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SXSW Guide + How to do it for Free 2024

Man standing with back to camera on 6th Street in Austin Texas

So what is SXSW? SXSW is an incredible ten-day programme of film, music and interactive shows which takes place every March in sunny Austin, Texas.

The conference is attended by media and tech businesses, artists and party-goers who are looking to discover new talent, often for free.

We (Gemma and Craig) have attended South by South West festivals for many years and even got hitched at Lou Neff Point straight after it in 2016.

Uniquely, we both have experience attending SX as premium badge holders and as non-paying attendees, so we can compare how to do SXSW for free against doing it like the industry types.

Here’s your ultimate guide to SXSW with tips on bagging gratis food, booze, entry to SXSW free parties.

As always, we discuss how much South By costs, what to pack, and tips on how to get the best out of the fest.

South By Southwest 2024 runs from March 8-16, 2024.

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What is SXSW 2024?

SXSW or South by Southwest is an annual multi-media festival and conference which takes place every March in Austin, Texas for just under two weeks. 

The 10-day event is split into three sections, interactive, film and music.

You can expect the following:

  • International movies playing in a variety of cinemas.
  • Panel members speaking at the Austin Convention Center and across the city.
  • Startups showing off their new products at SXSW exhibitions.
  • Bands performing in hotels, bars, clubs, churches, and even in vans.

What makes SXSW special is that the festival takes over the whole city. No space is safe.

Many locals actually make plans to escape the city during the 10-day event.

Band in Van East 6th Austin Texas SXSW

Participants can either pay for a badge, wristband, or, with a bit of effort, see gigs and events for free.

You can purchase badges for each theme or go platinum for primary access to all of them.

If you choose just the interactive or film or music badge you gain secondary priority access to the other two.

SXSW Badge Free Food Drink Party

When is South by Southwest 2024?

The show officially kicks off March 8-16, 2024 but EDU also takes place March 4-7.

Interactive, Film, and Music portion goes on throughout on March 8-16, 2024.

The Future 20, a multi-night showcase dedicated to emerging artists, takes place tbc at ACL Live at The Moody Theater in Austin.

At 2023, artists like Macklemore, Chloe Bailey, and Remi Wolf performed during this showcase.

Purchase your early bird South by Southwest 2024 tickets here.

You can learn more about the different types of accommodation, and prices, in our SXSW accommodation guide.

Want to attend online? SXSW online registration is available.

If you want to find out previous SX dates, check the FAQs section below.

How to do SXSW for free Austin

South by Southwest Line Up 2024

You might be surprised to hear this but the lineup for SX isn’t fully announced until the weekend before it starts.

The first big wave of acts/panellists tend to be announced around August/September but it is pretty much a guessing game until March and even then some artists have to pull out because of funding.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to create your own SX itinerary below.

Although Austin is the live music capital of the world, it’s not just about the music.

Sessions include the topics of gender, health, business, marketing, self-help, etc.

Sessions mainly take place in the Austin Convention Center.

2023 sessions featured Grammarly, Duolingo, Reddit, Google, Sony Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, LEGO Group, Shopify, IBM, Spotify, Warner Music, MIT Mobility Initiative, Partnership on AI, and Axios.

Problemista was one of the big movies of the year offering a Q&A session with Julio Torres, Tilda Swinton, and RZA.

Ben Affleck was also in town to promote his movie, Air.

However, SXSW is not about the known, it’s about the discovery of new talent from every genre.

For more previous line-ups, check the FAQ below.

Til Death Do Us Part Austin Texas Art

SXSW Badges Explained

SXSW was created to support artists and industry meet and discuss future partnerships.

Those who are serious about networking should invest in the SXSW badge.

Badges give you access to all shows, talks, events and gigs in your chosen area (or access all areas for the platinum badge), you may still need to wait in line but not to the extent of those who enjoy SXSW by stalking the free events.

