Budapest to Ljubljana: The Most Efficient Route

The journey, Hungary’s Budapest to Ljubljana, Slovenia is a popular one! Here is a step by step guide on how to get there in the most efficient way.

Budapest to Ljubljana

Budapest From Libtery Statue I Budapest to Ljubljana

Public Transport In Europe

Like many European connections, train* is the best way to travel between Hungary and Slovenia. Our train had a small café, was spacious and the journey was scenic. When researching the best routes and ways to travel in Europe I check four websites

*although I hear that in the Balkans, the bus is faster than the train. In the UK, train is definitely more expensive than buses.

Budapest to Ljubljana I Train

Buying Train Tickets in Budapest

Train tickets can be bought at both Keleti (Budapest, Baross tér Tel: (+36-1) 413 – 4610) and Déli station (Budapest, Krisztina krt. 35-37. Tel: (+36-1) 375-6593) in Budapest. I discourage anyone from purchasing tickets online in Europe, they are always unnecessarily expensive but do try and buy before departure day. At time of writing the cost of a one-way ticket is 39 Euros for one seat (this not a seat in a cabin). The ticket was open between two dates, with no time restriction. The journey took around eight hours.

Budapest’s Southern Déli Train Station

Our train to Ljubljana departed from Déli. Déli can be reached by subway, buy a subway ticket and activate it by stamping it at the machine (fines can occur if caught without this). The station itself has an internal and national ticket box office, food stalls, and lockers.

Lockers in Budapest

A thing of the past in America post 9/11, large lockers are available to rent at Déli. Extremely useful for backpackers with a few hours to explore Hungary’s capital.

Budapest Lockers I Budapest to Ljubljana_

Border Control, Slovenia

You will need to show your passport to the Slovenian authorities who will approach you on the train (they were friendly!)

Welcome to Ljubljana

You are in for a treat, this small city is charming and beautiful! The central train station (Ljubljana zelezniska postaja) is situated in the middle of the city. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs to head to the city centre. The bus station (address: Trg OF) is very close for those making connections to the likes of beautiful Bled.

Budapest to Ljubljana I Ljubljana Bridge

Bla Bla Car

An alternative option is to check out the Bla Bla Car website. This site connects drivers with travellers. Type in your location and designation, check the price, type of car, luggage restrictions etc. We found that the later you leave it, the more expensive Bla Bla Car journeys become. We’ve not used it yet but our friends over at The World Pursuit have used Bla Bla Car from Venice to Ljubljana and were happy to share their experience with us.

We were super tentative and were not reassured when our ride was forty-five minutes late. However, when they picked us up we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a friendly group of Ukrainians headed home from Italy. They shared their food and drink with us and were a total pleasure to be around, even if there was a bit of a language barrier. To top it all off, it cost us a fraction of what the bus or train would and it took significantly less time.

We’ve checked out Bla Bla Car for our next trip, Zagreb to Sarajevo, the bus is 25 euros per person and Bla Bla Car is 17 – 25 euro, however there are no drivers available on the date we want to leave.

Country Itineraries

(tips on what to do and essential travel information)



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Budapest to Ljubljana- The Most Effective Route

Over to you, any questions or updates?


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      Me too! Guess what? Just went to book the train from Sarajevo to Belgrade – they don’t have any trains, maybe in one month! The bus from Zagreb to here was brutal. At least this journey is a bit shorter. Laptop up to my chin trying to do work!!

  1. We have a Eurail pass and are planning to travel Budapest-Ljubljana on Tues Sept 6th…wondering if it will be necessary to book seat reservations, or if there is generally plenty of space available in first class? Haven’t been able to figure out how to make reservations, so kinda hoping I can just quit trying 🙂

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      You need to go into the station in person (always best for Europe). Our train was empty! However, we were just cattle class. Enjoy the journey (sit on the left hand side), so beautiful as make your way into Slovenia. I’m very jealous! Check out our tips for Ljubljana and Budapest and don’t miss a trip to Bled if you have time in Slovenia.

      1. Hi, your posts are really helpful for me. I am planning a trip to Hungary and Slovenia in June. Do they have night trains from Budapest to Slovenia?

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  2. Hello

    I am looking at travelling from Ljubljana to Budapest on 30th December.

    i am having some difficulty finding out if trains run on this route and times.

    Any chance anyone could advise on the best website?

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  3. I am thinking of going in May, but hear the weather is rainy. Coming from Ireland, this makes me wonder. What time of year would you suggest?

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      Budapest or Ljubljana? We were in Budapest around March/April then Ljubljana in May and it was mixed, if you are looking for sunshine I wouldn’t bank on it. Some days were nice, others were downpours although warmer than the UK when it was nice. There is plenty to do when it pours in both. Like most European cities, summer is best.

      1. Thank you. I’ve already booked, I’m a photographer, and I have to take my chances. I’m also headed to Slovenia, then to Vienna, back to Budapest in June. Maybe better better weather then… 😊

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  4. Thank you, I am going to all the places you mentioned! I will look at your links, thank you for all your help, you’ve been lovely, look forward to following in future.

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