away contents.
  • Wash.
  • Insert again (most likely in a seated position).

Menstrual Cup

15. Havaianas

Havaianas US / UK are the best flip-flop range in my opinion. Durable, reliable and come in a variety of colours.

Flip-flops aren’t just for beachwear, they are essential for communal shower use and nipping to the toilet in the middle of the night while camping. I also recommend taking a pair on hikes to give your feet a rest in the evenings.

Clip to the outside of your day bag for easy access.

Havanianas Flip Flops Travel Gifts

16. Ponchos

I do not mean one of the condom-like ponchos you get at Niagara Falls. A travel poncho is an awesome gift because it plays the role of many things.

Ponchos/capes US / UK are predominantly cardigans to keep you warm but they also double up as blankets, bags, and tents when you don’t want anyone to see you sleeping like a fish in public. Just me?

Poncho Travel Gear

17. Leukotape Tape

Prevention is better than cure! Prone to nasty blisters?

Those pesky little bubbles are not welcome on any travel trip.

Tape this baby (US / UK) to the backs of your ankles where your skin touches your shoes, there’s no amount of wear getting through this bad boy tape.

I can’t’ take credit for this tip, it came from an avid hiker we met trekking up a volcano in Nicaragua.

Leukotape Tape

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18. Map Inspired

I’ve mainly focused on practical gifts that can be used for travel but there’s a whole new category: travel-inspired gifts!

There are heaps of map-related items from unique maps of destinations US / UK. The world is your travel gift!

19. Amazon Gift Card

Still can’t decide? It’s maybe best you let them do the shopping.

It’s better to get a gift that will be used than one that is going to next year’s tombola.

Amazon gift cards US / UK come in a variety of values so you dictate the budget.

20. Buy An Experience

Don’t you just love when a gift guide comes full circle?

Succumb to your travel-loving friend’s mantra and buy them an experience.

Yes, for under $20 you can treat them to an eclectic mix of travel activities from Harry Potter tours in Edinburgh to island hopping on longtail boats in Thailand. Just pop the dates of the trip and choose a tour that suits them best.

» » Shop for tours « «

Edinburgh Castle from the Vennell

Final Words

We really don’t believe in buying for the sake of buying and know that most travel enthusiasts feel the same. We genuinely use the above travel gear because it makes our lives easier on the road. Many of these items were actually gifts given to us and now we pass the idea on. Enjoy!

Pin to your gift inspiration board!

 Best affordable gifts | best cheap gifts for the holidays | cheap christmas gift ideas | cheap christmas gifts for family | affordable gift ideas

What present ideas have you toyed with?