Even as badge holders, we’ve missed out of sessions and films because we missed the window to request a SXXpress Pass.

You do this through the SXSW Go app.

It looks as if you have to request around 9 am the day before the event.

Another perk we’ve enjoyed as badge holders is the complimentary daily drink at the Registrant Lounge (99 Trinity St).

In the past we’ve met interesting locals and visitors from a range of backgrounds including blockchain companies to gaming marketeers during the visit.

SXSW PanelPicker 2024

Date TBC.

On this date, the online application allows the SXSW community to have a voice in what sessions are programmed at SXSW.

SXSWGO App screenshot

How To Do SXSW For Free [music, food and booze]

It’s universally known that you can visit Austin during SXSW just to take advantage of the free music shows, eats and drinks.

Venues and gigs are sponsored by private companies and with sponsorship comes free shizzle!

Here’s how to get the best out of your free South by Southwest break.

You will need a holiday after it.


Planning for SXSW starts months before the big event.

Start stalking the bands and artists your love on social media to keep an eye on who is attending.

You should also pay attention to SXSW Twitter accounts as well as venues in Austin.

During the festival, the following official and unofficial accounts will tell you where to get food, what the lines are like and where the surprise gigs are taking place.

You might want to create a separate Twitter account to keep track of events.

@RSVPATX (was @SXUnofficial)‏
@Do512 <— also an app
@SXSWMF <— Craig’s favourite

During SX follow the hashtag #SXSW and hit the ‘latest’ tab for the most up to date news.

Also, pick up a copy of the Austin Chronicle paper for shows.

The Rules of Free SXSW Events

Our latest experience of SX free events was very different from the first.

In the past, RSVPing was a must as stewards checked for the app tickets at the door.

Things have changed, as long as you wait in line and the venue isn’t at full capacity you might get in.

Again, keep an eye on those Twitter accounts to see where lines are doable, you need to be flexible at SXSW.

You’ll even see heaps of ‘no badge, no problem’ signs, especially on Rainey Street.

You will have to pay for your own drink at these ‘no badge’ events unless it is a sponsored party you’ve RSVPed to.

No Badges Sign SXSW Rainey Street Austin

Waiting in Line

Waiting in line is just part of the SX bloodline.

Even badge holders need to stand in line at times, albeit in the primary one.

We waited for a good few hours, drinking our tins from the gas station, to try and catch Years and Years one evening.

We failed to get anywhere near the front.

However, one of the best things about SX is that although full one day, you’ll get to see the artist the next at another venue.

We missed Har Mar Superstar on 6th but caught him in a tiny intimate venue the next day.

SXSW 2016 Austin Har Mar Super Star North Door Austin Photography

Wristbands For Free Shows

Don’t expect free food and drink at every party.

The free, like actual free, days will be the BIG parties held at the notable venues:

  • Stubb’s BBQ – free breakfast tacos and beer aka in bed by 8 pm.
  • British Music Embassy
  • Whatever TV show is being pimped – pop up venue, three free drinks and food tokens.

Once the free beverages run out there are no more so get in early.

Vibrancy Guitar Austin Texas


The Do512 app is useful but difficult to use.

The best way to get around it is the search for the act you wish to see and pull up the venues that they are playing at then investigate which party that would be.

Twitter is definitely the best app at your disposal and taxis apps will be required to get into the city and out.

SXSW Go is the official SX app.

As badge holders, it has been useful for scheduling events and attempting to request SXXpress passes for popular events.

Craig didn’t feel this app was much use as a non-badge attendee.

A charged phone is essential, pack an Anker battery charger US / UK too.

