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Aloha! Overheard Whilst Travelling

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Aloha! This month’s Overheard Whilst Travelling contribution comes to you from paradise. Kellie aka The Wandering Movement shares her experience of a working holiday set on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. This island attracts nearly 2 million visitors each year and since it is home to mountains, waterfalls, and the world’s most active volcano, it’s easy to see why it is so popular with holiday – makers. Over to Kellie…

Overheard Whilst Travelling

Big Island Hawaii I Overheard Whilst Travelling

Hi, from Hawai’i

I worked at a fish restaurant in Honokohau Harbor, during a season of working in Hawai’i. Most of the restaurant clientele were fishermen, and tourists of course! This always made for funny interactions. One of the favourite question that my tourist customers often asked (in a baffled way) was,

“Do you live here?”

Might I remind everyone that the Hawaiian Islands are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean over 2,000 miles from California. I always wondered if they looked at me and guessed – no! Eventually, the only response I could handle was, “No, I commute,” and then I would just walk away.

Sometimes though, I would be a sport in the conversation. Because I did understand the thought process behind it (sort of). Some people just can’t fathom how others actually manage to live in these places that are considered to be paradise. I never could resist holding back a smile when I received this question though, both because of how silly it was, and how fortunate I was to be able to live in what is considered paradise.

The Wandering Movement I Halape Trail in Volcanoes National Park Hawaii

My name is Kellie Mogg. Born and raised in El Reno, OK and after receiving a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Oklahoma, I committed myself to the wandering movement.

This movement consists of the people who seek more authentic experiences, wander farther from societal expectations, and hold their standards higher for a life full of consistent growth through unapologetic passion.


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