Sunshine Coast Kayaking

Canoe-delling in a Kayak with Salty’s Adventures

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Whilst on the Sunshine Coast, the number one priority for me was not hiking or swimming, it was kayaking. I wanted to be free and working on my guns in the vast open waters that reflect the majesty of the surrounding mountains. I’d never been kayaking and although Craig made promises to go in Scotland, busy work schedules always prevent this from happening.

Water Sport in B.C

But free time is one thing we now have in abundance so we looked to Salty’s Adventures to make my dream a reality. The beauty of Salty’s Adventures is that the business is mobile. Need a kayak, canoe or paddleboard at Gibsons on a Saturday afternoon? No problem. Reece and his dog, Hank Williams, can sort you out. He even kindly picked us up and dropped us off.

All of our Instagram followers (you don’t follow us? Get on it now!) will already be aware that Craig has recently taken up fishing. I think that this is what happens when you reach the ripe old age of thirty-two. The intrepid fisherman was keen to combine the kayak trip with some rod action. Unfortunately for me, just before we were about to hit the water, Craig’s line jammed and he spent the next half hour trying to fix it. Even the ducks came to see what was happening.

Sunshine Coast BC Kayaking

Kayaking at Gibsons

Admitting defeat, we finally took to the water. To begin with we had to contend with the boats that were entering the marina as we were attempting to leave. The next challenge was mastering the oar technique as I kept putting it too deep into the water, making it a struggle to move. However, it was one of those pesky oncoming boats that in the end forced me to improve and perfect the oar motion. At first, I found it difficult to adjust to the waves created by the boats but after Craig instructed me to tackle them face-on if I felt like I was going to tip, I was kayaking like a pro! I actually enjoyed it when boats came close, a bit of wave machine action. Thrilling.

Kayaking Gibsons Sunshine Coast BC

Salty’s Adventures

We opted for single kayaks as Reece informed us that double kayaks are known as divorce boats in the industry! This gave Craig the chance to motor on to someone’s dock on Keats Island and attempt to fix the blasted fishing rod again. I caught up with him and sipped on a tin of vodka and strawberry. He eventually got it functioning and positioned in the rod compartment of the kayak, nifty!

Kayaking Gibsons Sunshine Coast British Columbia

We kayaked past a gang of young kids chilling out on a boat and I thought, Canadians really have it all!

After another two hours of paddling around Keats Island, listening to tunes (thanks to Craig’s cousin Keren for the waterproof phone covers, genius!) and soaking up the sun we raced back to the marina.

Craig pointed out that we had practically just walked on our hands for four hours! Can’t beat a good work out in the wilderness.

Reece met us at the marina, loaded the kayaks and drove us home with Hank on Craig’s lap.

Kayaking Sunshine Coast BC

Disclosure – Thanks to Salty’s Adventures for working with us Two Scots and helping me tick off another bucket list item. If he could hook Craig up with a catch we’d appreciate that too! Reece and Hank have now moved on from renting kayaks and offer bespoke kayak tours of the Sunshine Coast (including tours of Smuggler Cove, which is the feature image of this post, stunning).

Kayaking Sunshine Coast British Columbia

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Gemma and Craig are full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Gemma writes, Craig looks good in the photos.

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  1. Thanks Gemma and Craig. It was awesome meeting two people with such a great sense of adventure. We would love to have you back again soon to kayak, stand-up paddle board, or snowshoe the Sunshine Coast. Hank Williams and I will be following your continued escapades online! Cheers
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