SXSW free gigs

SXSW Venues

There are hundreds of venues at SX and the will literally pop up anywhere. Some of the most popular ones for free parties include:

  • Cheer up Charlies – 900 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701 (]-Gus Dapperton, Men I Trust, Gang of Youths.
  • Rainey Street – rammed full of sponsored parties that change every day (Dreamer Boy at Bangers ’19).
  • Hotel Vegas – 1502 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 – 5 different rooms, day goers can stay until evening without getting thrown out.
  • Mohawk Austin – 912 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701 – Broken Social Scene ’19. We actually went to a Junior Boys gig here on the night of our wedding elopement.
  • British Embassy – The Courtyard, 208 w4th.
Dirty 6th from second floor bar Austin

Accommodation in Austin SXSW

Hotels and hostels prices hurt in Austin around SXSW.

Be prepared to pay around three times the amount you would normally pay for a popular North American city and rooms book up at a speedy pace.

We’ve stayed with HI Hostel Austin a few times taking advantage on their private room but unfortunately, this hotel did not survive past 2020.

Consider The Firehouse for a hostel close to 6th Street. Check the best rates at Hostelworld.

The Hilton Hotel is great for proximity but will be pricy. Check the best rates at TripAdvisor or Booking.

Holiday Inn Austin – Town Lake is close to Rainey Street which is ideal stumbling distance. Check the best rates at TripAdvisor or Booking.

Airbnb in Austin

Airbnb is a popular option for those trying to keep prices down.

There are a number of options for those looking to book a private room, guest house, or full apartment.

A word of warning though, we’vehad countless number of Airbnbs, and one hostel, cancel on us when they’ve realized that the period we were trying to book was SX.

Read next | Our full SXSW accommodation guide

Austin Motel Sign Hotel

Getting Around Austin

Uber, Lyft and Ride Austin all operate as taxis in Austin.

Ride Austin is a nonprofit company fighting against Uber and Lyft operating in Austin and carries the slogan Keep Austin Local.

It operates on an app basis like Lyft and Uber.

Lime and Bird all have scooters dotted around the city.

You need the app and a credit card to activate the scooter.

I’m quite an anxious driver but can use the scooters with ease.

Stick to the cycle lanes when there are some.

You can’t use the scooters on the sidewalks or down by the river.

Austin B-Cycle programme allows bike rental for up to 24 hours.

Juan in a Million Tex Mex Breakfast Austin

What Do You Wear to SXSW Conference

Anything goes but be comfortable.

Expect most days to be hot and sticky, with a small chance of rain.

The number one item on your packing list should be well worn in shoes for all the dashing between locations.

If you are there to network, aim to stand out.

Bright hair, cool hat?

Whatever your bag is!

Prepare your elevator speech before you go too and don’t forget your business cards.

River Cruise in Austin Boat Buildings Bridge

SXSW Packing List

  • SXSW Badge
  • Proof of age
  • Credit cards and cash ($1 for drinks tips)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Waterproof coat – I recommend Marmot Precip US / UK, folds away neatly, looks good
  • Warmer layer
  • Day bag
  • Phone battery pack – we use Anker US / UK
  • Phone charger cable
  • Hydration tablets US / UK – for the hangovers, seriously,
  • Business cards
  • Shades
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Battery pack
  • SD Card
  • Earplugs for music venues
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable straw – I have this bamboo cutlery kit US / UK
  • Reusable cup
  • Hand sanitizer
Man on horse South Congress buildings

SXSW For Free Roundup

Don’t be put off by the queues, SXSW is an electric 10-day event bringing together the best of music, film, and interactive to one of the U.S’s hottest cities.

Regardless if you are a badge goer or a free gig stalker I highly recommend adding SXSW to your bucket list.

Oh, and take your ID – you have to prove who you are (and that you are over 21) at every door.

Greetings from Austin Mural

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SXSW free?

It can be. There are plenty of free SXSW events around the city during the festival but the main point of SX is to connect clients with creatives and give companies the space to showcase their talent during the badge’s events.

SXSW Meaning?

SXSW or SX stands for South by Southwest. Apparently, it came from the movie North By Northwest.

How Long is South by Southwest?

The festival is officially ten days but there are events before and after if your liver can handle it.

Where are the Free SXSW Shows?

All over the city! On rooftops, in shops, in trucks, in theatres, and less surprisingly, in bars. Check out venues for an idea of some of the reliable venues.

When was South by Southwest 2023?

SXSW 2022 took place from March 10-19, 2023.

When was South by Southwest 2022?

SXSW 2022 took place March 11th – March 20th 2022.

EDU took place 7th – 10th March, then Interactive portion took over on the 11th – 20th March. Film overlapped on the 11th – 20th March. Finally, music filled the streets officially from the 14th – 20th March.

These dates will give you an idea of when SX 2024 is if you can’t make it in 2023.

South by Southwest Line Up 2021

2021 Featured Speakers included Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Julia Cheek, Maëlle Gavet, Ann Hiatt, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Emily Ma, Ghazi, Hari Ravichandran, Andrew Zimmern.

For music, Circuit Des Yeux, Moor Mother, bbymutha and Sunflower Bean joined the bill.

Everything Everywhere All At Once by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert aka ‘Daniels’ starring Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, James Hong, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., and Jamie Lee Curtis opened SXSW Film.

This movie went on to win many awards in 2023.

SXSW 2019 Highlights

Here are some of our top music acts/events from 2019. We were lucky enough to see some gigs twice.

Jonathan Bree – eery band think The Village/Handmaid’s Tale with an awesome sound (saw twice). Free.

The Ninth Wave – Scottish band, Depeche Mode vibe played the British Music Embassy. Free.

Nordista Freeze – wow, energy from Nashville! Caught on the rooftop of Handlebar. Free.

APRE – indie pop, happy band from London (saw twice, once stripped back at Holy Roller). Free.

Majestic Casual party – excellent lineup at the Rainey Street party. Badges.

Good Omens Garden Party – this was a phenomenal two-day party with drink, food, music and puppies. Free SXSW event!

Save to your Austin board

How to do SXSW for free

Are you going SXSW?
Let us know in the comments below

The Ultimate Edinburgh Fringe Guide [2023]

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide Street Performers

From burlesque to fancy dress, politics to freaky tricks, laughs to an upside-down full-grown purple calf. What do all of these mean combined?

It’s the Edinburgh Festival Fringe time! Here is your Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide. For three weeks in August (04 – 28 August 2023), you have never seen Scotland’s capital so alive. It is the ultimate time of year to visit Edinburgh.

Come rain or shine * insert joke about Scotland’s weather here* you are guaranteed to laugh, cry, cringe and gasp and that’s just over your hangover, thanks to Edinburgh City Council’s extended drinking hours!

But jokes and rhymes aside, I’m excited to share my years of experience and teach you how to do the Edinburgh Fringe, like a local, in this quick guide.

Show registration for Fringe 2023 will open around 5th May. Tickets go on sale for audiences in early summer.

Don’t miss our guid, things to do in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide 2023

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe offers a mix of in-person shows and online (on demand) events.

Shows to consider Alan Turing A Musical Biography, Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel, Christopher Hall: Self Help, David O’Doherty: Tiny Piano Man, Gary: Tank Commander – Gary Talks (Yous Listen), Legally Blonde, Paul Black: Nostalgia, Tatty Macleod: Fugue, and The Briefing with Melissa McGlensey.

Previous Fringe Events

There are already a variety of acts on the bill. Here is a section of what you can book.

  • 44 Scotland Street walking tour
  • 1902 theatre at Leith Arches
  • Police Cops Badass By Name at Assembly George Square

While we’re all wondering what this year will look like, here’s what the Fringe was like in the past

Planning Your Fringe Visit

What do you want to see?! Comedy, plays, musicals, puppet shows, live radio, cabaret, a single girl telling you how bad her life is through Beyoncé songs?

With over 3000 acts, Edfringe has it all! A good starting point is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The official site has an extensive catalogue of events.

For the latest updates, follow Edfringe on Twitter. Remember to add #EdFringe if you want to share. You can also download the Edinburgh Fringe app to help you plan your calendar.

On the app, you can research events by date and time and purchase tickets.

There is also an Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme brochure which is published around June and found in shops in the city Most of the Scottish newspapers will provide Edinburgh Festival Fringe reviews and suggest the best shows to see this summer.

Finally, just check out the walls. No space is safe during the Edinburg Fringe!

PRs selling shows will greet you (whether you like it or not) on the Royal Mile as you attempt to battle your way through the crowds.

The amount of waste during the Fringe really does get me down.

Fringe on the Mile Edinburgh

So it’s all on One Cobbled Street, Right?

Wrong! The Fringe is actually pretty spread out and boasts of nearly 300 venues so you need to know your Pleasance from your Udderbelly!

Edinburgh Fringe venue map

Edinburgh Fringe Venues

1. George Street – Plush shops and upmarket clubs Amongst other venues you will find the Assembly Rooms (54 George St, Assembly has many venues, most around George Square), this is where I saw Christian Slater in his boxer shorts during One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. BABE

Assembly on George Street outside bar area_

2. The Mound – That big hill near The Castle

Assembly Halls (yes another, don’t mix these up.) I endured Jim Jeffries cutting set here – don’t go with your Mum!

Assembly at Edinburgh Mound_

3. The Royal Mile – The street you see on the telly

One mile of free shows and acts, a good starting point.

Fringe performer on Royal Mile_

4. The Grassmarket – Touristy pubs, usually hens and stags

Every nook and cranny of Edinburgh’s Grassmarket is consumed by the Fringe.

5. George Square Gardens – Assembly Takeover!

One of my favourite areas to grab a drink and a bite to eat. The Spiegeltent is probably the most gorgeous pop-up venue known.

Spiegeltent Edinburgh Fringe with crowds_

6. BBC – The national news channel

I was in the right place (their music tent) and the right time (about 20:30) and managed to bag free tickets to a show here. I was annoying and tried to heckle.

Newest venue: George Heriot’s School, EH3 9EQ.

BBC at the Festival Fringe Edinburgh

7. Udderbelly – Giant purple cow on its back + more

Udderbelly who brings you the Udderbelly (confusing) is one of the largest companies hosting shows at the Festival Fringe.

Udderbelly venues can be found at George Square, Circus Hub on The Meadows, Udderbelly Bistro Square and the original Cowgate site.

Underbelly Festival Fringe Edinburgh

8. The Pleasance – Pretty and relaxed area I’ve seen quite a few small cringe-worthy shows here but also some extremely funny ones.

There are bars at every venue, naturally, it is Scotland after all.

Like comedy? Check our Aberdeen’s Comedy Festival too.

Cheap Seats for Edinburgh’s Fringe

Those on a budget can still enjoy the Fringe. Here are a couple of options for cheap Edinburgh Festival Fringe tickets

  • Take a stroll down the Royal Mile and watch the free performers or see snippets of shows which aim to advertise.
  • There are hundreds of Edinburgh Festival Fringe free shows dotted around the city. Just hit ‘filtered results’, select ‘special pricing’ option then select ‘free’ here. It is expected that you pay the show’s worth at the end of the performance.
  • Arrive at the start of the programme to enjoy the 2-4-1 cheap seats as the acts warm up.
  • For thrifty Edinburgh Festival Fringe deals, head over to the Virgin Money Half Price Hut to see if any shows need bums on seats. Tickets must be paid for in person.
  • Work in Edinburgh! There are a variety of Edinburgh Festival Fringe jobs

Escape the city! Here are Edinburgh’s best day trips.

Half Price Hut Edinburgh Fringe_

Don’t Plan for The Fringe!

Craig hates planning.

It has been known for me to take a bottle of contraband along to the Fringe and just soak up the atmosphere. Let’s face it, you can’t plan for every day when you follow the Fringe Junky philosophy of wake up – Fringe – sleep – wake up – Fringe – sleep and repeat.

Some of the best shows I’ve seen, such as Baby Wants Candy, were watched on a whim. Plonk yourself down and celeb spot!

A couple of years ago I was stoked to meet the Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy but that was knocked off the top spot after spotting The Big Yin himself, Billy Connelly, sauntering past with his hair bouncing behind him.

Check out this 90-second video on Edinburgh Festivals.

2021 Fringe Recommendations/ ’19 Faves

  • Cruel Intentions, The 90s Musical – best show I’ve seen at the Fringe. Ever.
  • Ashley Storrie – The comedian from the Scottish Harry Potter viral video fame. Crude language alert.
  • Janey Godley – Ashely’s maw. Does the political voiceover videos and stood with a ‘Trump is a c***’ sign when he visited his hotel.
  • Silent Adventures Disco Tour – I’ve done this twice. Tickets booked for this year already.
  • Showhawk Duo – Managed to catch their free show on the Royal Mile last year.
  • Baby Wants Candy – Improv show recommended by me too, seen it three times.
  • Game of Thrones Musical – brilliant, will need to go to see their ending.

Our social media followers recommend:

  • Stuart McPherson – Stand up.
  • Reginald D. Hunter – Comedian – we saw him in Aberdeen.
  • Ivy Paige – Singer.
  • Adam Rowe – Comedian. Joke of the year 2018.
  • Foil, Arms and Hog – So many recommendations.
  • Eddie Izzard – Expectations of Great Expectations.
  • The Magnets – Naked 90s, a cappella, 90s, ‘nuf said.
  • Danny Macaskill – Famous Scottish cyclist’s  Drop and Roll Live Show.
  • Ray BradshawDeaf comedy Fam. Watched a YouTube video, hilarious.
Edinburgh Fringe sign on Royal Mile_

→ What do you recommend? Did you know that the Fringe is not the only Edinburgh festival in August?

Edinburgh Accommodation

Edinburgh Fringe Festival accommodation is expensive and in high demand. We’ve created a guide on the best places to stay in Edinburgh so read that before booking.

  • Hotels in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival start at approx. £95 and reach the highs of £550 per night.
  • Hostels are cheaper at £18 – £50 for a dorm bed (there is often a minimum stay).
  • An alternative option is to search Edinburgh Festival Fringe University Accommodation by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Edinburgh Fringe dates? Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023 takes place from August 04 – 28 August 2023.

2. Can I avoid staying in Edinburgh? Yes, and many locals actually do the same! Check out the commuter towns of Dunfermline and Inverkeithing in Fife, the seaside town of North Berwick and even Leith just outside of the city centre.

3. How busy does the Fringe get?  We’re talking Rome’s Vatican in July or Iceland’s Golden Circle June-August. The Old Town is jumping during the Fringe. Some love it, others hate it. Any shows you really want to see are best booked in advance. Expect to wait in line for free shows, especially at the weekend.

4. Is there a Fringe App? Yes! This will help immensely with your planning too so well worth a download.

5. Where is the Edinburgh Fringe Box Office? The official box office is at 180 High Street. However, different venues have their own box offices too. These are found at the venue location. There are also a variety of pop-up box offices too around the city.

Closing Points

So to conclude this guide on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – plan or don’t plan but take a brolly!

One of the highlights of the three weeks, for me, is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy shows.

I always enjoy reading the Edinburgh Festival Fringe best jokes (voted by Dave, TV channel) once the Festival closes – 2021’s #1 is…

I tried to steal spaghetti from the shop, but the female guard saw me and I couldn’t get Pasta

(Masai Graham)

If you really enjoyed your time at the Fringe, why not return for our Edinburgh International Book Festival. I had the privilege of listening to Malala Yousafzai speak about her new book at this book festival. Oh and don’t forget to check out the best bars in Edinburgh.

Going to Edinburgh?

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What tips do you have to make The Fringe the best year yet?